Gallery: Boston University beats Minnesota-Duluth in Northeast Regional final

Here are photos from Boston University’s win over Minnesota-Duluth in the Northeast Regional final on Saturday in Manchester, N.H.

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  1. I have a question about this paragraph: “A host institution which is invited tothe tournament plays in the regional for which it is the host,and cannot be moved. There are fourhost institutions this year: Yale in Bridgeport,Holy Cross inWorcester, MichiganTech in GreenBay and Minnesota in St. Paul.”

    Do those four teams automatically make the tournament?

  2. Minnesota is in Minneapolis. I realize they share a border, but could one argue that UMD be considered a ‘host’ in St Paul? Or is Minnesota involved organizationally as a host institution?

    I’m asking because, given the population density of MSP, one could see a preponderance of tournaments in which Minnesota gets to stay home. I would consider this a competetive advantage. Minnesota ought to draw just as many people to Green Bay (especially when Wisconsin is out of the mix), and UMD has a tremendous alumni community in the Twin Cities.

    And frankly, if the Frozen Four is to be held in places such as Tampa, then travel should not be a consideration when setting up the tournament. As it is – nice bracketology, Jason!

    • Minnesota is the host school this year. As for staying home? Minnesota has played in Worcester, Mass and other Eastern cities over the years as well. As a Gopher Season ticket holder and Minnesota hockey fan in general I say keep Minnesota and UMD both in St. Paul. The “X” would be packed, plus both fan bases have a respect for each other. With both schools having a lot of Minnesotan’s on their rosters, it makes sense to put them in St. Paul. 

    • Being a host means more than being near the site.  Minnesota did the work on the regional, so they get to stay there regardless.

  3. I would set the brackets as follows

    St. Paul
    #1 UMD vs.  #16 AFA
    #7 MN vs. #9 Union

    #2 BC vs. #14 NoDak
    #8 MIA vs. #10 Maine

    Green Bay
    #3 Mich vs. #13 DU
    #6 UML vs. #11 MSU

    #4 FSU vs. #15 Merrimack
    #5 BU vs. #12 NMU

    • i agree, except for 1 switch-union and maine. moy has the bracket integrity all torn up.  the first thing he did was put denver13 with BC when it should have been UND14.

      • Agree, but Dener is always moved around and placed wherever they want to place them.  They would never mess with NoDak.

        •  Also agree,  Denver Fans dont travel well and have difficulties even filling their OWN arena on a weekend basis.  So in a reality it doesnt really matter where you put them….  Being an Avalanche fan, I would love to see a regional in the Pepsi Center someday tho!

    • This bracket makes more sense than Moy’s, from the standpoint of bracket integrity.  Since the NCAA bows three times daily at the altar of the Almighty Dollar, we should fully expect the selection committee to put attendance ahead of bracket integrity.  Way ahead of it.

  4. I don’t understand why you would even consider putting UMD in Green Bay. St. Paul is 3 hours closer to them. That is a clear benefit for the team and traveling fans. End of discussion.

    • Duluth was put into the St. Paul bracket this week.  you are looking at the previous weeks bracketology.

      • I know that Duluth was put in St. Paul this week. But in the step-by-step process, they were initially put in Green Bay.

    • the REAL problem in having the gophers and bulldogs in the same regional is the fact that those are the top 2 teams from the WCHA.  If you wanna pair up the WHCA’s top 2 teams in a regional, then do it to the CCHA, Hockey East, and the ECAC.  Nothing like making a conference beat its own best teams……

    •  Why should a #1 seed have to play the Gophers in their home Mariucci arena? Save that match for the frozen four, if it’s meant to be.

      Although I doubt UMD will be a number one seed after this weekend…SCSU will likely inflict damage

  5. this is stupid. North Dakota brings more fan to the Excel in  Minneapolis than UMD does. Why move the Sioux farther away just because you want a Minn fest?….once again North Dakota gets swept under a rug…………

    • Maybe if your team was better this year, they would deserve to play at the Xcel.  

      Also learn to spell, don’t they teach spelling at North Dakota?  Wait to busy trying to fight for a offensive nickname….

      Yeah that helps with the NCAA, just be happy they allow you to still play.

    • “No. 1 seeds are placed as close to home as possible in order of their ranking 1-4.”

      UMD is #1 in PWR and the closest Regional to the them is St. Paul. I have no idea why Moy didn’t start this bracketogy that way. He did everybody a disservice here. There was never a need to create the illusion that he made a “decision’ to move UMD to St. Paul and North Dakota out. If he set up the bracket by the rules to begin with UMD was always in MN and North Dakota was always in WI.

      Mr. Moy created contraversy where there was none.

  6. North Dakota fans are crazy and would actually make the drive to Green Bay to watch the Sioux, not as many Duluth fans will, why not just keep UMD in St. Paul. Also the NCAA should evalute letting Alabama host the tourny in Tampa Bay??? Alabama hardly has an attendence as it is, why let them host the tournament like 200 miles if not more from them and the rest of college hockey in the North. This is the part that doesn’t make any sence.

    •  boost college hockey exposure across the country… not sure if it will work, but they are going to try.

  7. I don’t understand why you are insisting on switching Merrimack with Denver to avoid the intraconference matchup in  both cases don’t you try to keep bracket integrity by switching with the closest seeds as long as it doesn’t create another conference matchup. That would mean switch Merrimack with UND. I had my bracket exactly the same as Pbirnesser

  8. As a UMD fan, I would rather see UMD play in Green Bay for one reason.  I can’t imagine a better way to knock the Gophers out of the NCAA tournament than beating them in the Frozen Four.

    I do think it’s crap that UofM is automatically considered the host every time there is a regional in MPLS.  Too bad Amsoil isn’t a bigger venue, but it’s a great venue for home games.  Would rather a smaller venue be packed for most home games, rather than a huge venue only be half full during most of the regular season.

    To the Gopher’s credit – that Sweep they gave UMD at the begging of the year has haunted us all year.  Going to be pulling for the Badgers this weekend to keep the Gophers out of the W column, and for the ‘Dogs to sweep SCSU.

    Go Bulldogs!

    • Problem is you don’t pack the Amsoil for most home games anyways, even with a brand new arena and defending National Champs, just saying…

      • have u been to amsoil this season? it’s near full or “sold-out” for just about every game this season….last saturday against CC was largest crowd ever. check your facts

        • Lol you must be referring to football…don’t worry classic mistake. Idk what game you were watching but we sold out almost every game, and Mariucci holds 10,000+.

          • I have watched the gofers on tv as I listen to the Fighting Sioux on radio (road games).  I know what I see.  Sold out does not equal attendance…

          • Those empty seats are sold mostly to people who have had season tickets since 1975. They are in nursing homes or Arizona for the winter. Priority seating next year will be a test of Gopher faithfull. Those sests will require an additional $500 donation on top of the ticket price.

      • You really do have no idea what you’re talking about.  Attendance records have been set at Amsoil this year.  Pretty easy to spout crap as a Guest….

        • I really am glad to see that they are filling the Amsoil now but I’ve been to six games there this year (most ealier in the season) and the only time I have seen it full was when the Sioux were in town (didn’t see the CC games). And it shouldn’t be surprising that attendance records are being set this year, its the first full year of being open. Sorry I posted as Guest earlier didn’t realize. 

    • Minnesota isn’t “considered the host”.  THEY ARE THE HOST.  Their athletic department put together the bid and does the work to organize and run the regional.  That’s how it works.  Is it fair?  Maybe not but that’s the system.

    • the gophers get the regional because they ARE HOSTING IT!  UMD can host it next year at the X if they want to put something together for it.  You cant play regional games at a NCAA Division I team’s rink anymore either.  So you can forget ever playing NCAA tournament games at AMSOIL, or mariucci or the ralph again….. Now it has to be held at a “neutral site”, maybe someone can talk the ncaa into playing games at the old decc.  maybe that is “neutral” now

  9. It’s convoluted I know, and you do a methodical job.    And granted, some of these teams (including NMU) have work to do before they get to the dance.  But, with the current roster, isn’t there a way to get NMU to Green Bay?  It’s a three hour bus ride.    

  10. The Gophers and UMD should be in different regions … like BC and BU .. so each has a better chance of making the Frozen Four — it’s an EASTERN conspiracy! AGAIN!

    • You aren’t going to sell tickets in Green Bay with Michigan and Miami. North Dakota will bring fans but not enough. Put UMD there and you draw. It’s a WCHA market and a drivable distance from Duluth. St Paul is a sell out with the Gophers, Green Bay is a ghost town with out UMD.

  11. I liked last weeks bracket’s better!  I would love to see the Sioux and Gophs in the same bracket.  Also, the 4 seeds are better than the 3 seeds haha!

  12. I actually work at the Resch Center (host site in Green Bay) & yes, North Dakota fans showed up in force last year.  Hopefully NMU lands there to help with attendance also.

  13. Overall, I think Jayson did a nice job and I think his second bracket is better, which keeps UMD in St. Paul.  There is no reason to send UMD to Green Bay, and I agree with previous posters saying that there will be no attendance concern with UND there.  Plus, the other U of M will bring plenty of fans there too from Ann Arbor. 

    One criticism I would have with the bracket is that he seemed determined to move around the 9-12 seeds for attendance purposes, but if he maintained bracket integrity given where he place 5-8 I think attendance would be fine.  Minnesota and UMD in St. Paul, UND and Mich in Green Bay, BC and Lowell in Worcester, and BU and Merrimack in Bridgeport.  Looks ok to me…

  14. The rule states that they won’t compromise bracket integrity with 5 or more teams from the same conference. Why would Merrimack have to move then? In my opinion, to keep bracket integrity, the brackets should look like this…
    WEST – 1 UMD vs. 16 Air Force, 7 Minnesota vs. 9 Union
    NORTHEAST – 2 Boston College vs. 15 Merrimack, 8 Miami vs. 10 Maine
    MIDWEST – 3 Michigan vs. 14 North Dakota, 6 Mass-Lowell vs. 11 MSU
    EAST – 4 Ferris State vs. 13 Denver, 5 BU vs. 12 Northern Michigan
    The only two complaints would be 1. that the Northeast has 3 Hockey East teams and 2. That the East regional has questionable attendance. Otherwise, it’s really a perfect bracket, and correct by the rules that Jason Moy for some reason forgets when he does this thing.

  15. Looking at it real quick, I suppose you could switch Merrimack and Denver to give a little better draw out East. However, that would compromise integrity which as I understand, is the most important thing to get down. 

  16. I would rather the Sioux be in St. Paul with the Gofers but I wouldn’t mind seeing Michigan and getting a little payback this year in the NCAA’s

  17. Let’s be honest this whole bracket blows up as soon as a couple crappy bottom feeder teams wins the conference championships.  I’d rather see the conference tourney’s not get automatic bids.  You’re going to see the 40th best team in the country bump a team that was ranked for 70 weeks (i.e. Merrimack, North Dakota, Denver, Union, etc..) and it’s going to be sour when they get blown out in round 1 of regionals.

  18. Just wondering what happened to the Pairwise probility chart where you chose the winners in the conference tournaments. I tried goggling it, but looks like it hasn’t been around for awhile. Thanks for all of the variable crunching – has to be a large bottle of aspirin in your life!


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