Big Red, Golden Knights rebound; Hayton ties shutout record

If any team was in need of a four-point weekend, it was Cornell. The Big Red were 1-4-1 and had only scored seven goals on the season entering Friday, but they doubled their win total and matched their season total in goals with a pair of impressive home wins.

Cornell opened the weekend with a 3-2 win over Yale Friday, and then blanked Brown 4-0 Saturday. The win against the Bulldogs came without forward Matt Buckles and defenseman Holden Anderson, each whom sat out after getting a game disqualification against St. Lawrence last weekend.

Freshman Hayden Stewart made 26 saves against the Bears for the shutout Saturday, becoming the first freshman to record a shutout for the Big Red since Ben Scrivens did it in 2006. It was Stewart’s second career collegiate start.

Cornell scored four power-play goals this weekend – matching its total from the first six games of the season.

Knights sweep

Clarkson joined Cornell as the only teams to take four points this weekend, beating Quinnipiac and Princeton at home. Friday’s win against QU snapped the Bobcats’ six-game winning streak, which was the second-longest active streak in the country.

Steve Perry was solid in net both games for the Golden Knights, but give credit to Clarkson’s defense, who allowed 40 shots on the weekend. After a seven-game winless streak that stretched into early November, Clarkson has one loss in its last six games. The Golden Knights haven’t given up more than two goals during that time, and are allowing exactly two goals a game this season, good for twelfth in the country.

Hayton ties mark

It’s been an outstanding first two months for St. Lawrence goalie Kyle Hayton.  The Saints freshman tied the school record for shutouts in a season with four in his 13th start of the season Friday against Princeton.

The four shutouts are the most for a St. Lawrence goalie since the 1965-66 season.  Hayton shares the record with three former All-Americans: Bill Sloan (1955-56), Richie Broadbelt (1962-63) and Bob Perani (1965-66). Overall, Hayton has a 2.11 goals-against-average and a .935 save percentage for the surprising 8-4-1 Saints.



  1. For all the talk of how the teams from out West were so awesome, the East really put on a show this weekend. Certainly can’t blame “travel” as Yale went out west to beat both NoDak and Minny, and SCSU went east to beat Miami in Ohio. I think its just that these four teams were the better teams this weekend.

  2. Sorry if this is a double post. dont see my first one on board….Being a yale season ticket holder, i was stoked on sat. The thing that hit me was the “team” all for one. one for all mentality of the players on a school like Yale where you dont have the high profile blue chip players that may be considering “decisions about next year” Usually talent wins, but in this case it seemed like Yale has enough under rated blue chip talent and that the “team chemistry” played enough of a roll to be a big difference. You dont have many players leaving the “Ivy” Schools before graduation, albeit they usually aren t face with the option, but nonetheless it looked to me to have played a part in the outcome this past weekend……Enjoying the ride, hoping we can hang together for 2 more, 1 at time!

  3. Boy did I under estimate a lot of teams this year. Looks to be a great Frozen Four. Good luck to the very first time winner.

  4. I would like to hear your thoughts. Is this FF good for college hockey or bad? I heard one comment from a blogger say its a bad thing. I am excited, but wonder if it will help or hurt the overall national attention and expansion of college hockey. I think overall it is a good thing

    • Good question. I think it would be fantastic IF the hockey fans of Pittsburgh pack out the arena, showing support for hockey programs that don’t have the “history” and fan base of the traditional power teams such as MN, N Dakota, BC, Michigan, etc…

      I remember seeing Gopher/Souix fans packing out the Duluth-Michigan championship game a couple years back. Tampa even had a good showing last year. Hopefully Pittsburgh will do the same, despite the lack of the “traditional power teams.”

    • I think it is good. Too often are the elite 8-10 schools involved, BC, Minn, NoDak, Mich, MSU, BU, Denver. As much as I love BC winning 3 of the last 5, for the sport we need more teams winning. The huge conference shakeups will have an interesting affect I am waiting to see. the new NCHC looks nasty, but also places 3 or 4 teams that usually are on the big stage up to elimination before the tourney. Strength of schedule improves, much like ND in HE, but now teams that might make the tourney might get left out consistently.

  5. If you are unable to attend the frozen four this year (as I am), I found a great place you can donate your tickets.

    is an organization that will distribute your tickets to underpriveledged kids in the Pittsburgh area. I found out about them through the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and they also work with the Consol Center. Please consider this as an option.

  6. I won’t make any excuses for the Dutchmen, I’ll let one of their players make it (although I DID think about this subject): “”I think it was a little bit tough,” said Union sophomore left wing Daniel Ciampini, who scored his team’s only goal in the third period. “We got to bed late (Saturday) and I mean, we can’t make excuses now, but I think that was a huge thing for us. We started very sluggish, a little bit slow. The puck wasn’t bouncing our way, that’s for sure.”
    Who starts games at 9:20?
    No reason the games in Providence couldn’t have started much earlier.

    • I 100% agree those games should never have been sched’d so late.
      But… that still is not an excuse.

      Just a (loosely) related, funny story… I remember Kent Hrbek saying he had a hard time sleeping the night before the 7th game of the 1987 World Series. So he got up at 4:30am and went duck hunting.

    • I don’t think there’s any reason to avoid pointing out those kind of factors. Just like 1 bad call doesn’t cost a team a game, it would be pure ignorance to deny things like that can play a factor. If you cross the line and whine about a loss, that’s where you lose me.

      Maybe Yale beat MN and ND because Yale is accusomted to playing games in empty arenas :)

  7. Hey all… we can keep debating which team is the “best” and who would win in a multi-game series and had the most talent and all that.

    But I hope we’re not debating whether any teams deserve to be in a regional final, FF, or championship game.
    Every team that moved on from the first round deserved to move on by simple fact of winning.

  8. sooo at least Toledo was 3/4 empty. So when are we going to start having these games at school arenas and quit embarrassing ourselves with these empty arenas on TV.


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