Alaska-Anchorage AD Cobb gets thumbs down from state hockey organization

The Alaska State Hockey Association is not a fan of Alaska-Anchorage athletic director Steve Cobb as the organization “resoundingly, quickly and unanimously” approved a vote of no-confidence in Cobb, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

According to the report, a resolution was sent to university and state leaders with the association citing the “steady decline of UAA hockey and claiming repeated efforts to reach out to the school’s athletic department and hockey coaches have been systematically met with callous indifference.”

AHSA president Darryl Thompson said the resolution sends “a long overdue message at a time when the school is looking for a new coach.”

Dave Shyiak was fired earlier this month as UAA’s head coach.

“It’s not about the current coaching selection itself,” Thompson said in the story. “It’s an opportunity to make sure whoever is selected isn’t set up for failure by the continued failed leadership of Dr. Steve Cobb. We’re trying to send a strong message. What we’d like to accomplish is a change in leadership.

“Can’t you see, aren’t you paying attention, have you gone to the arena, have you seen the crowds? Finally someone said, ‘It’s time to say something. It’s time for our voice to be heard.”

The ASHA represents more than 10,000 players, coaches and officials in Alaska.



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