Frozen Fenway comparisons to the last time

While fans of the schools involved (and those not involved) will certainly focus on the change in teams, there are a few other differences from the first Frozen Fenway, two years ago in 2010. 

First, the 2010 weather made the phrase Frozen Fenway truly apt. Family members of mine who attended both ends of the doubleheader were still defrosting in March.  This year, however, it’s a balmy 58 degrees out. 

(In this week’s Hockey East column, Jim Connelly spoke to Commissioner Joe Bertagna about the weather and ice conditions. Bertagna made reference to mid-forties temperatures this past weekend working out just fine. We’ll see if high-fifties pushed things past the tipping point.)

A second difference is the placement of the playing surface. I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure that the 2010 surface angled more out toward left field from first base. This year, it’s perfectly first base to third base.

As for the teams, it’s an all-men’s doubleheader, unlike last time’s women’s early game followed by the men.  That said, Vermont – Massachusetts doesn’t match the intensity of Boston University – Boston College. We’ll see if Maine – New Hampshire cranks it up in the nightcap — I suspect they will — but BU-BC is a high bar to hurdle.

I will add this anecdote. Some Vermont and UMass fans got in the elevator with me as I headed to the press box. The Vermont fans got off on the second floor and despite the attendant’s repeated instructions to turn right, the Catamount fans turned left. The UMass fans said not a word before getting off on the next floor.  Now tell me, if that had been BU-BC, what are the odds that there would have been no snide remarks about not knowing one’s right from one’s left?

[Update: Jim Connelly pointed out to me that the first Frozen Fenway was in 2010, not 2011 as I originally wrote. I knew that on one level but… well, I guess at my age time flies by at twice the speed. Let the snide remarks about age proceed.]


  1. There was no Frozen Fenway last year.  Two years ago Dave and I am still thawing out from it, which is why tonight I am on my couch.  That and of course the poor sightlines!

  2. A great picture of the record crowd (I assume) on the women’s main page. I’ve never seen a crowd like that at a women’s hockey game and frankly, had a hard time imagining that size crowd, until now. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a much larger number of games everywhere got that kind of crowd.

  3. Bazin hit on the nail on the head and is bang-on in terms of the success formula for UML…Character and work ethic has been carrying this program. It’s been a hallmark for the Bazin era. It’s a far cry from the average Blaise McDonald recruit, who may be talented, but suffer from character flaws that prevent them from being successful team guys.

  4. I hope that UND can get a sweep but I just don’t see it happening. Scoring is way to inconsistent and they don’t seem interested in trying to win a game 1-0 or 2-1 as they are not playing great team D which they are capable of. They seem to be trying to activate the D to score. Really think that the coaching staff needs to look for an adjustment for the overall strategy but they just haven’t or don’t think they can be successful with it but they have to try something.

    • I am perplexed by UND lack of scoring, also. With the skills of Boeser and Jost, you would think that line would be scoring more. Kind of disappointed at one defense man in particular, the rest are pretty steady. Wolanin is having a terrible year, gives up way to many chances that have led to goals. Almost every time, from what I’ve seen, he cannot defend one-on-one. Wonder who would be next up if they made him a healthy scratch. Hard to believe next up could be much worse.

      • Again I would say that almost all of the D have been put in a tough spot with the lack of scoring. I don’t think Wolanin has been as bad as others think he has. He hasn’t been very consistent but I see some of that as being trying too hard to make the perfect play that leads to some sort of scoring chance. All of the D have just spent too much time trying to play forward this year.

        • Not meaning to disagree, but Wolanin has given up a lot of goals defending one-on-one. He did not defend well on the GWG last Saturday night, and seems to have lost confidence. When DU is away I always watch Sioux as my “primary” game on NCHCTV and he seems to be the one I notice. It is not so much him getting caught up ice trying to improve team scoring, it is when he is back covering. I could very well be wrong, just my opinion.

          • Friday night last week was a disaster for Wolanin, one on one. Shaw has been inconsistent. I really don’t think Ausmus is that great either. As captain, he sure isn’t lighting a fire. Really shows how good Stech and Ladue were


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