NCHC Pick: Dec. 27

In the last week before the break, Matthew and I both went 7-2-2 (.727). On the year, I still hold a one-game lead, as I am 54-36-12 (.588) and Matthew is 53-37-12 (.578).

We’ll pick the Saturday game after Friday’s result.

Friday, Dec. 27

Western Michigan vs. No. 3 Michigan (Great Lakes Invitational)
Candace: Western got a split against Minnesota-Duluth in its last outing, but I don’t think the Broncos can pull it out against the Wolverines. Michigan 4-2
Matthew: Michigan Tech picking up its first GLI title in a generation last season reminded us that strange things happen sometimes in college hockey, but I’m not expecting any huge surprises from this semifinal game. I’m curious to see what if any effect having this year’s tournament outdoors at Comerica Park might have on the four teams involved, but I can’t see the Wolverines dropping this one. Michigan 5-3