Another pick for the Boston College-Michigan game

I basically dropped the ball on getting my picks to Paula before she posted her own. It won’t become a trend…hopefully.

Here goes!

I will not claim to be an expert on the Eagles. I’ve seen their highs in winning a national title a couple years ago. I’ve also personally seen their lows when Minnesota scored a touchdown and converted the two-point conversion on them last season at Mariucci Arena (8-1 final, sorry for the lame football reference).

I think the most interesting aspect for Boston College this season will be how they go about replacing Parker Milner. Both Brian Billett and Thatcher Demko are said to be competing for the Eagles’ No. 1 spot. I personally see Demko prevailing. It will be interesting to see who gets the call tonight.

My pick 

My heart say Michigan because of home-ice advantage, but my head says Boston College 3-1. I guess I’ll go with my head this time.

As always, you can follow Paula and myself on Twitter. She’ll be at the game tonight and will provide some live updates: @drewclaussen and @paulacweston