Ammerman, Hickel, MacMillan, Murray, Scott named finalists for 2015 Hockey Humanitarian Award

The 2015 BNY Wealth Management Hockey Humanitarian Award will be presented on April 10 in Boston (photo: Jim Rosvold).

Four seniors and a junior have been named finalists for the 2015 BNY Mellon Wealth Management Hockey Humanitarian Award.

They are: Wisconsin senior forward Brittany Ammerman, Minnesota-Duluth senior forward Zoe Hickel, North Dakota senior forward Mark MacMillan, Babson junior goaltender Jamie Murray and Robert Morris senior forward Katelyn Scott.

The award, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is given annually to college hockey’s finest citizen.

The recipient will be announced Friday, April 10 as part of the Frozen Four in Boston.

Here are bios on the finalists, courtesy of the Hockey Humanitarian Award Foundation:

Brittany Ammerman — Wisconsin senior forward, River Vale, N.J.

Ammerman, a 2014 Patty Kazmaier Top-10 Finalist, started the Nikumbuke Women’s Soccer League in Kenya. A women’s studies and biology major, she was inspired to help seven remote villages in Kenya start a league after visiting the country with Health by Motorbike, a University of Wisconsin group that provides health services and education to women in Kenya. With the help of U.S. soccer legend Julie Foudy, Ammerman and the league raised more than $21,000 to provide uniforms and shoes to seven villages that plan on playing a tournament this summer.

Zoe Hickel — Minnesota-Duluth senior forward, Anchorage

A senior two-time co-captain, Hickel helped create, organize and direct the “Great Alaska Girls Hockey Showcase,”beginning in 2012, for Alaskan girls who are unable or can’t afford to do the showcase circuit. She continues to volunteer with SPYDER non-profit (Sports Programs for Youth Development, Education and Recreation) with running fundraisers, coaching soccer and downhill ski racing and initiating and directing the Fall Festival youth hockey camps. An assistant volunteer coach for Alaska’s All-Star Girls Hockey program, Hickel is also the creator, organizer and administrator of the SHARK Kids healthy lifestyle program, which will reach up to 20,000 Duluth elementary school students and has a focus on eating healthy and being active every day.

Mark MacMillan — North Dakota senior forward, Penticton, British Columbia

Heavily involved in community service throughout his career, assistant captain MacMillan led the University of North Dakota’s “North Dakota Strong” campaign that became the largest charitable fundraiser in UND Athletics history by raising more than $33,000 for cancer research. MacMillan, who lost his grandmother to breast cancer before he was born and had two of his aunts diagnosed with the same disease, served as official spokesman and as a lead organizer for the 2013-14 fundraiser with a five-week media blitz to promote the campaign and solicit donations. He also conceived the idea for the men’s hockey team to wear custom-made pink jerseys for a game and later auction them off as part of the fundraiser. All proceeds were donated to the Mayo Clinic.

Jamie Murray — Babson junior goaltender, Scituate, Mass.

In 2010, Murray founded the “Cure For Cole Wiffle Ball Tournament” to benefit his neighbor who was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis as a child. The tournament attracts more than 40 teams and 200 people each summer, and has raised more than $25,000 in support of Cole Pasqualucci and his family. In 2013, Murray organized Roller Hockey to Remember following the Boston Marathon tragedy to contribute to a significant cause. The event has raised more than $6,000 in two years, and the 2014 tournament supported the Derek Hines Soldier Assistance Fund. Derek is the late brother of former Babson player Trevor Hines. Additionally, Jamie has been active working with the Special Olympics alongside Rob Reilly, who founded “Need To Lead.”

Katelyn Scott — Robert Morris senior Forward, Brighton, Mich.

Scott serves as a leader in the community, classroom, and on the ice as an assistant captain for Robert Morris. She has volunteered her time for numerous organizations and causes in her home state, including Forgotten Harvest Farms, Gleaners Food Bank, and the restoration of Brennan Pools in Detroit. Scott recently co-founded a community service project named Toys for Joy, which collected toys, games, and books to donate to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital during a home series in late January. She has also regularly visited local nursing homes in Pittsburgh with her teammates and participated in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. In the classroom, Scott carries a 4.0 GPA as an engineering major and is a three-time recipient of the College Hockey America Student-Athlete of the Year award.

U.S. College Hockey Online has been a Hockey Humanitarian Award media and marketing partner since 2007.


  1. It’s usually kind of hard to say nice things about UND, but not here. I’ve heard many good things about Mac and he is a deserving candidate. Good luck to all the finalists.

    • What do you know about UND? Statistically speaking, it is one of the top public Universities in the country. The school sends people to space, and sends an enormous amount of students to grad schools around the country. You are ignorant of the facts, and I’d advise you to do your research.

      • Wow! You are obviously new to this website or just really stupid. And when I say really stupid I mean really really stupid. I suggest you take your own advice and do some research before making such an idiotic response. First of all you have no idea if I had attended or still attend UND. I could very well have attended or am still enrolled at UND but still did not or do not support the hockey team. I did not nor do not attend UND by the way, I received my Masters from UWS if you need to know. I’m also well aware of the UND aeronautic program and how incredible it is. They have one of the better programs in the country…yes, I’m well aware of that. But to really put you in your place to the point where you really have no legitimate response, I’ll delve into your “research” comment. If you yourself had done some research, as in going back and reading previous USCHO pages before making such a stupid comment, you would have realized that even though I am a Gopher fan I respect the heck out of UND hockey. You would have known my slight little knock at UND was aimed at the hockey team and our rivalry (again, this is a hockey website were fans continually trash each other), and was not aimed at the University of North Dakota educational system. If you had done your “research” you would have…as “research” indicates, looked back and seen that I in fact get along with most UND posters because I do not berate them or insult them…most importantly on a personal level…until you. I’ve gotten along with UND poster such as nogofer (my fave!) stod_2, scott stone, (I wish I could add UOMGC but he’s just a little too hateful), bottom line is yes, I’m a Gopher fan and love hating the…Ok……….this one is for my buddy nogofer….the Sioux…..but I still respect them. But right now I don’t respect you siouxfanforever. And right now I couldn’t care less about your response.

        • Don’t be a hypocrite. You Insulted UND in your original post, then you stated that you know how “incredible” it is to be part of one of it’s programs. You use that great big vocabulary of yours to call me stupid a number of times, and yet all you really accomplish is a showing of brashness. I for one do not appreciate the insult. You and not I criticized a school with provocation towards those of whom hold merit with said University. Basically, you need to understand that you cannot go around slandering a University without someone pointing out your faults. You wasted your time typing that nonsense, and I feel you will do again in response to my post….but do as you will… peasant. (((Claps heard around the world))).

          • Honest question: where are these statistics about how good UND is academically? I see UND people allude to them all the time. I’ve been reviewing lists of universities for my kid and I haven’t seen UND mentioned anywhere in any top list.

            For example, a quick google has it at 168 on US news list.

          • You should also check on how many Universities there are in the States. 168 is not a bad number for a smaller public University. I never said it was Harvard.

          • We simply have a different definition of “top public universities in the country” — when I hear that phrase, it makes me think of schools like Virginia, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, William and Mary, and that ilk.

          • Maybe – It’s opinion based on reading the rankings for universities for multiple services. UND may in fact have a top aviation program, but one program doesn’t make it a top university.

          • US News has UND tied for 93rd on their top Public Universities. They are tied with U of Hawaii (Manoa), U of South Dakota, and West Virginia University.

          • Agree with you. my number was their ranking overall (including private universities) — I wasn’t clear on my initial response which schools I was including.

  2. MacMillian is one of the cheapest players in the country. I don’t get how he can even be considered for an award like this. You should not only do something positive off the ice but be a decent respectable citizen on the ice. Nominating him for this award does nothing but devalue such an award. I will think very differently and far less of this award in the future for nominating this cheap hack for that prison camp you people call a hockey program.


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