PairWise Predictor: What are 2014’s NCAA playoff permutations?

With the weekend’s games now (finally) in the books,’s PairWise Predictor is live.

What’s the PairWise Predictor? It’s your opportunity to test out your choices for winners in next weekend’s six Division I conference tournaments to see how they affect the PairWise Rankings.

We’ve updated the PairWise Predictor for 2014, both to reflect changes in the NCAA criteria and to include the same detailed comparisons that our 2014 PairWise Rankings provide.

You can test the entire range of results to find out which teams are in no matter what happens, which teams are definitely out, and which teams need a lot of help — or some crazy scenarios — to make it into the tournament.

Will Hockey East get five teams into the NCAA tournament? Is there a scenario that will get four ECAC Hockey or three NCHC teams in? Are Minnesota and Boston College No. 1 locks? Give some match-ups a shot and let us know in the comments area below what odd or unlikely results you find.

Check back all week as our resident bracketologist Jayson Moy and other members of the staff add their thoughts about who can make it in and what teams need to do to get there.