Minnesota wins 5th consecutive conference championship with victory over Wisconsin

Here are photos from Minnesota’s 4-1 victory over Wisconsin on Saturday night. The win gave Minnesota it’s fifth consecutive regular season championship, and third since the Gophers moved to the B1G Conference in 2013.


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  1. Paula, NMU has done so well with you picking against them. You would have them with 21 losses on the year. Why jinx them now?1

  2. If any readers are wondering about the second round (quarter-final)

    #1 Ferris State hosts the winner of #8/9 Notre Dame/Ohio

    #2 U. of Michigan hosts the winner of #7/10 Lake
    Superior/Alaska Fairbanks

    #3 Western Michigan hosts the winner of #6/11 Northern
    Michigan/Bowling Green

    #4 Miami hosts #5 Michigan State

    Had Michigan State finished 4th, all of the
    quarter-final games would have been hosted by Michigan lower peninsula teams (called
    trolls by those in the upper peninsula).

    There is still a chance the CCHA final four could be an all-Michigan lower
    peninsula event.

    • Actually, the CCHA will re-seed after the first round.  Ferris State will get the lowest remaining seed, Michigan the second-lowest, and Western Michigan the third-lowest.  For example, if Bowling Green upsets Northern Michigan in the first round, the Falcons would go on to play Ferris State, not Western Michigan.

      • Thank you for the correction.  I was obviously unaware of the reseeding.  I guess those with teams not playing this weekend don’t really know who to cheer for.  All I can say is Michigan State and Miami are the only CCHA teams WMU hasn’t beaten at least once this year, so it would be nice to face one of them sometime in the playoffs to correct that.  It would be nice to host Notre Dame in order to ensure a sell-out, but that would require upsets by both Bowling Green and Alaska.

        Northern Michigan (2 wins) and Ferris State (3 wins, 1 tie) are the only CCHA teams WMU hasn’t lost to this year.  Here are WMU’s winning percentages against CCHA teams this year (all 4 ties resulted in WMU winning the shootout, which is not figured into the percentages):

        100% Northern Michigan W, W
        87.5% Ferris State W, W, T, W
        62.5% Notre Dame L, T, W, W
        62.5% Alaska W, T, W, L
        62.5% Bowling Green T, W, W, L
        50% Michigan W, L
        50% Ohio State W, L
        50% Lake Superior State W, L
        0% Michigan State L, L
        0% Miami L, L

        Both Michigan State losses were in Kalamazoo while we had our second highest ranking of the year, 5th.  That terrible weekend dropped us down to 10th.

    • If Miami makes it back to Joe Louis Arena, it could be déjà vu for WMU, as Western faced U. of Michigan in the semi-final and Miami in the final last year.

      • Well if Michigan and Western win out, they will face each other in the semis. And if Miami and Western won their semis it’d be nearly a repeat of last year: the #3 and #4 seeds playing for the title, except switch the positions. I for one would love to see the Broncos face U of M in the semis again. All we’d have to do is score first, Hunwick would remember last year, and start to have a melt down again.

  3. UM has had two persistent issues this year: Turnovers on defense and the inability to control the puck when it is deep in their own end (one is probably a symptom of the other).  Fix those and they win the CCHA tourney.  NCAA tourney is another story, but Red will have them ready. I give them better than 50/50 to make it to the Frozen Four.  Go Blue!

  4. First of all, congrats to the Gophers on another regular season championship.

    Other than Michigan, though, the remaining 5 teams of the B1G have to fight for the right to make the NCAA playoffs by winning the B1G Tournament.

    • the other 5 teams, although especially Wisconsin, should have to win to have the right to still play Div I hockey.

      • Well, I think that’s a bit harsh. On the other hand, I wonder if Eaves will still be coaching the Badgers this next fall…


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