Gallery: Terriers win their 30th Beanpot

Images from BU’s win over Northeastern in Monday night’s Beanpot tournament final held two weeks later than normal due to snow conditions and a lack of earlier availability at TD Garden. The awarding of the trophy was further delayed by both the consolation game and the final going to overtime.


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  1. The teams can’t afford to look past this appetizer weekend, but I can. Just got my tix for the Final Five Friday night semi-final, and it’s going to be fun, as long as Gophs and Whioux take care of bidness this weekend. See ya’all in St. Paul!!

    • Sue should be worried about tech this weekend, you and your suesie fans will be worried come Sunday when your tied with tech! Write it down!!

        • You are correct, the Gophers did WIN both nights. It only took us two games instead of three….congrats on finally showing up and beating mich tech. See ya on Friday night….if you can get past CC that is

          • You are bragging about a win over tech, in which the whioux smoked them… If you want to talk about a stomping win look at the Gophers vs BC…8 to 1. Bottom line is it took the whioux 3 games to beat tech.. The way the whioux played on Friday and Saturday night would not get me too excited as a fan. Good luck against CC

          • And you are “proud” of the umtc rodents barely squeaking past Bermidji? Do you not see the irony?

          • I never once said I was “proud” of the wins this weekend, but a win is a win. I was merely pointing out that if I were a ND fan I wouldn’t get too excited with the way they played this past weekend. Barely squeeking by Friday night, losing on Saturday night, and winning on Sunday….. None the less they made it the the Final 5, but will they do anything??we will see

    • I’d like to say something smart…but you’re right and after tonight’ game with BSU I am much more focused on the task at hand.


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