Video: Omaha answers questions from the media

BOSTON — Omaha players and coach Dean Blais faced the media at a news conference on Wednesday, the day before they face Providence in the Frozen Four.

Here’s the video, courtesy of NCAA On Demand:

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  1. Clarkson had “two decisive wins over Princeton”? They went to double overtime on Friday and overtime on Saturday at home against the worst team in the ECAC. Also, if you’re going to point out how cold St Lawence is coming in by saying they have two losses in their last four games, does it really help your case by pointing out the losses were against the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the league? That one should be a good series with a packed crowd but I thought it was an awfully strange preview write-up…

  2. I’m with John, there are some strange things in your writing. Clarkson’s 13-4-1 record in 2016 hardly seems like the “model of inconsistency.” Sure they had a bad run in December, but SLU had five losses in a row in January.

  3. Best word to describe Lowell this year: pathetic.

    Pathetic goaltending.
    Pathetic offense.
    Pathetic defense.
    Pathetic team captains.


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