Ice at 59 degrees

Whenever you play an outdoor game and the temperature rises, the immediate concern is how well the ice will hold up.  While the temperature dropped to a manageable 49 degrees by the start of the second game, it stood at 59 degrees for the first.

“It was a little bouncy out there, I’m not going to lie,” said Vermont forward Sebastian Stalberg. ”But it was the same for both teams, and I don’t think it affected the outcome of the game.”

Vermont coach Kevin Sneddon conceded the bounces and noted that late in periods the strategy became “One pass max and then let’s think about shots,” but still raved about the ice.

“The staff here did an unbelievable job with that ice surface,” he said. ”It was 59 degrees; it was incredible that we even played hockey today.  Was it bouncing a little bit?  Yeah, but it was excellent considering the circumstances.”


  1. Hahaha you crack me up Arlan.
    Candace, I think the split of UND vs BSU is a good call but I would switch the days. UND has shown this season that they give up on the first but they try to make it up on the second game. I also think you are underestimating what the Terriers become when they play home. Even though this is an across town game for the Beanpot final, the crowd will be 75% BU and boy have I seen how this fires up the team! It would be a close game but I can tell you if they do go to shout out.. NU will be in trouble.
    I’m going to go for a split on UMD and OSU but I will pick UMD to get the first one at home. They seem to bring it quite a bit on the first meeting and then just play drained on the second while home.
    I’m going with Arlan on this one, BC had a hard time with PC last meeting at home. Lacasse probably wants a second chance for allowing that five-hole winning goal. She’s not an easy goalie to score on. Regardless, BC is very well aware of what this game means in HEA.
    And Lenn, why bother? Even with the struggling last four games the Badgers have had, I don’t see them not sweeping MSU.

    • I hear you on UND, but BSU has also been better on the second day. I get the sense that both teams understand the importance and will play well both days. There didn’t seem to be an obvious choice, so I’m just trying to get one point.

      • I understand. I haven’t watched BSU that much this season but what I’ve seen is that they play hard on the first and even harder on the second. UND on the other hand really seems two different teams. But you might be right. WCHA is a conference too far from me to follow closely.


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