Women’s D-I picks: Jan. 20

Well, after a real off week, Arlan and I were back in form last weekend. While I correctly called an Ohio State-Bemidji split, I got the days wrong again. However, I did get the days right on the Minnesota-Duluth vs. Minnesota series, so yay me. Last week, I went 12-4-2 (.722) to improve to 119-43-17 (.712), while Arlan is now 116-46-17 (.695). W’re closing in on the end of the season, so who will come out on top?

Friday, Jan. 20

Connecticut at Maine
Candace: Maine is so up-and-down, it’s hard to know where it will be this weekend. Even if the Black Bears play average though, they should have enough horses to top Connecticut. Maine 4-2
Arlan: Maine could bonk after BU, but I don’t know that UConn can take advantage.  Maine 2-0

Colgate at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth has won its last three and is undefeated in its last seven. The Big Green will probably fall to earth at some point, but not in this game. Dartmouth 3-0
Arlan: DC just .500 at home, but Colgate only 3-7 on the road.  Dartmouth 4-2

Cornell at Harvard
Candace: I really want to pick the Crimson in this game; I just can’t though. Cornell 3-2
Arlan: Both teams seem a bit off right now, but Cornell’s “off” is better than that of Harvard.  Cornell 3-1

Providence at Boston College
Candace: The Eagles looked a little frantic at times last week against Northeastern, but I think they have enough to win this game. Boston College 3-2
Arlan: I really want to pick the Friars, but doing so against Northeastern didn’t get me anywhere.  Boston College 4-3

Friday/Saturday, Jan. 20-21

Minnesota-Duluth at Wisconsin
Candace: Unlike Arlan, I can see Wisconsin sweeping this series. Wisconsin 4-2, 4-1
Arlan: I can’t see the Bulldogs getting swept, nor can I see any percentage in picking them.  Wisconsin 2-1, 3-2

Clarkson home-and-home with St. Lawrence
Candace: This is the minefield series to pick, a tough rivalry with both squads playing for position in the standings. St. Lawrence won the first game between the two pretty handily, and has played very well since getting blown out by Mercyhurst and Harvard. I’m going to call a Saints’ sweep. St. Lawrence 4-1, 3-2
Arlan: Teams with similar records, Saints are about the same home or away, but Knights have been better at home. St. Lawrence 2-1, Clarkson 3-2

Mercyhurst home-and-home with Robert Morris
Candace: I think Rebecca Vint is an amazing player, but one skater can only do so much. Mercyhurst 4-2, 3-2
Arlan: Colonials have only losses to show for their history with the Lakers.  Mercyhurst 3-2, 4-1

Bemidji State at Minnesota
Candace: The other minefield series. These two split in Bemidji in the first half of the year. I’d like to pick another split, but the Beavers have struggled somewhat since the break. Minnesota 3-2, 4-1
Arlan: BSU plays Minnesota tough, but the Beavers have lost the last 13 meetings in Minneapolis. Minnesota 3-1, 2-1

Saturday, Jan. 21

New Hampshire at Northeastern
Candace: Northeastern looked awfully good last weekend, and New Hampshire is just not there yet. Northeastern 3-1
Arlan: UNH is getting better, but one still has to like the Huskies at home. Northeastern 2-0

Vermont at Boston University
Candace: Even without Poulin, the Terriers should be able to win this game. Boston University 3-1
Arlan: Picking the Catamounts to lose more than the Terriers to win. Boston University 3-0

Colgate at Harvard
Candace: Harvard seems to pretty consistently win the games its supposed to. Harvard 3-1
Arlan: Crimson could have a post-Cornell hangover versus the Raiders.  Harvard 1-0

Cornell at Dartmouth
Candace: Earth finally hits Dartmouth. No way does Cornell lose three in a row to Dartmouth, even on the road. Cornell 4-2
Arlan: The Big Green have won the last two regular-season meetings. Cornell 5-3

Sunday, Jan. 22

Providence at Maine
Candace: Another tough game to pick. I don’t think we can read too much into the Black Bears’ sweep of Boston University last weekend. Providence 3-1
Arlan: Winning a third straight will be new territory for the Black Bears; four in a row would be really pushing it.  Providence 3-2

Boston College at Connecticut
Candace: The Eagles continue their strong play and get a little momentum ahead of a big game with BU. Boston College 4-1
Arlan: Connecticut must feel like this season will never end.  Boston College 5-1

Vermont at Northeastern
Candace: Again, Vermont just doesn’t have the skaters to hang with Northeastern for a sustained period of play. Northeastern 4-1
Arlan: Vermont has played good teams in 2012, and so far, they haven’t come close.  Northeastern 4-1

Wednesday, Jan. 25

Boston College at Boston University
Candace: These two teams split earlier in the year, but Boston University hasn’t been the same since that series. Plus Boston College won the away game. Boston College 3-2
Arlan: If this was Vegas, BU would be taken off the board due to Poulin uncertainty.  Boston College 3-1