Weekend wrap: Feb. 21 – champions crowned

Six women’s Division III regular-season championships became official over the weekend, as conference championships get underway this upcoming week.

In the ECAC East, Norwich went 15-0-2 in conference play and finished out the regular season by beating Castleton and Holy Cross. Celeste Robert made 26 saves in goal in a 5-2 win over Castleton Friday night and then Norwich scored three unanswered goals, including a pair by Taylor Cross in beating Holy Cross 3-1 on Saturday.

Over in the ECAC West, Elmira went a perfect 18-0-0 to take the crown and also the No. 1 ranking in the country in the process. This past weekend, the Soaring Eagles blanked Oswego in two straight games, 6-0 and 4-0. Cassidy Delainey scored two goals, including her NCAA-record 15th with the man-advantage, in Saturday’s win and then Ashley Ryan’s two goals paced Elmira in a 4-0 win Sunday. Kyle Nelson earned both shutouts, stopping 13 shots Saturday and 15 Sunday.

Gustavus Adolphus put together a 15-2-1 mark to win the MIAC. Last weekend, GAC split a home-and-home with Bethel as each team won on the road. After losing 4-2 Friday, the Gusties came back to beat the Royals 5-2 on Saturday on the strength of Kaitlyn Klein’s two-goal, one-assist performance and Lindsey Hibbard’s 28 saves in goal.

With a 15-0-3 conference mark, Adrian was crowned NCHA champion and this past weekend, allowed just two goals in a pair of wins over Marian and Concordia (Wis). Jade Walsh stopped 27 shots in a 5-1 win over Marian on Friday and on Saturday, Walsh stopped 19 and Adrian erased a 1-0 deficit with three unanswered goals, including two from Courtney Millar, in a 3-1 win over Concordia.

In the NESCAC, Middlebury’s 13-1-2 record was enough to take the regular-season title. The No. 3 Panthers fell to No. 2 Plattsburgh 4-3 on Saturday in their lone game of the weekend. Katie Sullivan netted two goals for Middlebury and Madeline Marsh stopped 27 shots between the pipes.

Finally, the WIAC crown went to Wisconsin-River Falls, which finished 10-1-1. Last weekend, the Falcons beat Wisconsin-Eau Claire 6-1 in their one and only contest. After UWEC grabbed an early 1-0 lead, six different players scored for UWRF and Angie Hall took the win in goal.

Look for our conference tournament previews later this week on USCHO.com.


  1. People all season have said the Gophers won’t win the WCHA. They win the WCHA. People say they won’t make the NCAA’s. They make the NCAA’s. Then people say Anchorage will take them out in 1st rd. Gophers win series. All you experts  please, please keep making your predictions!!!  Please predict they won’t win Final 5, the West Regonal or the National Championship. You experts, have been so right with your predictions, so far. Go Gophers!!

  2. Honestly it doesn’t matter how the Sioux do. The fact that this Sioux team is playing at a high level with Freshmen and a short bench every night is astounding!! I think everyone in college hockey should be worried about this team come next year. Good Luck

      • almost every post of yours is ripping on the Sioux… we do think of the future thats why we have a strong past and a promising future… we are only losing 3 seniors.  Getting our top two recruits from last year back from injuries, and a very promising goalie…

        • agreed, but when you look at the Gophers (the last time I checked stats was a week ago sorry) 100 out of their 127 goals were from freshman and sophomores and we are only graduating 5 seniors. I think this rivalry is going to be fun the next couple of years!

          • I wish the rivlary would continue, the gophers refuse to schedule a non conference game against us.  And as I have stated before, your gophers seem to have more of a problem than most teams holding on to talent.  Its like some NHL teams don’t like the way Don develops talent. 

          • Thats a great discussion, I am praying for the big 4: Knight, Kristo, Dell and McWilliams to come back… who do you think is leaving?

        • This post was actually sticking up for the Sioux players…  Not one of those players are looking forward to next year.  They are looking to win this year!!!

      • And UND has the best record in the country since thanksgiving and has play just under half of those games without being able to fill out a whole line up, because of injuries they are down to 18 players… can somebody explain again why Hackstol wasn’t named coach of the year in the WCHA?

        • Mel Pearson did more with less talent at Michigan Tech then Dave Hakstol did with talent at UND.   It’s as simple as that.

  3. Wow, some (not all by any means) Sioux fans will complain about anything to try and discount a Gopher victory.  And yes, I know, some of my fellow gopher fans are equally idiotic in their posts about the Sioux.  Sorry bout that.  Judging by these posts you’d think the Sioux never, ever get any breaks or ever end up on the right side of a questionable call and that the Gophers pretty much start every game up a goal or two by default.  Calm down, beat St. Cloud (who’s playing as well as you guys right now), and set the stage for a great atmosphere Friday night at the X.   

    Anyone who watched the games saw that the refs were horrible both ways. I’m a Gopher fan and I think the no goalie interference on Friday was a fortunate break for us, but those types of breaks go both ways for every team.  Just look at pretty much any game Don Adam refs for ANY team because there are bound to be terrible calls all over the place.  It’s over with and I’m incredibly excited for a great weekend of hockey in St. Paul! The Final Five is the best weekend in college hockey bar none.  Can we at least agree on that no matter who we cheer for?   

    •  As a die hard Sioux fan, I couldn’t agree more. Calls do go both ways. And the final five is probably the best college hockey weekend in the country. Definitely worth my time to come from Colorado.

  4. I love how all the comments on every WCHA blog inevitably ends up being a Gopher trashing-fest.  Gophers this, Gophers that, Gophers suck, Gophers have the refs on their side…..blah blah blah.  It’s kind of empowering for us Gopher fans knowing everyone obsesses about our team.  

      • well first off, I posted that when there were only half the comments there are now (notice they put how many hours ago).  All the comments were basically gopher fans having to defend ourselves.  And, if you can pay attention…I said how ALL the comments on EVERY wcha blog……  I wasn’t referring to this single thread.  Biased…hell no.  Just simply defending against the usual hate! People can trash us all they want….we love it because we know people can’t help but think about the Gophers.  

  5. Apparently UAA didn’t have a goalie or defense when the Gophers went on a power play? Or did the refs tell them to let in? That must be it, the refs payed the goalie to let the puck in.

  6. It’s a like a broken record on here week after week…Sioux get screwed over on every single call, Gophers get every call in their favor, if the refs were fair the Sioux would win every game 6-0 and they Gophers would lose every game 6-0…..we all get it. I appreciate the logical posts on here. Here are the facts: Sioux are playing great right now as they always do down the stretch. The Gophers led the WCHA from start to finish this year and have a lot of talent and probably the best goaltender in the league. Oh and let’s not forget how well SCSU is playing right now and that team no one seems to be talking about, the defending national champs UMD. It’s gonna be a great weekend of hockey but I’m sure next week will be more of the same…..if the Sioux win, it will be in spite of the refs trying to keep them from winning and if the Gophers win it will be because the WCHA wants them to win. It will never be because one team just played better than the other

    • Yeah, and what you have said has been said over a thousand times on this site.  Come up with something original or go back to old posts and re-read them a bunch so you don’t type the EXACT same thing thay every other gopher fan posts after every Sioux win.

      Sorry guys, I’m sick of this bull.

        • Wait until the Big Joke only gets 1 (one!) team into the NCAA’s via the tournament champ auto.  THEN the whining will deafen us!

          • As of this morning the big ten would have 3 teams in the tournament. Besides, if you hate the gophers so much than why isn’t this good news for you that they are leaving?

          • And you wonder why NO one likes UND!  How are those other sports doing for you? 

            Wait North Dakota can compete at the other level of Division One with Big Ten schools…..

          • Guest, you do not appear to have a collective brain cell working in your favor.  What that must feel like….. Let’s see in the NCHC these are the teams ready for the big dance: Minnesota Duluth, Miami, North Dakota, Denver and Western.  There is a strong possibility that St. Cloud State could enter the fray by the end of the week.  CC and Omaha are done.  So let’s add it up…. oh, I’m sorry you may have some difficulty adding so I will help you……  5 likely and 1 possibly. 

          • 3 teams in the NCAA?? Michigan, michigan state, wisconsin, ohio state, penn state, and minnesota. I’m not sure what you are saying. Also, penn state isn’t competing yet so when we factor that in you would see that 3 of the 5 will (probably) be in the ncaa tournament this year. I guess I’m not sure what you are talking about.

          • Did I ever say anything about 3 teams from the Big 10….I said your conference will have 3 decent teams in it….the rest are below average.

          • Did I ever say anything about 3 teams from the Big 10 getting to the NCAAs….I said your conference will have 3 decent teams in it….the rest are below average.

          • Haha, I said 3 decent teams in your conference, I never said anything about 3 teams getting to the NCAAs because obviously that isn’t happening.  Haha, nice comeback as well.

  7. All I gotta sat ..und has the second best record since the first half of the season, only behind Maine I do believe….so for everyone to say st cloud is playing well makes me laugh. I go to scsu, if you can slow down Ben hanowski you will dominate cloud. Und will win, and play once again another great game vs gophers. Best rivalry in college hockey!

    • Didn’t see the point in picking against Bemidji and St. Cloud, but we will be picking Minnesota games in the WCHA playoffs and NCAA tournament.

    • I actually think that BC and UConn will produce more one-sided games than Bemidji State at UM. The Beavers skate hard against the Gophers. As for the postseason, my involvement in “Picks” ends with the regular season, so I have but one more week of utter cluelessness in this campaign.


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