Gallery: Gophers repeat as national champions

Images from the postgame ceremony and celebration as the Gophers win their second straight national championship.


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Images from the game


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  1. BU looks terrific and they deserve a ton of credit for playing so well. NU is taking a little longer to live up to expectations. I would not count them out just yet.

  2. Whats up with Goldy? At times they look like they can hang with anyone and then they lay an egg at home. They’ve got some good wins this season vs Clarkson, St Cloud, and North Dakota but being swept at home by an underwhelming Michigan? Really inconsistent.

    • It’s worse than that…they can light a period on fire, and then come out going through the motions. “Really Inconsistent: A Look Back At the 2017-2018 MN Gophers.”

    • As a life long Gopher fan, it’s tough to watch. I hate to rag on Lucia, because I’m not a fan of society’s one or two seasons and done coaching culture, but he’s a big source of the problem. Year after year he gets great talent and then we lay an egg. Much of the responsibility lies with the players, too. In years past we always had “the guy” who you could usually look to to get you back in the game or light a fire. I.e Kyle Rau, Justin Kloos, Hudson Fasching, Mike Reilly, etc. but it doesn’t seem like we have that guy on this team. Mittelstadt and Pitlick seem to have flashes of this, but not consistently. I watched as a little kid and many times the Gophers seemed to be men playing among boys, but now we appear lucky to be on the same ice as some of these teams. I’ve been watching this program as an adult for nearly 20 years now, been to four Frozen Fours, and last weekend against Michigan my Dad and I agreed this might be the worst we’ve seen them play in that span. Toss up with the Holy Cross game.

      • I still cant believe the guy has a job with MN after three straight misses from 2009-2011. At that point he was with them, for what, 10 years?

      • Both Michigan games were so frustrating; so lazy with the puck (numerous (like a tish ton) of puck strips due to a nonchalant Gopher with the puck on his stick and only one hand), physical play was non-existent in the defensive zone without Nanne or Romanko.

        Time to tish can Don and Guent.

        • Unfortunately at this point I think we’re just not that good. Going to have to put a serious streak together if we think we’re going to even make the playoffs. Case in point: you watching this MSU game? Two goals get banked off the boards and off of Schierhorn. Does he make any adjustments to play the puck differently because of the boards? Nope. Does Donny make any adjustments? Nope. Blew another three goal lead to a below average team.

          • I watched. Shierhorn’s career defines this season; inconsistent.

            “Hey Don! The neutral zone is part of the rink.”—–irate fans
            “We blocked a lot of shots tonight. Good defensive performance.”-Don & Guent

            “Hey Don! Have you started a game with the same lines once this season?”—-disgruntled with the schemes employed again and again with the same result fan…..(a loss to inferior talent/team)
            “It doesn’t matter to the guys who they are playing with. We’ve got good depth.”—-Don & Guent

            A certain QB said, “we have to run the table.” The Gophers do to.

          • 3rd road win….I think (Union, NoDak, MSU) but no matter how you look at it, it’s not good.

            “Hey Don. Nice tie azzwhole”—-Gopher fans


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