Assistant coach Hill out at Minnesota

Minnesota announced late Sunday night that assistant coach John Hill will not return for the 2011-12 season.

“I appreciate all the hard work John gave to Gopher hockey,” said Minnesota head coach Don Lucia in a statement. “I wish John nothing but success in the future and thank him for his commitment to Gopher hockey.”

Hill was a member of the Minnesota coaching staff since 2005. He was also an assistant coach at Minnesota from 1999-2001 before serving as the head coach at Alaska-Anchorage from 2001-05.


    • i agree, as much as i remember him for leading the gophs to back-to-back, he needs to move on.. or turn the program around

  1. Can someone tell me why this wouldn’t work?  Notre Dame is the obvious seventh team, even if the BIG TEN NETWORK has to give them a slightly, or even significantly more than slightly,  bigger share of the pie then they should get if things were divided evenly.  LIFE AINT FAIR, and Notre Dame would draw if the sport were tiddly winks.  Plus they already have HUGE rivalries with MICH, MSU, & Ohio State, and – to a lesser extent – Penn St.! So that gets you to seven, and if you need eight teams for a viable conference why not give the eighth slot – DONT LAUGH – to University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Nebraska (albeit Lincoln) is now for better or for worse a member of the Big Ten, and UN-O is a part of the same University system as The Cornhuskers.  Dollars to Donuts that Trev Alberts invests plenty in that program and makes them competitive and gets people to buy into the fact that they might be Omaha, but they are still NEBRASKA.  It is not like the state has any pro sports (EXCEPT BOWLING) and just as The Irish get a little bit more of the pie than their share should be, UN-O, unless & until they get to a point where going to see UN-O play becomes a destination, takes considerably less than their share if all were divvied evenly.
    if Hockey East were able to survive & get creative before the Ivies were Inevitably gonna leave the “2nd tier” academic schools behind, when they still had only what – six teams – The three Beanpotters NOT named Harvard, Providence & UNH were the first five on board, and by the time play was to start both ME and UML had signed on.  Granted, Lou got some of his ideas from Dave Gavit down the hall at PC, but if the then fledgling Hockey East were able to play a full conference slate with all the matches counting but also with each team playing a slate of games with the WCHA as wel and these games ORIGINALLY had to count in the Hockey East standings, but obviously none of those western teams were eligible for the HE title.  Still, if HE was able to get SO creative that until they added an eighth and later a ninth and even later a tenth team,  (In Merrimack, then UMASS-Lowell, & a few years back Vermont)T IS NOW ARGUABLY THE MOST SKILLED CONFERENCE as evidenced by Frozen Fours over the past decade as their is in College hockey. 
    SURELY the task of the WCHA programs and the CCHA schools is not as gargantuan as what BC, BU, Northeastern, Providence, and UNH — the lifeblood of College Hockey & in Particular the Catholic Prep powerhouses of New England a quarter-century ago (prior to guys going to the EJHL to hone their games) — if the Hockey East was able to emerge from the unwanted of the ECAC, surely BIG TEN Hockey while maintaining traditional rivalries and with as little disruption to conferences has gotta be one really clever idea away on someone’s drawing board.  I would recommend contacting those who are still involved with Hockey from the early HE dayz, as they had to get creative just to stay viable.

    • They should be able to have Notre Dame as a member as long as the Big Ten Hockey Conference writes in and accepts Associate Members.  Hockey has always been different and this should be something that the schools would want is to have ND on board. 

  2. Screw Notre Dame. They are not a Big Ten member institution. If anything,they are a Big East member-let them play “Big East hockey.” Get ND in the Big Ten,and they’d be like Texas in the Big Eight,expecting to have the world revolve around them. Notre Dame has done NOTHING in hockey to warrant special consideration,and their new rink seats less than 5000 people. That’s minor league.If they need an upgrade,apply for membership in the WCHA,if the WCHA will have them.

  3. Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin and Minnesota would never permit ND to get more than an equal share – ND is minor league compared to these four programs, particularly Wisconsin, which draws more than any school every year and brings far, far more value.


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