Three things about opening weekend

Three things I think about the weekend that was:

1. Who impressed?

For the second year in a row, Bemidji State pulled off an opening-night upset. (Well, it was sort of opening night, since Friday’s game in Duluth was postponed due to a power outage.) The Beavers knocked in-state rival and second-ranked Minnesota Duluth down a few pegs with a 3-2 win. Goalie Michael Bitzer stopped 28 shots, and Charlie O’Connor netted the big game-winner with 22 seconds left in regulation.

Bowling Green met the early expectations with a sweep of Ohio State, winning 6-3 and 2-0 with Chris Nell getting the shutout in the series finale.

You have to go all the way back to 2010 to find a season in which Alabama Huntsville scored a win this early in the season. It took two games, as the Chargers earned a home split against UConn.

Alaska Anchorage’s Brad Duwe had five shots on goal and scored the game-winner in overtime to beat Arizona State on Friday night at its Kendall Hockey Classic.

2. Who did not?

Minnesota State’s goal scorers, who were among the best in the business a season ago, were shut down, scoring just twice on 66 shots (40 on Saturday) in a pair of losses to Omaha. Saturday’s 2-0 loss was the first time MSU was shut out at home since Jan. 14, 2012 when Wisconsin did it. The Mavericks lost just two home games last year and three in the last two and already are 0-2 this year.

Ferris State’s goal-scoring issues haven’t been solved quite yet. The Bulldogs scored once on 40 shots in a tie with Western Michigan, a night after losing 3-2 in Kalamazoo.

Alaska lost twice in its home state, mustering just one goal at the Kendall Hockey Classic. The Nanooks were shut out by St. Cloud State and then made themselves a footnote that will forever be in the Arizona State media guide as the opponent in the Sun Devils’ first Division I victory.

3. Can’t hang on

Northern Michigan tied Wisconsin twice in Madison, but had third-period leads in both games. The Badgers forced overtime with 41 seconds left in the third period on Friday, and Saturday, they erased the Wildcats’ 3-0 lead with three goals in a span of 2:46 midway through the final period. (For what it’s worth, NMU did win the shootout each night).

Lake Superior State jumped out to a stunning 2-0 lead over North Dakota in the first game of the IceBreaker in Portland, Maine, but the Lakers couldn’t build on that or hold on and ended up losing 5-2. They were knocked off by Michigan State 4-1 the next day.



    • Are you a hockey player or a blogger? A lot of classic jerseys still have script. The Maine jerseys are sweet. They are like no other jersey in college hockey. No many can mix baby blue into their color sceme.

      • I am by no means a Maine fan but I’d have to agree that their jerseys are pretty sweat and distinct to the program… I wouldn’t change a thing

    • Maine unis are awesome. Anyone can tell just by a glimpse that it’s Maine, and that’s what a uni is supposed to do. Now, for truly horrible HEA unis look no further than UNH (boring, simple and plain) or Merrimack (over the top yellow). BU too close to Wisconsin and Cornell, at least for the casual observer.

      • Could not agree more. I love the UM unis – distinctive and recognizable at a glance. This is coming from an avid UNH fan who would like to see a change in the ‘Cats unis to something with style and class – the current design is very vanilla and boring – but please don’t go over the top like they did a few years ago with the aluminum-foil-like 3rd option. I’m still not certain that my eyes have recovered from that forgettable experience.

      • I’m a fan of both Maine and UNH’s uniforms, UNH especially! The blue and white looks crisp on the ice and sets the wildcats apart. As for the comment about BU, that program is just as well known if not more so than the two teams you mentioned.

  1. umass-lowell. northeastern. both are sad. how you take such great, powerful color schemes like red, white and blue and red, white and black and turn them into something so forgettable is beyond me.

    • How are they any worse then the other Hockey East Schools? Last time I checked UML’s jersey is plain just like BU’s, UNH’s, BC’s, and UMass Amherst’s.

      • take BU. if you’re comparing these two uniforms (copy, paste & take out the spaces – h t t p : // bit . ly /PnfAy9) and can’t see the difference in the aesthetics of a classic design (BU) vs a modern, generic mess (lowell)…i hope your wife (or husband) picks out your clothes, dresses your children and furnishes your house. basically, assists with any decision that might reflect a sense of style. (or, in your case, a lack there of.)

    • Northeastern’s throw back jerseys are awesome… the chicago blackhawk copies are rather forgettable though. However, Northeastern gets +10 jersey points for the evil red-eyed husky logo they brought back a few years ago. It’s everything you’d want a sweater logo to be; mean. nostalgic, unique, rememberable and it screams Northeastern Husky Hockey.

      • you make a fair point. the throwbacks are leaps and bounds better than their standard. particularly love the old typeface on their throwback.

      • Still got mine, And when the natural reaction to the evil that is political correctness comes to its inevitible end we will see a return to tradition.
        And I will still have mine ready to go.
        In the meantime, the insurgents in the crowd will continue to wear the Sioux logo, will continue to call the team the Sioux, and will even find ways to produce them.
        And it will become a mania.

    • True enough I suppose. As a UND fan I understand that it is time to move on. Might as well embrace the change and move to something cool with the uniforms. No need for the UND fanbase to be bitter at this point (although some idiots will never let go). It’s just a logo, not a life or death concern. I hope they get something cool looking and I will buy the new sweater and support the team just the same as I did when I went to school there.

      • I agree and have moved on but who in the heck are you to call people that LOVED the name (whether it be any type of race) idiots for not wanting to let go of the name? I also went to school there and it’s people like you that make me concerned for my (our) university. If you dont feel that same sense of pride and tradition the school bleeds on ice, there is a Gopher team waiting for you to east.

        • Typical ND fan. Trying always to take shots at the U Of M. Keep your Canadian Team and coach who hasn’t won a National Championship since he has been there.
          Wait UND Fans are more happy with winning a WCHA Final Five Title then the National Championship. That is there fall back when keeping Hakstol for another 7 years!
          Other programs like UM, Michigan, BC, BU, Maine, Wisconsin, NH are all dissapointed if they don’t win the National Championship.
          But hey UND will still claim there the best because they won the Final Five! How did that West Regional go for you last year?

          • How was that taking a shot at the U of M you jerkoff? You actually think that UND’s goal every year is to WIN the Final Five and not a National Championship…. What a complete Moron you are! Let’s get things strait here shall we. Every team in the country should have the goal to win their respective division (Macnaughton Cup). Then the next goal is to win the conference tournament. Then the goal is to win the Regional tournament. Then they need to win the Frozen Four. Unfortunately, the Sioux have not been able to get over that last hurdle after dominating the country the last 10 years… Yes I know they dont have the hardware to prove it! But I can assure you it is only a matter of time. Hopefully sooner than later BTY, how did that embarrassing lose in the Final Five and in the Frozen Four go for you? The Gophs havent done [email protected] for many years either

          • Wow a foul mouthed response from a guy that likes UND…. Not suprised being a UND fan, nor the intelect you represent for yourself and give other good UND fans.
            You have dominated the last 10 years? Wow, and yet you have no hardware? Try BC has been the most dominant over that period, and over the last 10 years I believe Minnesota has 2 National Championships and UND has??????
            Matter of time before what? You join the Canadian Hockey league with all the North guys you use? Also if North Dakota was so great in hockey, how come you can’t even recruit your own hockey players from North Dakota? Because you have no hockey programs that can support UND.
            Just say thank you to Canada & Minnesota for providing players, so UND can even put a hockey team on the ice.
            And the loss in teh WCHA Final Five, congrats to the UND players for fighting back and winning…. But Minnesota won the one that counted in the big picture.
            Was UND in the Frozen Four last year? As UND proved, you can’t get beat by the National Champions in the Frozen Four, if your not there!!!
            Good luck to the University of North Dakota ????? this year.
            And to every other team out there!

          • You start talking trash and do not expect an a response? If you had any brains at all you would look at ND’s roster before you comment on all the horse-crap garbage you talk about the Canadien/Minnesota player recruits. We have players from all over the country including a few Nodak players… Remember the Lamarioux’s? Incoming recruit from Devils Lake and one from EGF next year… Maybe take a moment to think before you comment K there bud!

            Another thing, cant really help it if all the TOP Minnesotans and Canadiens want to play for a program that actually develops top notch NHL’ers. You may have had a few but they do not compare to what UND has put into the next level, at least in the past 10-15 years.

            I’d like to also thank D.C, California, Wisconsin, Missouri, Alaska, Arizona, and Colorado for all of the great players you produced and gave to the Sioux! I appreciate it

          • ok, the whole Canadian recruiting is prejudice. You are an immoral person. your stupid goofer program can go after all the Canadians they want. your precious national titles were were won by using European players. North Dakota has a small population obviously, so comparing recruits is unfair. Let us compare real statistics…My state has the largest money surplus in the country. My state feeds most of the country. My state has one of the lowest crime rates. My country doesn’t harbor as many worthless people who don’t contribute to society….oh and My state doesn’t have a crap government….AND MY STATE HAS 7 NATIONAL HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIPS. thanks for playing.

          • Wow you told them….. ND population is small because the state does not have a lot to offer or going for it!
            You keep thinking we are superior, yet NO championships since when?
            Most college hockey fans and the rest of the country don’t live in the past!
            And by the way, their is 4 major pro sports teams, and ND has how how many? And this isn’t a political web site, so keep it to hockey comments please.
            You give all us ND fans a bad name

          • How does an article about Penn State’s new sweaters become a crazy Sue rant? Proof positive that there is nothing going on up there…. Sad….

          • It is spelled straight, not strait. Embarrasing loss, not lose. Good thing UND has a half @ssed hockey team to be known for, certainly education isn’t their thing. As for dominating, the only teams who have dominated in the past decade or so that I know of are as follows: UM Gophers winning back to back in 02,03. Denver Pioneers winning back to back in 04, 05. Boston College winning three in five years. What an embarrassing comment you posted in representation of a school you supposedly care for.

          • Oh my god, a few minor mistakes without having or using spell check on my phone and that is all you have to slam me for?!? Half @ssed hockey team? Are you kidding me again… The gophers won that title with two Nodak kids and have not even been on the radar ever since (I’m tired of talking about that). Last year they put a decent team on the ice and I am very excited to see what happens this year! Good Luck. Your gonna need it!

            “What an embarrassing comment you posted in representation of a school you supposedly care for.”
            As for that comment, unless you are the one that I was replying to, don’t even come after me for ranting on a subject I didn’t bring up and then try to bring me down for being pissed at some guy that just talks out of his @SS! Obviously we are entitled to our opinions on here but it gets a little tiring hearing all of the b.s. Especially from a guy that comes out of left field like you who try and justify other people’s comments.

          • Let me answer your questions…. No, no, how many Minnesota kids have been on each of UND’s NC teams? How is that relevant anyway? Does that mean 02 and 03 belong to the State of North Dakota? I’m not a Gopher Fan, so I need no luck to be wished in that direction. Regardless of who you were or were not replying to, your embarrassing comments get posted on a public forum that allows anyone to comment on them, even those from left field.
            On that note, another embarrassing comment from you.

          • First there pal, I didn’t ask you anything.. You are just the case of another troll on here that doesn’t read the ALL the comments but just goes after ND fans. You can’t even post a name so why do i even talk to a disgruntled old guest… Your not worth my 2 seconds to write this even.

          • I’m not your pal. For your future mediocre success in this world, question marks denote a question. I read the whole thread before commenting. ND fans, in particular you, make it too easy. Why do you keep responding then if I’m not worth your time? (See question mark)

          • You do know that UNH has never won a national title, right? And trust me I was at the 2011 frozen four after Michigan beat UND and every UND fan I saw was very disappointed. I’m not defending UND or there fans but your comment is just dumb.

          • First off BulldogFan your missing the point! UND fans like to talk about dominance…. So fo course fans are going to be upset when you lose in the Frozen Four.
            The point was they like to thinking winning the WCHA Final Five makes them dominant, not the Frozen Four. They talk as if winning those is more important then the frozen four!
            But thank you for responding.

          • So by your logic UMTC has done nothing since 2003. Minus last years frozen four (which they didn’t even win). Minnesota was pretty dominant in the 80’s but never won a national title. Your logic is flawed

  2. CORNELL-BIG TIME. Ferris State- That logo is just awful. Ohio States just look gross on that Nike template but are not terrible.

    • Did you just suggest that Cornell, one of the most historic sweaters in college hockey needs a redesign? Even if I weren’t a fan of their jersey, I find this suggestion hilarious when it doesn’t come next to the words Boston University, who essentially wears the same exact sweater.

  3. I like how the new Penn State jerseys are simple. It’s what we expect Penn State jerseys to look like. Plus, nobody has jerseys close to those.

  4. Like the new uniforms — very low key. Please no redesigns. It seems like some college football programs have to go through that and black is the flavor of the month. There is nothing better than the old school jerseys of most of college hockey.

  5. Western Mich needs to go back to their school colors. Their old brown/gold unis were distinctive and vibrant. The black and silver is just bland and predictable.

  6. I definitely feel Minnesota-Duluth could use a change. Cartoonish looking animal heads aren’t the greatest idea, to me. They’re really pretty silly.

  7. The odd thing about college hockey, – for a primary color, not a lot of Blue and white colors. That’s what stood out to me with PSU sweaters. Example: WCHA is full of maroon, red, black, and green,- no blue. The only other Blue in the B1G will be Michigan, and they wear a lot of Yellow too.

  8. BC made a change to ugliness with their new Under Armor unis, with a ‘stained glass’ arm stripe and all. Hopefully the AMAZING throwback alternate gold jerseys become a permanent fixture….

  9. UMass Lowell could use a re-design. Those electric blue and red unis kinda are ugly.

    I think UNH could use a tweak i think, the block lettering and cat head are lame.

  10. It would be helpful if we had each player’s name listed. At the very least, I could tell that one guy, with the green breezers with the hornet logo, was from Edina, MN.


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