NCHC doles out one-game bans for illegal hits to Western Michigan’s McKee, Denver’s Moore

The NCHC has issued one-game suspensions to both Western Michigan sophomore forward Mike McKee and Denver sophomore forward Trevor Moore after illegal hits in their respective games on Saturday, Feb. 14.

McKee was suspended after a review of a play in which a hit was delivered to the back of an Omaha player at 9:11 of the second period on Saturday. McKee was assessed a five-minute major penalty for checking from behind and a game misconduct on the play. McKee will miss the Broncos’ next game on Feb. 20 against North Dakota and is eligible to return on Saturday, Feb. 21, for the series finale with UND.

Moore was also suspended following a review of a play in which he delivered a low hit against a North Dakota player without the puck at 14:44 of the first period of Saturday’s game at UND. Moore was given a five-minute clipping major penalty on the play. He will sit Friday’s game at Colorado College on Feb. 20 and is eligible to return the next night, Saturday, Feb. 21, for DU’s home game with the Tigers.


  1. I am surprised, and stand corrected, on Moore’s hit. Did not look that bad to me but apparently the NCHC saw it differently. UofMGoldenChockers and nogofer, please accept my apology.

    • At full speed, refs are going to make mistakes (I certainly think in general, though, reffing was absolutely terrible around the league this last weekend). Obviously the league was able to slow it down and look at it. Either way, doesn’t really matter. ND should have protected the lead they had, cant really use the excuse that had he gotten a game misconduct, he wouldn’t have scored those goals. It is what it is.

  2. 1 game for Moore. Better than none but the same thing just happened in the NHL and that player got 4 games. Both were intent to injure.


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