Big Ten hands Penn State’s Conway one-game ban for head contact penalty

The Big Ten announced Saturday that Penn State’s Scott Conway has been suspended for one game as a result of an incident that occurred in a game against Minnesota on Friday night.

The action was taken by the conference after a review of an incident that occurred at the 17:13 mark of the third period and resulted in Conway receiving a major penalty for contact to the head and a game misconduct.

Conway is ineligible to play in Penn State’s next game Saturday night against Minnesota.


  1. I have been quick to condemn the B1G for their inactions, but here I will praise them on their swift action in suspending Mr. Conway for he blatant head shot to Vinny Lettteri in the Friday night game against the Gophers. There is no way he should have been allowed to play again tonight after he egregious elbow to the head after Minnesota scored their 5th goal of the night. Conway needs to find better ways to channel his frustrations about his team getting dominated then elbowing opposition players in the head after they score goals. There is no room in hockey for these types of actions. I am happy to see that the B1G is attempting to send that message out.

    • I had a good look at this infraction from Section 15, and thought it was flagrant. A goal scorer kind of shifts gears into celebrate mode after scoring and leaves himself open if an opponent chooses to inflict a cheap shot. I hoped last night that the B1G wouldn’t wait until Monday to issue a suspension. Vinni’s head sure has taken a beating this season.

  2. I sit in Section 11, 4th row. From my vantage point Conway threw a closed fist wrapped around a hockey stick at Vinny’s head (ever been hit by someone with a roll of penny’s in their hand?). Replays I saw seem to corroborate that view. Dude got is due. Bodes well for tonight’s game. PSU better score first cuz if the Gophers do it could be another long night for PSU.

    Conversely, the 2 min.s Koudys received late in the game was a suspect call; only a penalty from some vantage points but hardly worth 2 min.s from most vantage points, mine included,imo. Wish the red/orange stripes would discuss more penalties before making them official. In this case, I don’t think the other official would have agreed with 2 min.s.

    • You’re correct. I saw the hit delivered with a glove, not an elbow. Too bad they never show a replay in-house on “controversial” decisions.

      • Brodzinski is lucky he didn’t get 2, or worse, for the round-houses he was throwing at Conway. KIoos got in his face…the right way.

  3. Head contact..thats pretty pc if you ask me. That was one of the cheapest dirtiest things I have seen. The B1G is starting to get full of this kind of crap. Needs to get cleaned up fast.

  4. This suspension was only a protocol. I have a hard time believing coach Gadowsky would have let Conway play Saturday anyway. He suspended anoyher player for Saturday night, who took a bad 2 minute minor penalty after the Conway incident. Lucia also said Gadowsky apologized for his teams actions late in the game, after Friday nights game. He has done great things in his 3 years there, and has brought success to his team much earlier than most anticipated. Penn State should feel luck to have him behind their bench, and if they can keep him he will bring them a National Title probably within the next 20 years. Scary team this weekend too, I think I’ll take my chances with Ohio State in the semis again for the second year if I have my choice.


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