Women’s D-I picks: Oct. 15

Well, I fell back to Earth a little last weekend, but still did pretty well, going 18-4 (.818). On the year, I am also pretty stellar, going 40-5-4 (.857). Let’s see if I can keep myself above .800!

Thursday-Friday, Oct. 15-16

Vermont at St. Lawrence
I think these will be close games, but pick the Saints in a sweep. St. Lawrence 3-2, 4-2

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 16-17

North Dakota at Bemidji State
This has split all over it, but I’ll probably get the days wrong. Bemidji State 3-2, North Dakota 2-1

Minnesota at Ohio State
OSU gave up 15 goals last weekend against Wisconsin; this could get ugly. Minnesota 5-1, 4-0

Wisconsin at St. Cloud State
St. Cloud gave up 18 goals to Minnesota last weekend. This, too, could get ugly. Wisconsin 5-1, 7-0

Minnesota State at Minnesota-Duluth
Minnesota State will keep both games close. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 2-1

Clarkson at Boston University
A split is likely, but I’m bucking the trend and picking Clarkson to sweep. Clarkson 3-2, 3-1

Mercyhurst at Northeastern
How many splits will this weekend have? Northeastern 3-2, Mercyhurst 3-2

Robert Morris at Rensselaer
This should tell us a lot about both programs. I’m going for an RPI sweep. Rensselaer 3-2, 2-1

Saturday, Oct. 17

Maine at Boston College
BC at home equals a nice win. Boston College 4-1

New Hampshire at Merrimack
Is this the first win for the Warriors? New Hampshire 3-2

Syracuse at Connecticut
I think the Orange might just take the CHA this year. They can’t afford nonconference losses though. Syracuse 4-2

Colgate at Providence
I think the Friars are going to take a while to gel, and Colgate looked good last time out. Colgate 3-2

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 17-18

Union at Penn State
The Nittany Lions can’t afford to get too swept up in their upset of Boston University last weekend. Penn State 3-1, 3-2

Sunday, Oct. 18

New Hampshire at Boston College
From what I’ve seen of New Hampshire so far, this could get ugly. Boston College 5-1

Maine at Merrimack
The Black Bears get a split out of their trip down 95. Maine 4-1

Syracuse at Providence
The Orange get another win over a Hockey East squad. Syracuse 4-2

Colgate at Connecticut
A tough game to call, but I think Connecticut is improved this year. Connecticut 4-2

Wednesday, Oct. 21

RIT at Syracuse
RIT will come together at some point, but not in this game. Syracuse 4-2


    • Here is how I got it:
      Bridgeport 1-Yale 8-Merrimack 10-Notre Dame 16-RIT
      Green Bay 2-North Dakota 7-Union 9-MN Duluth 15-Rensselaer
      Manchester 3-Boston College 5-Denver 12-New Hampshire 14-Dartmouth
      St. Louis 4-Michigan 6-Miami 12-NE Omaha 13-Boston U

  1. How can u leave BU out, with a jump from 18 to tied for 13th with tie-breaker. I realize they gotta beat Northeastern, but suddenly they went from a team that needed to probably WIN if not make the title game to – thanks to Wisc. over CC in particular, and Dartmouth falling to Harvard, they might actually be able to make they tourney with a win on Sunday &, depending on who they would get in semis, that alone might now be enuff. Talk about reversal of fortune.

  2. As for the brackets, I agree with all the matchups. Tried getting UMD to Green Bay, but it’s nearly impossible under the current rankings. Only thing I might change is putting the UND/UNO/Miami cluster in St. Louis rather than GB.

    • The #1 team in PWR has 2 weeks to rest, for another 1 and done. ND (North Dakota … don’t want to upset WCHA fans!) or BC deserve to be the true #1 team.

      • North Dakota deserves to be number one because we have SEVEN NCAA TITLES. And 7 > 4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! And the WCHA is just so awesome!

        • I see you still donot have enough pride to use your own identity and refer to a sockpuppet instead.
          Sad, it must be an eastern trait.

          • What screen name are you talking about? Do you post as B.D. somewhere else? Whatever. You’re as anonymous as I am. And your posts are still weak. I read the junk you posted on the last bracketology story. Nothing even remotely connected to bracketology. And when you try to respond to other people you completely put words in their mouth and attack an argument they never made. Either you have a reading comprehension problem or you’re a complete troll. Which is it?

          • I have always posted as “B.D.”
            You were on the previous bracketology post? As what?

            Oh thats right, “Sockpuppet.”

          • And you posts are still full of idiocy. Care to address that? Of course not. You are in fact a typical WCHA troll.

        • I thought it was funnier when UNH sent them packing in Manchester 2 years ago.But that was in N.H. and the Sioux were tired from traveling and all the other excuses you come up with . LMAO

      • Does it matter you moron North Dakota will still be a 1 seed in their regional so why you always crying .Did the Yale loss really disturb your rational thinking ? Get over it let the games begin.

  3. Not sure how you can say that RIP still can make it. Putting the rankings aside, their quality of play in the last 2 months has been inconsistent at best. Remember they lost the first round of the ECAC playoffs to Colgate, the number 12 of the conference. I think the final list shoudl not include RIP as they have not deserved it. And after this weekend, depending on what happens to Yale, perhaps Union should be moved up yet again – ahead of Yale.

    • Being in the tournament is about the body of work for the whole season, not just how they’ve played recently. It’s only fair to look at the entire schedule and compare it to the other teams that are on the bubble.

  4. Seems like Yale “wins” by losing to St. Lawrence?? How is it that Yale continues to be #1 when they are stumbling so badly to close the schedule. The “TUC” is so strong for Yale, but they’ve tied Colgate (#12) and lost to St. Lawrence (#11) over their last 3 games, but continue to be #1 in PWR?

    Meanwhile, a team like Wisconsin, Colorado or BU will probably not make it into the Tourney (I’m guessing only 1 of these 3 will make it)… while RPI, a team that is already done for the year, suddenly is back in?

    Just PWR-oddity?? I don’t understand how ECAC can have 4 teams in at the moment, they are not that strong a conference; compared to WCHA, HE and CCHA (just my opinion).

    • But I do agree … I check the PWR after each night’s games to see where I’ll be travelling to watch BC! I’m guessing I’m heading back to New Hampshire in 2 weeks!

      Keep up the daily Bracketology columns on weekends … love the debate(s)!

      Great job!

    • Before you keep complaining about which teams are in you need to familiarize yourself with how the Pairwise works and then look at the individual comparisons. It’s not that hard.

    • There are a couple teams on the bubble in the TUC that if they drop out would hurt Yale quite a bit. Princeton and Quinnipiac. would drop them to 8-3.

    • How is it that Yale continues to be #1 when they are stumbling so badly to close the schedule.

      Because Pairwise doesn’t take into account when you win or lose. It’s really simple.

    • Cornell would have to win at Atlantic city to be in the final 16. Having said that I have stated before that RPI should not even be in consideration. The final numbers include early season games so if Cornell has to have their bad early start unclouded then RPI has to have their most recent poor performances included and not live on their laurels.

  5. RPI is not going to get in. Everything just went their way last night. That will change tonight and tomorrow. ECAC will have at most three in depending on who wins the tourney. Yale and union are locks and then if one of them do not win the tourney. I could see Cornell winning the tourney to make three from ECAC. That is the most they deserve. RPI losing to Colgate sealed their fate.

    • I’m a Cornell fan and Cornell is not going to win the tournament. Even if Yale gets eliminated this weekend (and Cornell gets Dartmouth or Harvard in the semifinals) Cornell has shown no ability to hang with Union.

      • The U is awesome this year. It’s nice to hear a Cornell fan give them credit. Watching U play this year reminds me of those Cornell teams with McKee in net where you knew they were just going to beat you somehow and give up only 15 shots. The scariest part is that most of their top players are underclassmen this year !

    • What you said seems likely. I could see them squeezing in as the 15th though. If there no upsets in the tournaments I think they”ll be in. Who would be in instead of them ? Maine ??

  6. Yale has to lose to good teams to hurt themselves in the PWR. How dumb is that? They are losing RPI comparisons to only ND and BC. Since neither BC or ND played Yale H2H you throw out that portion it.
    So….It comes down to ND or BC winning either Teams Under Consideration or Common Opponent vs Yale.

    BC and Yale share Vermont and Colgate as COp’s. Yale 2-0-1, BC 3-1-0. BC loses the COp part because they lost a game to Vermont and Yale took care of buisness.
    ND and Yale share just Colorado College as their COp. Yale 1-0-0, ND 1-1-0. ND loses because they didn’t sweep their series with CC and Yale beat CC in their only game.
    So another words, Yale won’t lose the COp to either ND or BC.

    TUC is remaining factor. Yales current TUC is .8000. ND is .7121. BC is .6875. Not possible for ND or BC to get up to .8000 with so few games remaining. So it comes down to Yale having to lose to good teams or there is a shift in the TUC and teams like Princeton and Quinnipiac drop out.

    • Yale has to lose to good teams to hurt themselves in the PWR. How dumb is that?

      It’s the same rule that has been applied to everyone for years. As for Common Opponents, schedule more non-conference games. Going from memory, WCHA usually have 8 non-conference games. I think North Dakota played at least two of those games against WCHA teams. Yale did the same thing. I do give credit to North Dakota for showing willingness to travel (Cornell, Harvard, Maine in recent years). More teams need to do this. And against teams with whom they are fairly matched. Example, look at Wisconsin’s non-conference slate. Joke.

      • I hear what you are saying. ND played Anchorage in a tournament early then Duluth for their rink opener Dec 30. Yale gets awarded for having a week nonconference schedule

        • And if they played a better non-conference schedule you would be complaining about the league schedule. Get over it. When all is said and done, the ECAC will get two teams in and UND will still be a one seed with a creampuff first round game.

          • Point is, they are going to be a #1 seed. They get a #4 in the first round. And in all likelihood the bracket is not going to have perfect “integrity” i.e. 1 v. 8 in the second round, 2 v. 7 etc. So why get worked up about it?

    • I don’t mind this WCHA matchup, UNO is so new to the league they still feel like a new opponent to UND, add to that some good games they have played against eachother this year, and the Blaiser coaching against his former team, I think it is a great potential matchup, league opponents or not.

      • the pairwise is so full of eastern bias it makes me want to puke. yale being the 1 overall seed is a joke. their schedule is a joke and their non conf schedule is a joke. who are they going to schedule for non conf opponents next season the northeastern bantam allstars or maybe thats too tough they’ll play the pee wee allstars. yale gets too much respect for a team that plays a powder puff schedule. play a schedule like n. dak. and see what yales record would be.

        • Yes, simple math shows “eastern bias”. That’s what the NCAA set out to do decades ago. It was all part of a master plan to get Yale the top seed in 2011. What evil geniuses they are.

  7. If that lineup holds up, Manchester will be packed with all those local teams there. Can’t spell “bubble” without bu.

  8. If Yale Does not win the ECAC and either ND or BC win thier conference it would take the commitee big NUTZ to give Yale the overall #1.

    They played no one and beat no one. When your non conference is 3 Atlantic (Sacred Heart, Air Force “LOST” , Holy Cross), 1 HE (Vermont) and 1 WCHA (Colorado College) they are truly a 3 seed at best.

  9. I still think it would be more fair to move the second WCHA team to manchester.

    Which currently looks like:
    Northeast Regional (Manchester)

    14 Dartmouth vs. 3 Boston College
    11 New Hampshire vs. 7 Union
    Either replace union or new Hamshire with UNO.

  10. In a way, one can argue that PWR is fair since it is predefined. That said, it is so obviously flawed that it is equally easy to argue that it is not fair. Under PWR Yale can continue to lose to crappy teams and they would still continue to hold the PWR advantage over BC and North Dakota since the teams they are losing to are not good enough to be teams under consideration. Also the fact that all TUCs are treated equal in PWR is another obvious flaw. Let’s face it, beating the a bottom half TUC is not as impressive as beating an upper half TUC.


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