Women’s D-I picks: Nov. 15

Since Hockey East teams continue to plague me, Arlan has now opened up a six-game lead in our season picks race. Last week, I went 13-4-3 (.725), while Arlan went 14-3-3 (.775). Overall on the year, I am 75-26-11 (.718), while Arlan is 81-20-11 (.773). Maybe I should concede the six pack now.

Friday, Nov. 15

Cornell at Harvard
Candace: I liked Harvard’s play against Clarkson last week; can they shut down the Big Red? Something tells me it will be close, but Cornell takes it. Cornell 3-2
Arlan: Harvard will have to shut down Cornell as Quinnipiac did, a task that no other team has accomplished. Cornell 3-1

Colgate at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth has been dreadful, but the Big Green have to start winning sooner or later right? Dartmouth 4-3
Arlan: Goaltending has been an issue for both, but Colgate’s has been a touch better than that of Dartmouth. The rules say that they can’t both lose. Colgate 4-3

Yale at Rensselaer
Candace: It’s probably a bad thing when your best result is a scoreless tie. Rensselaer 2-1
Arlan: Yale seems to play best versus better teams; RPI is all over the map. Rensselaer 3-2

Brown at Union
Candace: Aside from a good game against Clarkson, Brown has really struggled, but Union was porous on defense last week. Brown 2-1
Arlan: It is difficult to score against Brown; the Bears have difficulty scoring against anyone. Union 2-1

New Hampshire at Princeton
Candace: New Hampshire has killed me on picks more than any other team. Maybe I’ll get this one right? New Hampshire 2-1
Arlan: It’s unusual to think of the Tigers as the deeper team, but UNH has been banged up. Princeton 4-2

Boston College at Quinnipiac
Candace: This will be a really close game, but I’m expecting the Eagles to come out on top. Boston College 4-2
Arlan: There seems to be an unusually high number of tight games this week. Boston College 2-1

Boston University vs. St. Cloud State
Candace: St. Cloud has the skaters to make this one a really interesting game. Boston University 2-1
Arlan: The Huskies have made it hard on ranked teams not named Wisconsin. Boston University 2-0

Northeastern vs. Wisconsin
Candace: Boston College may have exposed the Huskies last week. Wisconsin 5-1
Arlan: The Badgers have been one of the most consistent teams in the country. Wisconsin 4-1

Friday-Saturday, Nov. 15-16

Syracuse at Mercyhurst
Candace: I’d like to finally pick Syracuse to beat Mercyhurst, but I just can’t. Mercyhurst 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: The Orange are bound to beat the Lakers someday, but it is hard to predict an event that has never happened. Mercyhurst 2-0, 2-1

Penn State at RIT
Candace: I figure there will probably be a tie in here somewhere, but since I can’t pick ties, advantage home team. RIT 3-2, 2-1
Arlan: Penn State came very close against Syracuse, but there is a gap between its best game and its poorer performances; the Tigers have had trouble on Saturdays. RIT 3-1, 4-3

Minnesota State at Bemidji State
Candace: Home ice is probably good for a win, but picking the right game is tough. Bemidji is coming off a really good weekend against Ohio State, so let’s be safe and call a Beavers sweep. Bemidji State 2-1, 3-2
Arlan: The Mavericks have had two weeks to prepare and the Beavers are coming off one of the strangest weekends in their history. Minnesota State 3-1, Bemidji State 2-1

Minnesota-Duluth at Ohio State
Candace: Ohio State has swooned since beating North Dakota, but the Bulldogs haven’t looked great either. Ohio State 2-1, Minnesota-Duluth 2-1
Arlan: The road team won all six games head to head last season. Minnesota-Duluth 4-3, 3-2

Providence at Clarkson
Candace: Providence can’t win at all of late, so even if Clarkson has trouble scoring, it should be enough. Clarkson 2-1, 3-2
Arlan: Two teams that expected to be higher. Clarkson can’t score, while Providence has problems defending. Clarkson 3-2, 2-1

Saturday, Nov. 16

Cornell at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth plays Cornell well even in down years, but it isn’t enough. Cornell 3-1
Arlan: Dartmouth has given Cornell a lot of problems over the years, but I don’t think this year’s Big Green is up to it. Cornell 5-2

Colgate at Harvard
Candace: Advantage, best defense out there. Harvard 4-1
Arlan: If I had to pick one game to call a lock it would be this one. Harvard 4-0

Brown at Rensselaer
Candace: I have to make up ground on Arlan somehow. Rensselaer 2-1
Arlan: It is reminiscent of the kind of games RPI has lost this year. Brown 2-1

Yale at Union
Candace: See above. Union 2-1
Arlan: Yale is bound to win one sooner, not later. Yale 4-2

Boston College at Princeton
Candace: I think the Eagles have their high-flying offense uncorked just in time. Boston College 4-2
Arlan: I get the feeling that this will be an excellent game to watch. Boston College 4-3

New Hampshire at Quinnipiac
Candace: This isn’t the same Bobcats team as in years past. Quinnipiac 3-1
Arlan: Goals figure to be scarce. Quinnipiac 2-1

Northeastern vs. St. Cloud State
Candace: I’d normally pick Northeastern in this one, but something tells me the western Huskies are in better shape. St. Cloud State 2-1
Arlan: I’ll reverse the score of their last meeting three years ago. St. Cloud State 2-1

Boston University vs. Wisconsin
Candace: This could be a close one, but something tells me the Badgers have too much for the Terriers. Wisconsin 3-2
Arlan: The Terriers have started well; the Badgers have started better. Wisconsin 3-1

Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 16-17

Vermont at Maine
Candace: Vermont made me look silly, again, last week, although OT in one of these wouldn’t surprise me. Vermont 2-1, 3-2
Arlan: I have no idea, but Maine is winless through 10 games. Vermont 3-2, 4-2

North Dakota at Minnesota
Candace: Yes, Minnesota will lose at some point And yes, they tend to get threatened more at home. But no, I can’t pick North Dakota. Minnesota 3-1, 3-2
Arlan: Biggest test of the season for the improved UND defense. Minnesota 3-2, 4-3