Video: Massachusetts-Lowell’s Greg Amlong after semifinal loss

PITTSBURGH — Massachusetts-Lowell defenseman Greg Amlong talks about denying a good scoring chance in overtime and allowing the overtime goal after the River Hawks’ 3-2 loss to Yale in the Frozen Four semifinals.

[youtube_sc url= width=500]


  1. Despite Union’s recent dominance and success, Quinnipiac has been right there every step of the way. This year Colgate was picked to take it all and Qpac was chosen in the middle, but the Bobcats have dominated. Lesson learned: ignore the experts and expect the opposite.

    • it would be nice to see Q-pac have success in the playoffs, but they don’t look, as you said, as dominant as Union has during and at the end of the last few seasons – i disagree with you, though, about predictions – i am completely surprised with union’s season – and i am not, nor was, looking for sympathy – just very surprised – with that said, colgate shocked union in the playoffs a couple years back and i’d like to see some payback for that freak series win

      • bob, my comment last week about no sympathy for union’s unfortunate season after winning it all was tongue-and-cheek…and coming from a fan whose team has made it to the ncaa final only once a quarter century ago. Colgate’s win @rpi and @union in 2011 was historic but it was Union’s series to lose.

        If Quinnipiac can do this well in league play with a young roster, they will be a contender again for the next couple of years as well. When was the last time the Bobcats finished below 4th or 5th? Seems like they’re the newest league member with the most consistency. They have a great coach in Pecknold.

        • i just hope union gets colgate in the first round – i think that prev series will motivate them – but yes qpac is consistent – i think though they’ll need to pull off a huge run like yale’s 2 yrs ago

  2. I know it doesn’t mean much to half of the league but the Ivy League Championship is starting to take shape. Yale and Dartmouth see to be the teams that will take the banner in their buildings. It does mean something to them, I believe it is also news worthy this close to the end of the season. Go Big Green !!


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