Tanev’s goal breaks tie as Providence beats Boston University for title

Providence celebrates a goal in its win over Boston University (photo: Jim Rosvold).

BOSTON — Brandon Tanev broke a tie off a faceoff with 6:17 remaining, and Providence won its first national championship with a 4-3 victory over Boston University on Saturday.

The Friars’ Kevin Rooney won a faceoff aganst the Terriers’ Jack Eichel, and Tanev beat BU to the net and beat goaltender Matt O’Connor.

That came just over two minutes after O’Connor dropped the puck in his own net on a flip-in from center ice by the Friars’ Tom Parisi, a stunning turn of events that tied the game 3-3.

The Friars (26-13-2) outshot the Terriers 20-12 in the third period after Boston University (28-8-5) held a 40-23 advantage through two periods.

Jon Gillies made a career-high 49 saves for Providence.

Cason Hohmann gave Boston University a 3-2 lead after two periods. Providence’s Mark Jankowski had tied the game with a power-play goal earlier in the period.

Ahti Oksanen had a goal and an assist for the Terriers. The goal was the first of two for BU in a four-second span in the first period, setting an NCAA tournament record for quickest two goals.

Danny O’Regan scored after an Eichel rush off the faceoff immediately after Oksanen’s goal, giving the Terriers a 2-1 lead.

Anthony Florentino gave Providence a 1-0 lead.

The Friars are the second No. 15 overall seed to win the NCAA tournament in the last three years, joining Yale in 2013.

More coverage of the championship game to come.


  1. If USCHO wasn’t biased it would have said “Sucks to BU; Terriers p!ss away title game.”

    Serves them right after the way they played and behaved against UND. Got their azzes kicked and the refs gave it to them.

      • Didn’t look like it tonight. Neither team really deserved to be there. Both there because of favors done to set up the game for TV and a big home crowd. ESPN’s power is the worst thing to happen to western hockey, because they only care about eyeballs, not hockey fans.

        • You really are on drugs. This is the first FF in New England in 11 years. Eastern bias? You are the biggest whiner from the west. A big, fat sore loser living in mommy’s basement.

          • When you’ve got nothing else, resort to talking garbage when you don’t know anything about someone.

            My mom’s basement has a pretty nice view of downtown, though. Basement means high-rise, right?

        • Unless the state of North Dakota has any other D1 hockey teams, most would consider Fargo as pretty much home ice for UND. Keep on whining not winning…

          • UND has only hosted two regionals in the last 10 yrs or so once in GF and the most recent one in Fargo. They advanced to the FF both times. How is the Fargo regional different than any regional in providence or Worcester where virtually every ecac or hockey east team are within driving distance?

          • UND doesn’t play any home games in Fargo, no matter what you would consider home.

            By that standard, St. Johnsbury could just about be home for BU.

      • All 4 of Providence and BU’s games were closer to its campus than the Fargo regional is to Grand Forks, smart guy.

        But it’s all flyover country to you, right? Nothing out there but four points, isn’t that what we heard?

        Tonight couldn’t have happened to a better fanbase, to eat it in front of your own fans.

        • I hate BU as well. Just glad your team choked again. Next November tell us how great your team’s non league record is mainly because most of their non league games are at home.

      • No excuses from a UND fan. UND got beat. The regionals and FF continued a common theme. When an ncaa game pits a team that can drive to the game (less than 2 hrs) versus a team that needs to fly, the team that can drive wins almost 70% of the time.

  2. A joke of a postseason ends in appropriate fashion. Providence was a 15 seed and never had to go more than 100 miles from home. Complete stupidity.

      • Helps when you never have to go more than a hop skip and jump from home. NCAA and ESPN sure set that up nicely. They had the Jack Eichel championship story already written. Too bad your goalie jacked it up!

        Sucks to BU!

          • Man I would love to see another group cover next year’s! Preferably one that is unbiased.

            Though even the trophy presenter was a biased idiot. He congratulated the Boston, er, the Providence Terriers for the title!

          • I think the main thing was to get BU into the championship. Having Providence too was just a bonus.

          • You are a dope. Frozen Fours always sell out no matter who is there. Tampa, Anaheim, Philly or Pittsburgh. It doesn’t matter. Go home to mommy….

          • Demonstrably not true. But don’t let facts get in the way of your name calling. A lot of why they have sold well lately is because North Dakota has been in it a lot.

          • They seem to like western teams before the tournament starts, but they did fawn over him. Not much grit to his game. I wouldn’t take him #2. I saw one hit from him all game. Plays like Joe Thornton. A finesse game.

        • Again this was the 1st FF set up in New England in 11 years. Get your excuses in line next year in Tampa. I don’t think USF has a D1 hockey team…

    • Actually, PC played the first two pretty much within walking distance (though a long walk),and the second two less than 50 miles away.

        • Silly person, I was letting you know it was even closer than you think, that is all. The same was true for BU. Less than 50 for the first two games, a long walk or a ride on the Green Line to get to the last two.

          • I know. I get it. It was a travesty is the bottom line. They should have made more regionals outside New England in a year when the Frozen Four was going to be there. Completely unfair to any program not in New England. 15 seed never has to be more than an hour or so away? Come on, that’s a joke.

          • So if University of Minnesota gets in and the FF is in Minneapolis, the committee keeps them in the east in the regionals?? I don’t remember that happening. Selective memory.

  3. Feel terrible for O’connor. BU dodged two similar gaffes In the previous two games. Three in a row too much to ask. But well played by Providence.

    • If you look at the stats, the way the game was trending it would have had PC out shooting BU if it was a bit longer. BU out shot PC by a large margin in the first two periods, but PC flipped that in the third. The same goes for face-offs.

      Why so much disrespect for the Friars? They beat two [email protected] good teams in the regionals, and then went on to win the whole thing. That is NOT easy to do. Beating Miami AND Denver was no small task.

  4. An exciting game! Congrats Friars! Right up there with last year’s Union victory for pure excitement! Agree that refs were a little hard on ND with the boarding call and the offsetting penalty near the end of the game, but the bottom line is championship teams don’t put themselves in a position to let the refs decide it. See you all in Tampa!!

  5. BU, though very skilled, had been leading a charmed existence for much of the season. The breaks mostly went their way but they couldn’t stage a miracle finish when it counted most. Well earned championship Friars!


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