WCHA hands Nebraska-Omaha’s Zombo one-game suspension

The WCHA announced Tuesday that Nebraska-Omaha freshman forward Dominic Zombo has been suspended for one game for his actions in the Mavericks’ game against Minnesota-Duluth on Jan 14.

Zombo’s suspension was determined after a review of an incident under the WCHA’s supplementary discipline policy and procedures. At 16:53 of the second period, Zombo was assessed a two-minute minor penalty for kneeing.

Zombo will be required to serve his suspension Friday at Minnesota State.


      • Pretty presumptive of you. Must me a bulldogs fan, they are usually pretty stupid. I’m actually a BC fan, I just have no respect for someone who will sucker punch someone in line while shaking hands. About as classless as you can get.

          • cheap shots during a game are expected….both sides did plenty of that, and that is absolutely wrong, you are right. 

             During the handshake line however? That’s another story.

          • Someone with the the name Beefy1 shold not talk about class.  Might as well be chokesondick.  And yes we will form an elite league of college hockey which will dominate from 2013 on.

          • I refuse to change my name because I have a cousin that talked to a cow AND a bull, and both told him they would be “honored” to be used as my nickname.

          • It’s not only the players that make UND look terrible, it’s people like you that really make the whole UND program look classless. You come on here spouting off all of your UND elitist bs, thinking your beloved Sioux are infallible. 

            Blood’s sucker punch in a handshake line is inexcusable. The handshake is meant to be the end of a hard fought battle where teams can act like men and congratulate each other on a hard fought battle. It doesn’t matter what was said or what happened. There is no excuse for acting like a child during the handshake.

            It’s Incidents like these and the reaction by the Sioux fans that make the rest of the league lose any and all respect for UND.

          • Everybody in the WCHA knows how classless UND is, it’s not just gopher fans saying that. Nobody wants to see that sh*t in college hockey.

        • Every games between the Sioux and gophers is chippy.  Has been for a LONG time.  Obviously some words were exchanged on the ice for Blood to do what he did.  Nobody knows what was said except for those in the locker room. 
          Everybody get over it.  College kids go crazy for this stuff. Alumni like myself don’t like it carried that far.  But clearly words were exchanged as time expired. 

          • I’ve watched gopher-sioux (will always be the fighting Sioux to me) for many years. Born in MN and Alumnus of the UofM. Yes, they are always chippy…always. I was actually surprised how ‘clean’ Friday night was. As a former college athlete, doesn’t matter if words were said. You put it aside during handshakes…period.

    • Blais should have made Zombo an Assistant Captain, and stripped it because of the MINOR penalty CALLED BY THE REF in the game.  Stripping captaincy tends to be “satisfactory” discipline in W, and may have saved Zombo.

  1. and besides, i wasn’t blasting the article, I just haven’t seen a suspension announced yet…and will be shocked if I don’t.

  2. No, that wasn’t Jake Hansen who took the first cheap shot that caused Ben Blood to trip backwards after the final horn. It was the 7 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP trophies that tripped him up. The problem with the U, they cannot stand riding the coattails of a far more superior program in the nation being UND. Unfortunately, the Gophers will always ride their coattails and when their done riding UND’s, they will jump back on the U of M Bulldogs.  

    • I wonder why Michigan players don’t seem to have any trouble not tripping over their 9 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP trophies.  Maybe because they have the ability to look forward, not back. 

      But, then again, UND has to look back over a decade since they won a championship.

      • Over a decade Beefy1???? Let me ask you…when was the last time Michigan won it? I believe it was 1998 and two years prior in 1996. That’s well over a decade ago and it took them 32 years from their previous championship in 1964 to do it. Its been 12 years since UND won their last one in 2000 and 3 years earlier in 1997. So, if you want to make a foolish comment that UND has to look over a decade since they won a championship…let me remind you that you should have done your homework and stayed after school for extra help in math. You will need to go back 14 years to dust off the last NCAA Championship trophy the wolverines won. Now that’s well over a decade Beefy1! 

        • Perhaps the reason Michigan has the ability to look forward is, despite not winning since 1998, they have leadership from the top that keeps them from tripping all over those nine NCAA trophies.

          You proved my point, yet I feel the need to spell it out.  They have 9 trophies.  They don’t attack people when shaking hands.  They’ve gone LONGER without winning it all.  Instead of attacking people in the handshake line, they just eliminate UND 2-0 when all the marbles are on the line.

          • What did you get when the marbles were on the line? The same thing you got when you played another WCHA team for the title…nothing. A program like Michigan, I cannot imagine going 14 years without a title. Michigan will NEVER win another championship under Red Berenson. An your right, Michigan has gone LONGER without winning it all and that will continue as long as Red is there. 

          • Ya funny, cause I hear so many things good things about Lucia even from gopher fans.  Taking two ND boys and someone else’s team (team built way before he was there) to a National Championship is not considered, at leat to me, a successful coach

    • Wow, I never reply to these little spats but this is ridiculous. You are a doorknob, why is half of your damn roster from Minnesota? And how many North Dakota natives play for Minnesota D1 schools? None on the U or it’s State College in Duluth, count the rest on one hand, if you can… Pretty certain there are none in Michigan Schools either. You freaking cry baby, you lose one season series and you got to start bawling about how Jake Hansen is such an instigator, typical three-year old reaction. I know Jake and he is as gentle as they come, he is just a better hockey player than you might admit. In fact… How many trophies are your boys going to win this year? Zero. The better hockey team won the game on Saturday and the losers wanted to sucker punch a guy almost a foot shorter and 75 lbs light than them because they could not admit what they really are, a mediocre team.
      If you are from ND, lets strap on some skates there, mister-yellow-ice and we will see which state has a better hockey tradition. You’re not even close to rating to a MN or a MI so shut your yap before someone changes that yellow ice to red. My wife is from ND, do her a favor and quit embarrassing your state any further… GPZ

      • Where in the NCAA rules is state or nation of origin ever mentioned as a requirement?  UND is in ND.  Student athletes who attend ND come from across  the country.  This “only mn” crap was started during the title drought of Coach Woog as a way to rationalize a 23 year long stretch of winning NOTHING…

      • UND is proud to use guys from MN to fill out the roster.  What’s your point??  The state of North Dakota has a tiny population and a fraction of the high school programs that MN has.  Their best HS team would struggle in the MN state HS tournament.  That has nothing to do with college programs.  Who cares about that?  That would be like me saying the Gophers never would have won a national title a few years back without guys from North Dakota.  (you forgot where the Potulny bros. and Danny Irmen were from) Wins and losses are what matters.  The Bulldogs won a title with guys from MN and Canada.  It’s the same type of roster that most college teams in the region have. As a Sioux alum, I’m mad about the season going bad and acknowledge that half the teams in the WCHA are better.  So what?  We still get behind the team and support them like a good fan base should.  You’ll never see 50% attendance at a Sioux home game like you see all the time with the Gophers any time their team struggles.  Don’t hate the Sioux fans for caring so much about their team.  College hockey needs a UND type of program to keep things exciting and rivalries relevant no matter what their record is. 
        What Blood did was wrong and he should be suspended.  His actions are by no means, indicative of the entire team or its fan base.  Making generalizations like you’re doing demonstrates a lack of education.  As a lifelong Minnesota resident, I’m embarrassed by your comments.  Thankfully, most hockey fans in this great state are not down at your level. 

      • I’m from Minot< ND and ill take you one on one anyday bud!!!!!!!!!!  Laced em up against the best your state ever had  Crosby from Shattuk so bring it.  I live in Minneapolis.  Get my email address from the site    Whats embarrassing is your gopher team that got beat by half a Sioux team on Friday. 

      • And what hardware do you get fot that record?  That’s what I thought.  Just like all the hardware mn won using only mn kids…  Took ND kids and a kid from Europe for the gofers to win something since the 70’s!!!.

      • There was a Sioux on that team too!  In fact, some of them were likely using his family’s brand of hockey stick.  Rodent fans frequently and conveniently forget there were a few eastern kids on that team.

      • That is so funny!  “Go form your own league”.  Like the Sioux would wanna play a D~III team anyway…   That competition in the Big 0 is only going to hurt the rodents

        • The only team from the BiG jOkE to make the playoffs in 2 years will be the autobid.  Wait until they whine about not being able to fill schedules because no one from the National wants to play down… 

        • Wow, you guys are pathetic. Grow up a bit. This article wasn’t about the Sioux vs. the gophers…something every idiot sue fan forgets. The world doesn’t revolve around you.


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