With title to chase, nickname search hasn’t come up much with North Dakota players

North Dakota’s Drake Caggiula grabs Cam Johnson during Wednesday’s practice (photo: Melissa Wade).

BOSTON — The search for a new nickname for North Dakota is officially underway.

But with a championship to chase, a new nickname or mascot hasn’t been given much thought by UND players, according to goaltending coach Karl Goehring, who is serving on the official committee to facilitate the selection.

“A couple of players asked me earlier in the season,” said Goehring. “But everyone is so dialed in right now, it hasn’t come up.”

Wearing of the green

The 2015 NCAA tournament has a decidedly green theme — it’s the primary color of the logo and a green motif has been used by the NCAA in all of its social media posts and signage.

While UND fans will feel right at home with all the greenage, will they take it an omen for UND after 12 consecutive NCAA appearances without bringing home a title?

Merely a coincidence, said NCAA associate director of media coordination and statistics Mark Bedics.

“For the tournament, we went with a different template,” he said. “The primary color of the logo has been our primary color, which is green. It’s a Boston color.”

And a North Dakota color.


  1. UML vs AIC…the ultimate trap game if I ever saw one. Easy to look past AIC to plan for BC later in the same week. I don’t like this one, one bit.


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