Samuels-Thomas transferring from Bowling Green to Quinnipiac

Bowling Green forward Jordan Samuels-Thomas will be transferring to Quinnipiac for the 2012-2013 season, according to Chris Heisbenberg’s NCAA recruiting database.

It was announced in April that Samuels-Thomas would not be returning to the Falcons this fall.

Samuels-Thomas, a seventh round draft pick of the Atlanta Thrashers in 2009, was Bowling Green’s leading scorer in each of his two seasons, totaling 46 points in 71 games.


  1. Samuels-Thomas is a player who can be dominant…when he wants to be. He can also be invisible.Physically, he has the skills to be a point per game player or better, but does he have the head, heart and attitude to be?

  2. If he’s as good as he thinks he is, why didn’t a school with a bit higher profile than Quinnipiac go after him? Or why didn’t the Jets sign him to at least an AHL contract? If he puts his game together on a consistent basis and shows good work ethic and attitude, he does have NHL potential. If he doesn’t, he could be a big star in Biloxi or Knoxville.

  3. To the clown who said “good riddance”.  That is what he is saying to that crap D 3 program known as Bowling Green.  The coach is a joke and will be fired and back to club hockey soon enough.  He left because Atlanta told him to leave.

    • Rower212 is the joke … he obviously doesn’t know a thing about JST or BGSU by saying all that. Falcons will be in the NCAA tourney well before Quinny is and it will be because of players Coach B. has both brought in and let go.

  4. JST was one of the laziest college hockey players I have ever seen. He played when HE wanted to. He has potential, I hope he finds some work ethic and uses his talents.


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