Maine rewards Gendron with two-year contract extension

Maine announced Friday that head coach Red Gendron has signed a two-year contract extension.

The terms of the extension, which runs through the 2018-19 season, “remain unchanged from the current contract,” according to school-issued news release

“It is an honor to coach at this outstanding university and to work with so many dedicated faculty, administrators, staff and, of course, with dedicated alumni and fans who support us,” said Gendron in the release. “The magnificent young men we are charged with recruiting, coaching and mentoring to hockey success and toward a degree make this job one of the greatest in the world. To be afforded this opportunity to continue implementing our plan for ultimate and consistent success is something for which I am extremely grateful.”

Gendron first came to Maine in the fall of 1990, serving as an assistant coach for three seasons and was a member of the 1993 national championship staff.

When Gendron returned to Maine as head coach in 2013, he signed a four-year contract through the 2016-17 season.

“We are confident in Coach Gendron’s ability to continue to build the men’s ice hockey program,” added Maine director of athletics Karlton Creech. “We believe he is on the right path to success and we are committed to continuing to grow under his leadership.”

Maine is 7-19-6 overall this season, along with a 4-12-2 mark in Hockey East.


  1. What is Maine doing? In what world does going 16-15-4, 14-22-3, and now 7-19-6 at a school like Maine warrant an extension? Did their AD just give up trying to be good at hockey?

    • Right you are Brandon! This year (besides the vacated wins following the 92-93 season) will be the worst year in school hockey east history. Usually you don’t get a contract after that!!
      They fired Whitehead after he had a 0.395 record, and now when their coach has brought the program down to 8-20-6… we give the guy an extension?! He is finally skating most of his recruits! You need a fairly epic presence to attract top talent to small market schools as the game expands, Gendron doesn’t looked poised to do that.

    • Oh and as for the AD… he has phoned it in. Maine will soon be the laughing stock of all New England State school sports.Clearly they have dropped funding for sports across the board and have lowered the standard.

      There is currently no Mens Div I soccer team (for a state that has more soccer players than anything else….).

      They also gave this guy the reins at football…. a 29 yr old with no head coaching experience…..

  2. This program has been slowly eroding over time and not just since the loss of Walsh. The other major loss to this program was Grant Standbrook.


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