Three Things: March 7

North Dakota wins Penrose Cup outright
Congratulations are in order for North Dakota, which won the NCHC regular season championship outright on Friday by virtue of a 2-1 road win over second-place Miami.

The RedHawks could have picked up a share of the Penrose Cup title if they had swept UND this weekend in Oxford Ohio. UND came into the series six points ahead of its hosts.

At the end of the weekend’s action, though, the six-point gap remained. The most notable portion happened in the series’s first game in which UND goaltender Zane McInytre stopped 43 of the 44 shots he saw in order to help his team reach one of its bigger goals for this season.

Miami exacted a certain level of revenge on Saturday by posting a 6-3 win, but UND had already gotten what it came to Oxford for. UND will host last-place Colorado College next weekend in the first round of the NCHC playoffs, while Miami will welcome Western Michigan to Steve Cady Arena.

Ortega seals place in record books
Omaha needed a win on Saturday against CC to lock home home-ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs, and one of the Mavericks’ biggest stars helped UNO make that happen.

Austin Ortega picked up his NCAA-record 11th game-winning goal of the season on Saturday in a 4-2 win over the Tigers. Seven other college players had held the previous record of 10 game-winners in a single campaign, with the last coming back in 2002.

His latest game-clinching goal couldn’t have come at a much better time, as he found a way past CC goaltender Tyler Marble with 1:55 remaining in Saturday’s game at CenturyLink Center. The goal was Ortega’s team-leading 18th of the season.

Omaha will play host to St. Cloud State next weekend in the first round of the postseason.

Denver, St. Cloud share spoils
The Denver Pioneers locked up the No. 4 seed in the NCHC playoffs thanks to one win from two games this weekend at St. Cloud State.

SCSU finished sixth in the league’s regular season standings, but they opened their last weekend before the playoffs with a loss. The Huskies didn’t allow DU to open up much separation in the game, which was tied 2-2 early in the third period, but an Adam Plant goal at 5:54 of that frame stood up as the game-winner for the Pioneers.

St. Cloud then returned the favor on Saturday by handing DU a 4-2 loss in the teams’ regular-season finale. Three SCSU goals in the second period – two from Jonny Brodzinski and another from David Morley – proved too much for DU to overcome despite a third-period comeback.

DU will host Minnesota-Duluth in the first round of the playoffs. Denver and UMD finished just two points apart in the final NCHC regular season standings.




  1. GOtta admit. BHCC really brought it when it counted. Honest and sincerest congrats to YOUR GUYS, BHCC North Dakota hockey team. Well played Macintosh, you made us forget about gothberg (good’tender too!). Well played guys. Hope chocks isn’t in jail. #ONWOSCONSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5

  2. I’ll be a UNO homer and say that Ortega’s record setting night deserved its own story on USCHO.

    As college hockey records go, he broke a fairly old one, one that has stood since 1970. 45 years ago. I dare say it will be a long time before anyone challenges this new mark. And, Ortega might not even yet be done adding to this total this season. He’s gonna get at least 2 more chances to build on this record.

    It doesn’t get a lot more significant that owning the all time NCAA record for game winning goals in a season. If I was gonna wish for a guy on my team to break an all time NCAA record, and had my choice of records to break, this one would sure as heck be on my short list. Ortega has as many or more game winning goals this season than 14 different NCAA D-1 hockey teams have wins, total.

    What he has done so far this season is utterly amazing. He may not be done.

    • What a ridiculous diatribe. You still having Jim Dahl “run the numbers” on UNO? Maybe he can teach you how Pairwise and RPI works..

      • Uh, you need to look up the definition of the word “diatribe”, since the word has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to my post.

        • Diatribe = tirade. Now you look it up in an English Dictionary. A meaningless record, nonetheless. Not surprised it is on your “short list”. Keep having Jim Dahl “run the numbers”. A much more important record is held be a Wisconsin goaltender, Marc Behrend. You can look that up too.

    • It’s a cool record to have, but I’ve always thought GWG was a poorly-figured stat. Getting the 2nd goal for your team in a 6-1 victory hardly counts as a GWG in my books.

      • I agree. The stat would be more significant if the goal was scored in OT or to break a deadlock late in the 3rd period.

      • Well, if I calculated correctly, 11 of his 18 goals this season (not only GWGs) have come in the third period or OT. Say what you want, but it is impressive none the less

    • Not to take away from Ortega’s record but doesn’t another player in the NCHC have 9 GWG this year?

      • Kuraly from Miami has 9 this year. He has scored 5 goals in the 3rd or in OT, so a high percentage of his Game winners were in early periods

        • So now you are “qualifying” game winning goals? By the way, ALL individual records are really team records. Someone could score a goal at 15:00 of the third period to put their team ahead 3-2, only to have the other team score a goal at 19:00 to tie the game.

          • Someone above pointed out that it was a poorly figured stat. So I was figuring it closer to what that poster thought. I was in Mankato for a game a few years back where the losing team scored with 11 seconds on the clock to make it 4-3, making the empty netter a GWG. I don’t think that is a GWG, but it counts on the stats and my opinion on the matter ultimately means squat.

            Thank you for your concern though

          • Your opinion certainly has meaning. It was not my intention to demean you, only to point out exactly what you eloquently just said. Your scenario is a perfect example of this being a useless statistic. Additionally, every assisted goal would not be scored without a teammates pass. To have a perfect GWG it would need to be scored, unassisted, in OT. Since my team has not lost a game when leading going into the 3rd period, and has only been tied up twice, it is kind of improbable to have a GWG scored in the 3rd period. Sorry if I came off criticizing you, it appears we are closer to thinking alike.

          • Exactly correct. Taking away a GWG from the person who scored late in the third period to take the lead. My point being, if the defense/goalie did not give up a late goal then the original goal scorer would get credited for GWG. This is not just an individual stat.

  3. Bracketology this week will have something that hasn’t happened in the last 6 weeks(?). Minnesota and North Dakota will not be within the same regional… matter how hard Jayson tries…lol.

  4. So, are the Sioux going to take it this year? I don’t know…..tell me some teams who can or will knock them off? Don’t be spewing ridiculous comments, ie, Wiscy somehow gets in and beats UND in the regional. You know, at least make it the Gophs in a tight one in Fargo (which could happen). Tell me who we need to worry about. Thanks, I’ll sit back and listen…..


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