Women’s D-I picks: Feb. 17

Well, thanks to my correctly predicting the Providence sweep, I was able to hold off Arlan, who correctly predicted an RPI upset of Dartmouth. Last week, both Arlan and I went 16-2-1 (.868), which moved me to 173-61-22 on the season (.718) and Arlan to 172-62-22 (.714). I think we both did pretty darn well; my stats could have been higher, if I had gotten the split dates right instead of reversed! Lots of jockeying still to come, and rather than guarantee myself a win by picking the same as Arlan in every game, I’m going all in, so let’s get to it!!

Note from Arlan: I want to thank Candace for allowing me to participate in her weekly picks contest. As the regular season draws to an end — outside of Syracuse vs Niagara next weekend — I’ve been unable to erase the lead that she built over the first half. I’m left with the feeling that a lot of teams have around this time: maybe next year.

Friday, February 17

Brown at Harvard
Candace: Home ice and the motivation to maintain a top eight spot in the PairWise equals a Harvard victory. Harvard 4-1
Arlan: Brown really wants this game, but you can’t always get what you want. Harvard 3-0

Clarkson at Cornell
Candace: I got it wrong the last time these two squads faced off. Since this is a possible ECAC title game, I’m going to say the Big Red want to send a message. Cornell 3-1
Arlan: The loss to the Golden Knights is the only one the Big Red have yet to avenge. Cornell 3-1

St. Lawrence at Colgate
Candace: St. Lawrence still has a chance to hold off Dartmouth and claim home ice in the first round. St. Lawrence 4-1
Arlan: The Raiders can match the Saints’ motivation, but not their talent. St. Lawrence 5-2

Rensselaer at Princeton
Candace: This game just screams tie at me, but I will pick the home team in a tight one. Princeton 2-1
Arlan: I’m guessing that the Engineers will be hungrier that the Tigers in this one. Rensselaer 2-1

Friday-Saturday, February  17-18

Vermont at Boston College
Candace: Boston College still has a chance at the regular season title if it can sweep. Boston College 5-1, 4-1
Arlan: The Eagles look forward to a bye week, the Catamounts to spring break. Boston College 6-1, 3-0

Ohio State at Wisconsin
Candace: The Badgers express speeds up heading into the postseason. Wisconsin 4-1, 4-2
Arlan: Much as Spooner and company may like a win in Madison, UW so seldom cooperates. Wisconsin 4-2, 5-1

Robert Morris home-and-home with Mercyhurst
Candace: The Lakers have not played well at home in the second half, but while I want to pick Robert Morris to split, I have to think Mercyhurst will right the ship. Mercyhurst 2-1, 3-1
Arlan: Look for the Colonials to put up a good fight but fall short. Mercyhurst 3-2, 2-1

North Dakota at Minnesota
Candace: This is a likely semifinal in the WCHA tournament. North Dakota still could use more wins in the TUC category to assure itself of a playoff spot. Minnesota 4-1, North Dakota 3-2
Arlan: Expect playoff intensity from the Sioux and Gophers. Minnesota 4-3, 3-2

Friday/Sunday, February 17, 19
Northeastern home-and-home with Providence
Candace: The Huskies have been on a roll, but so has Providence. I’m really torn on this, but I have to give the edge to Northeastern, especially given Providence’s inconsistency and the Huskies having Florence Schelling. Northeastern 2-1, 3-1
Arlan: I believe the Huskies will find a way to hang onto the top seed despite the Friars’ best efforts. Northeastern 2-1, 4-2

Saturday, February 18

Brown at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth really fell apart last week against RPI, and it makes the Big Green’s path more difficult. I don’t  think they will take anybody lightly anymore. Dartmouth 3-1
Arlan: Dartmouth owes Brown a couple points after the collapse versus RPI, but the Bears will have to take a raincheck. Dartmouth 3-1

Clarkson at Colgate
Candace: Clarkson should be able to hold off St. Lawrence for the third seed in the ECAC. Clarkson 3-1
Arlan: Colgate sees its season end. Clarkson 2-1

Rensselaer at Quinnipiac
Candace: The Bobcats are another ‘Cats team that is winless in February, but they have had a tough schedule. I think this will be close, but they should pull it out at home. Quinnipiac 2-1
Arlan: If I’m wrong on the Princeton game, then RPI will be super motivated here. Quinnipiac 3-2

St. Lawrence at Cornell
Candace: The other Red express leaves the station. Cornell 4-1
Arlan: SLU can’t dig a hole for itself as in the previous meeting. Cornell 4-2

Saturday-Sunday February 18-19

New Hampshire at Maine
Candace: New Hampshire hasn’t won in February, but this series still feels like a trap. Maine 3-1, 2-1
Arlan: If nothing else, the Wildcats should take the Black Bears to OT one more time. Maine 3-2, 4-0


  1. Well you guys are on a good track as to who wins but most certainly not on the number of goals. I’ve come to the conclusion that BC under plays their opponent as a mercy rule. How else can you explain a player like Field, Carpenter and their top forwards be on a 2 – 0, 3 -1 and by themselves and not score. Sloppy is a word I could use for their game against UVM. No depth. Maybe tomorrow they’ll pick it up again.
    UW is 4-1 over OSU end of 2nd as I write. I see that game going to a 6-2 aprox.
    One more time, if PC scores first it can really affect your predictions.
    Happy Hockey Weekend everyone!


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