Game two at eight… for now

The New Hampshire – Maine nightcap to the Frozen Fenway doubleheader is now expected to start at 8:00. It was originally penciled in for 7:30, but the actual time depended on how long the first one lasted.  Of course, if there’s overtime — Vermont and Massachusetts are now tied, 2-2, partway through the third period — expect that 8:00 time to slip further.


  1. I smell CC maybe coming away with at least some points this weekend given the altitude in Colorado Springs (even higher than Denver) as well as the ice size there. To say nothing of how well they played against them the last time they met this season in Duluth (a tie and a one goal loss).

  2. Candace… How does Duluth not have as explosive of an offense as Denver?!? Duluth scores more goals per game than Denver. Nice job doing your research again, not.

  3. The best part of a poor weekend from North Dakota is Chockes’ disappearing act. He must be under his bridge suffering from all his issues.


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