Ferris State stays on top of men’s poll

With 36 of 50 first-place votes this week, Ferris State remains atop the USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

Boston College moves from No. 3 to No. 2 and garnered 11 first-place votes.

Michigan jumps two spots to No. 3 and had the three other first-place nods.

Minnesota-Duluth stays fourth, Boston University falls three to No. 5, Minnesota rises one to No. 6, flip-flopping with Massachusetts-Lowell, while Union stays at No. 8, Denver goes up one to No. 9 and Maine jumps one to come in tenth.

Cornell is up one to No. 11, Merrimack falls three to No. 12, Michigan State rises three to No. 13, North Dakota remains 14th and Miami moves up four to No. 15.

Ranks 15-20 show Colorado College, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Western Michigan and previously-unranked Colgate, respectively.

The USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll consists of 50 voters, including 28 coaches from the Division I conferences and 22 beat writers and sports professionals from across the country.


  1. As a Notre Dame fan I feel sufficiently qualified to ask the following question:  Who in the #$%@ is voting for Notre Dame as a top-20 team?  

  2. Not a Ferris State follower but it’s awesome to see them atop the rankings.  Granted it’s the playoffs that matter, but great to see diversity in the top five.  Ferris and Merrimack this year, Yale last year.  Great to see newcomers to the party.  Waiting for the North Dakota tweakers to start attacking Ferris’ strength of schedule, and get into a litany about seven titles. 

    •  Who did Ferris just sweep last weekend?  Oh ya the D~III Bowling Green Women’s Team…  I will say this tho, who else are you going to vote for.  Ferris is playing good hockey right now

    •  Strength of schedule according to what? Both the RPI and KRACH have Ferris listed above North Dakota in SOS. Yes, their non-conference schedule is pretty weak. If you can play a Michigan or a Ferris State, who are you going to play? I agree that it’s great for college hockey to see newcomers crack the top tier. Like Fan Man said, who are you going to vote for? You can’t really vote against them.

        • better more passionate fans who are proud to publically support their team year in and year out…not just when they don’t suck.

          • some people see any conversation/debate as being attacked… but when 4 other Sioux fans agree and comment the lonely weak fans of other teams too scared to register their name and show their support and leave comments as “guest”  take that as an attack. 

          • No, I consider attacks to be attacks.  There is nothing constructive about the comment in this thread that referred to Bowling Green as the women’s team.  That’s not “conversation” or “debate”.
            And the anonymity thing is just another ad hominem attack.  “You don’t leave your name so you must be wrong.”  Brilliant stuff.

          • show me where I typed what you quoted me as saying, if you were going to misquote me, a more accurate version would be ” you didn’t leave your name so your cowardly” 

            You have some pretty brilliant stuff too… gerneralizing an entire fan base off of a small percentage of fans. You must be an east coast elitist or a gopher fan…

          • I didn’t say you said it.  I asked you to comment on it.  Please also comment on how one of your fans going into the ECAC blog and saying the entire league sucks is “discussion”.

            And please explain where the elitist part comes from.  Would love to hear this explanation.  

          • Um…no you accused me of an ad hominem attack, you never asked me to comment on anything. 

            As far as the BG comment, yes I agree a little over the line, but a valid point.  Has any team this year gotten excited or talked themselves up for beating BG?

          • You’re right, I didn’t ask you.  But I figured you might comment on it since I put it out there.  For the record, I didn’t see anyone from Ferris or anywhere else brag about that sweep.  Someone from UND put down Ferris for beating the last place team in their league.  I don’t know anyone that checks UND’s schedule and then mocks them when they beat the WCHA cellar dweller.  
            And to clarify, I’m not trying to generalize the entire UND fan base.  Just the crowd that populates the comments on these blogs.  You can try to spin it but you guys come off looking very bad.

          • Of coure they will come off looking bad to you…. you don’t agree with them anyway.  Go look at the post about Denver suspending a player and the first comment is from a gohper fan talking about him transfering to the Sioux.  Sioux and gopher fans don’t get along and they dish it out as much as we do.  other fans just get caught in the cross fire when they chime in

          • I don’t think people look bad because I disagree with them.  Usually it’s the manner in which they deliver their point.  Here it is often little more than trash talking (example: Your team/league sucks and/or they don’t deserve their poll ranking/pairwise position.).  Or using “facts” that have no relation to the topic of discussion (example: “We won seven titles!”  That’s nice but won’t help get you into the tournament.).

            And honestly, you keep bringing up cowardice.  I think it’s cowardly when (and this is not directed at you) posters make incorrect statements, are proven to be wrong, but then don’t admit their error.  You’re the only person here using what I assume is their real name.  Maybe that works for you since there are probably 5,000 people in the US with the name Scott Reed.  I’m not using my real name because my name is far less common and I don’t need some psycho (not you!) finding my info and signing me up for porn spam or something.

          • But under further review…”Anon.” as your called… I have wated valuable time in my life replying to you that I will never get back. Please don’t reply… when you argue with stupid people they drag you down and beat you up with years of expierence…please don’t drag me down

    • Ferris State is extremely over-rated….Sioux would crush’m…we should be at least 2-3 spots higher.  There, I said it.

      • Please also keep “woofing,” taunting, and otherwise unsportsmanlike behavior to a minimum. Your posts will more than likely be deleted, and worse yet, you reflect badly on yourself, your favorite team and your conference.

        • I am new here…but have you even read some of the other posts, all of which pretty much bash UND.  Oh, you must be a UND hater too.

          • People don’t “bash” UND.  They bash your fans because of their poor sportsmanship.  Every post is about how every other team sucks, every other league sucks, nobody deserves their ranking, nobody deserves their pairwise position, etc.

          • To any, and all, other teams besides the Sioux.  You are the prototypical Sioux hater.  Don’t worry I hear’m all the time and I’m used to it.  But in fun, you guys have to let us start sticking up for our squad and stop deleting non-vulgar (sp?) posts, especially on our down year.  FYI….if you want to check out some bad posts see all Gopher fan posts….they seem to find a way to sneak in some Sioux hater garbage.  Again….just saying we are not the bad guys here.  Remember, we are the team who typically has jacked up teams but fall short…every year.  We know heart break.

          • I sat with UND and Michigan fans at the FF last year. Very respectful. A lot of other  UND fans there…not so much. Lot of disrespect at the Hobey Baker ceremony. I know Frantin(sp) didn’t win and their team lost, but have some respect for the kid that won. If anyone wants to see some future college hockey players, there is a [email protected]  tourney in Fargo that starts on Friday. Squirt “A” and “B”. 128 teams.

          • I don’t consider myself a “Sioux hater”.  I don’t care much for the group of Sioux fans that populate the blog comments.  This isn’t directed at you specifically but as a group they have little more to say than trash talk.  And when people tell them off they fall back on calling us “haters” or “jealous”.  You guys bring it on yourselves and at the same time wear it as a badge of honor.

          •  Question: Are you saying that a few bad apples on here from UND fans causes everyone “they” to hate on us?  Comment:, I spend a lot of time on here just trying to stick up for my team and reply back to trash talkers who hate on my team…  We are definetly not even close to the only people on here bashing!!!   Not saying I have not heard those types of things you mentioned coming from Sioux fans…  I was just saying it the way I see things on here too for what its worth

  3. CCHA did great in non conference play. Thus their teams are going to be at the top. Not a fan of Ferris, however it is great for their fans and the game. I was kind of shocked to here they are only the 19th taem to ever be ranked #1. Duluth, Minnesota, Michigan and Boston College in the frozen four.

    • yes except for the gophers… they are in the middle of their end of the year slide that will cause the NHL to pull their signed players after the season because they suck at developing talent and bobody in the big show trusts them. 

  4. Ohio State has basically been swept the past 5 series (yes i know shootouts) and yet they are still ranked in the top 16 for PairWise? lets get real….

      •  Ya but it will sure not help the teams confidence when and IF (probably not after this weekends series with Miami)  they make it to the tourney which I am guessing they way they have been playing….  They Wont! 
        In last 11 games: 2 ties against Bowling Girls…  But really they are 1-7-4 with that lone win coming in their last game! 

          • It’s still whining.  I agree that one would prefer to be getting hot now as opposed to last fall.  But until Ohio State plays themselves out of the field, Pairwise says they’re in.  


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