Brown, Colgate, Northeastern, UMass Lowell to play Belfast Thanksgiving 2015 weekend

NCAA Division I hockey is coming to Northern Ireland next Thanksgiving.

According to Belfast Live, Belfast is set to host the Festival of Ice Hockey tournament at the Odyssey Arena Nov. 27-28 with Brown, Colgate, Northeastern and Massachusetts-Lowell taking part.

Lord Mayor Arder Carson will travel to Boston this coming weekend to jointly launch the event at the Frozen Four.

The article also states that tickets for the event will be distributed free of charge “to 12,000 young people across the city” and that more than $200,000 has already been raised by the Boston Lord Mayor’s Office to cover the cost of bringing the teams to Belfast.

Update, April 10: The Friendship Four, as it is being called, will feature conference games in the semifinals, with Lowell facing Northeastern and Brown playing Colgate.


  1. Alright, I’ll bite: A) why this particular collection of teams (other than they were all available) and B) why is Marty Walsh involved at all if only one of the schools is in Boston?

    • A- teams available and a chance to get PR for the schools
      B- he discussed it with the Lord Mayor of Belfast while on a trade mission/visit home last summer. I would imagine that Northeastern was the first school in. Walsh’s alma mater, aside from not wanting to miss a home date, is not too welcome in the North after conducting “classified” interviews that the Crown later requested in their quest to ruin Jerry Adams (because his pedophile brother wasn’t good enough.)

  2. I also heard free pints of Guinness and Harp throughout the games. *Must bring your own plastic pint glasses to qualify. Should be fun !!

  3. Great venue for hockey. I caught a game a dozen years ago. Great craic. Had a drunk come up to me at the bus stop after the game. I was worried he was an angry drunk, but he was a happy on. The Odyssey seats 7-8,000, so there will be tickets after they do whatever they are doing with the seats for the kids.


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