Minnesota’s Seeler suspended one game by Big Ten for head contact penalty

The Big Ten announced Monday that Minnesota junior defenseman Nick Seeler has been suspended for one game as a result of an incident that occurred in a game against St. Cloud State on Nov. 29.

The action was taken by the conference after a review of an incident that happened near the 5:28 mark of the second period and resulted in Seeler receiving a major penalty for contact to the head and a game misconduct.

Seeler is ineligible to play in Minnesota’s next game on Dec. 4 against Ohio State.


  1. He committed a penalty and deserves the punishment.

    If this were UND with the old Hacker in charge, Seeler would now be Captain and be encouraged to hit somebody in the handshake line.

    • I see someone is just salty because their team isn’t tough. or is it the 4-7 record in non-conference play? I cant figure it out….

          • I refuse to call them a different name. I’m not saying something stupid like the coach told them to go out and injure a player. That’s ridiculous. The rodents suck, did Don go out there and tell them to play really crappy?

          • If Don told them to play crappy, they’ve really taken it to heart so far this year. I don’t believe Hakstol ever told them directly to go out and injure a player, but when his teams consistently hit after the whistle, take the extra shot with a stick, and play with disregard for the well-being of their opponents — it starts at the top.

          • You don’t watch hockey at all, do you? No other team has ever jumped another teams players for getting close to their goalie, or got into a shoving match after the whistle. Why don’t you try stepping out of la la land and join reality. Remember the Mankato/Ferris State brawl a couple years ago? That must not have happened because UND wasn’t involved.

          • Oh, I understand it happens on occassion with all teams…but its funny, whenever I watch a UND game, it seems to happen on a regular basis — it’s the way they play. I do give them credit, they tone it down during tournaments where losing a player could hurt them.

          • So you’ve watched all the games this year? My guess is you’ve watched them when they played the gooophs and that is your entire basis. You think these two teams wouldn’t get chippy?

          • To be fair, I haven’t watched UND this year. In previous years, I’ve watched UND vs. Denver, UND vs. Wisconsin, UND vs. Miami, UND vs. SCSU. Maybe your right — it must be all these other schools that are dirty.

          • If you don’t think cheap shots go back and forth, you really aren’t that bright. Maybe you should try a different sport.

          • I’m just curious —- do you think a UND player has ever done anything chippy, dirty, or cheap in a game.

          • What team doesn’t have players that embellish to try and get a call? Because that happens a ton more than it is actually called.

    • But I’m glad you were in the locker room or on the bench when Hak told them to do all of those things……thank god we know its true now……

      • Oh, I think those not in denial understand how things work at UND during the Hakker days…nothing I said was that enlightening for the masses (but maybe for you).

        • So you must be an insider? You seem to “know” a lot. Or maybe you are just believing what you want to believe. Did the voices in your head tell you everything? Get yourself a CT scan.

          • I believe what I see and hear….the voices in my head typically agree with that…even the voices understood what the MO of UND is / was.

          • Oh, what you hear? And the source of this was? You rodent fans are all the same. “Hak said for the guys to go out there and hit them in the head…….or get into a fight…..” Yet follow it up with not one source. Just you “heard.”

          • Yeah and you Fighting Hawk fans are the same, it’s just good, clean hockey…everyone else deserves it…anything the Fighting Hawk players do is justified.

          • Well seems you had no problem judging the Minnesota player after he was suspended, why not when it happens to the Fighting Hawk players? That’s OK you don’t have answer….denial…

          • I didn’t judge the play, just the fans who are always screaming the rodents are the cleanest team to play the game. Where are all of the defenders now?

  2. It was an obvious attempt to injure, one game just isn’t enough. Very noteworthy that the Huskies kept their cool and didn’t draw a coincidental roughing or fighting penalty. Seeler’s cowardly cheap shot may well have cost the Gophers the game.


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