Gallery: Quinnipiac, UMass-Lowell advance to second round

Photos from East Regional semifinal victories Saturday by Quinnipiac and UMass-Lowell at the East Regional in Albany, N.Y.:

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  1. Imagine that….  A CCHA writer dissing the WCHA.  Sorry, but I agree with your East regional, but the WCHA will fill the next three slots.

    • Imagine that… a WCHA fan dissing every other conference. News flash buddy. The top 5 SOS this year were all from the CCHA. The WCHA isn’t the far and away best conference anymore. There’s much more parity, and that’s a good thing for the sport. Not saying I agree you don’t get anyone in the Frozen Four, but 3? That’s a bit of a stretch. Good Luck.

      • Because they played…and beat up on each other all year.  CCHA is terrible (except Miami and UM).  WMU is decent too.  That’s it though

        • So the KRACH means nothing? 8 of the top 10 strength of schedule are in the CCHA. As a UND student just because we want to have the WCHA to be the best doesn’t mean they are. 

        • Your math is wrong.  KRACH and RPI depend almost entirely on non-conference games.  If you played no non-conference games the record of the conference would be .500 – i.e. every game would have a winner and loser or tie.  The entire “beating up on each other” argument is irrelevant.  The only way to distinguish yourself is the non-conference schedule and the CCHA did better.  Plus some of the WCHA teams had really weak non-conference schedules.  How many of you played Alabama?  I see Sacred Heart, Vermont, North Eastern.  

          • How about these numbers:

            – Really weak ol’ “North Eastern” was 4-0 vs. WCHA and CCHA, beating Michigan, Notre Dame (twice) and Minnesota – all on the road.

            – Really weak ol’ Vermont split a series AT Minnesota, lost to Lake Superior, and beat Ferris State.

    • HugeHockeyFan, I wasn’t dissing the WCHA.  I do believe that the CCHA had the strongest conference this season, so I went with that.  I could be completely wrong, and — frankly — I would be shocked if the WCHA doesn’t have a team in Tampa.  

      The WCHA could very well place three teams in Tampa.  The ECAC could place two.  We won’t know until the weekend’s over.

      These are just my picks.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  Are you going to admit the same should the WCHA not place three teams in Tampa?  

    • I’m a WCHA fan and saying that 3 of four teams in the Frozen Four will be from the WCHA is ridiculous, as is Paula saying 3 CCHA teams will make it.  I see at least one WCHA (West), Michigan, BC, and either Union/Miami making the frozen four.  We’ll see though.  Can’t wait to get the tournament started!

    • No way. As a current Sioux student there is no way that the WCHA takes the other three Frozen Four spots. As I said further down on in this comments section, 
      “I very much doubt that Denver and UMD will both win their regions and advance to the Frozen Four. Even though I hate them with the passion of a thousand suns, BC is just too good to lose right now. As for Denver, they are playing without their best player and Michigan knows how to play in the tourney. Yes, either Minnesota or my Sioux will make it out of the West but I really only see 1 WCHA team making it to the Frozen Four this year.” The WCHA had a down year this year. We still have the strongest programs overall but this year we weren’t the best conference. The strength of schedule shows it. 

    • Please take it personally.  That’s certainly the way it was intended.


      The pick is based on how WMU sliced through the CCHA tournament like a hot knife through butter.  If they play like they did last weekend (and the weekend before), they’ll be hard to beat.

      Clearly, it was a risky pick. 

  2. Paula… you’d  have to lose 41 straight games this weekend to have a season record of .500 by the Frozen Four.  Seeing as that’s kinda impossible… I think your .500 mark is safe.

  3. I very much doubt that Denver and UMD will both win their regions and advance to the Frozen Four. Even though I hate them with the passion of a thousand suns, BC is just too good to lose right now. As for Denver, they are playing without their best player and Michigan knows how to play in the tourney. Yes, either Minnesota or my Sioux will make it out of the West but I really only see 1 WCHA team making it to the Frozen Four this year. 

    • My pick of Maine in that regional is irrational — who would pick against Jerry York and BC? — but it’s a feeling, so I went with it.  Yes, I would be shocked if the WCHA doesn’t have at least one team in the FF, but I went with the teams that I felt the strongest about this weekend.  Given my picks record, we know how accurate those feelings are.  *grin*

  4. Uh oh, Paula picked WMU to win two games.  Crap!  At least she still picked Michigan to win the title of best team to ever play any sport in the history of competition, so the apocolypse is likely not coming.

  5. Not sure why on earth the only “blowout” is the UML Miami game. These are two teams that think defense before offense, and Lowell had one of the best goalies in the country. As a Lowell fan I am not naive to think that Miami can’t beat us, but I think that game is a tossup, and I would be shocked if either team won by 3 goals

    • Rich, I meant no disrespect to UML.  It’s what I saw from Miami in their CCHA playoff series as well as last week’s CCHA third-place game.  They could, however, come out like they did against Western Michigan last Friday night in the CCHA tournament — flatfooted with no drive.  It’s the tournament.  Anything can happen.

    • As a Miami fan, alumni, former player, I agree/disagree.  A Lowell upset would not shock me at all.  However, Miami is not a defense first team, it’s a skewed statistic based on two months of obscenely good goaltending.  Their defense is “suspect” to put it very nicely.  In terms of offense… they’ve hung 38 goals on opponents in the past 10 games.  I would be utterly shocked if Miami didn’t score at least 3-4 goals.  If Knapp from last month shows up they’ll win by 3, if Knapp/Reichert from November-January show up, they could EASILY give up 4-5 goals and lose.

      •  I don’t doubt they could score 3 goals, but if they are offensive focused Lowell can hang a few up on them. I expect a 3-2 4-3 type of game. Like I said I think this one is a tossup, and I doubt this game will be decided in the first 50-55 minutes. I think it will be one of the more entertaining games of the weekend.

        And Paula, it kind of is a bit of disrespect, because you pick Air Force to stay within one of BC. I think thats the game I most expect to be a 3+ goal margin. This Lowell team the past month has played against the likes of BU, BC, and Merrimack, and has played great against them. I think all that negates the fact that this is their first tourney. Like I said I’m not arguing the pick, just the fact that the score implies Lowell wont be competitive in this game.

  6. And so all y’all know, it’s 11:43 a.m. here in Flint, and I have midterm grading to do before the first game starts this afternoon.  If you’re stopping by here to mock me, please know that I’m just doing my day job for a little while and not cowering in the corner. 

    Have a fun hockey day, everyone!

    • For the comprehensively challenged what Paula is saying is she has a real job.  Unlike many of the highschool and college kids (children) who post here incessantly Paula has a life.  Then there exist retirees like myself who just love college hockey, and have for 6 decades…

  7. Paula, tough to do any picks this year.  All the teams have been so up and down.  It’s going to depend on which team shows up and which goaltenders are the hottest.  Either way it’s going to be a great weekend of hockey.  I just hope in the West region the refs stay out of the game and let the teams play.  And considering Sheppard is terrible when it comes to not getting over-involved in the game, I sooooo hope he’s not ref’n in St. Paul this weekend.

    • Yes, it will be a great weekend of hockey.  The only advantage to staying home instead of covering a regional is that I get to see a LOT more hockey this weekend. 

    • I could not agree more in re: to Sheppard, that family has ruined more decent hockey games over the years than I would care to try and count. The one and only thing I am glad about in the Gophers leaving the WCHA is the fact that the refs stay behind.


  8. I sure hope that your West regional picks go according to plan.  By reading the comments so far, it’s clear that the WCHA faithful haven’t stumbled upon your blog yet.

  9. Maine over BC???
    Oh, Paula… even without Abbott?
    Did you see how BC handled them in the HE finals?

    No chance.
    You are taking it rough here. I’m here for you if you need a hug.

    • I always get beaten up here so I’m accustomed to it, but the offer of a hug is a nice one.  Ha!

      What’s life without a little risk?  I know I should never pick against Jerry York or Red Berenson (truisms that I honor, most of the time), but if I played it completely safe, the fan griping would be much less entertaining.

  10. Paula- mine is just like yours except for the North East.  I have UMD beating BC.

    Picking with heart  have Broncos over Michigan in the finals. 

    I was fortunate to see 15 games this year.  –  12 Western games including the Joe.   I saw too many Saturday night game early in 2012 at Lawson.  Western has really picked up starting with FSU at home. 

     I saw every team in the CCHA except MSU and I saw UMD twice at Lawson.  I saw Michigan play in Marquette which was fun. 

  11. Those picks were terribe!

    Here is how is goies ladies and gents:

    First roundNo. 4 Michigan State vs. No. 1 Union: MSU 2-1No. 2 Miami vs. No. 3 Massachusetts-Lowell: Miami 4-1
    QuarterfinalNo. 2 Miami vs. No. 4 MSU: Miami 4-1
    Midwest Regional
    First roundNo. 4 Cornell vs. No. 1 Michigan: Michigan 5-2No. 3 Denver vs. No. 2 Ferris State: Denver 3-1
    QuarterfinalNo. 3 Denver vs. No. 1 Michigan: Denver 3-2
    West Regional
    First roundNo. 4 Western Michigan vs. No. 1 North Dakota: UND 5-4No. 3 Boston University vs. No. 2 Minnesota: BU 4-2
    QuarterfinalNo. 1 UND vs. No. 3 BU: UND 3-2
    Northeast Regional
    First roundNo. 4 Air Force vs. No. 1 Boston College: Boston College 5-3No. 3 Maine vs. No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth: Maine 4-3
    QuarterfinalNo. 3 Maine vs. No. 1 Boston College: Maine 2-1

  12. Oh man……just when I thought EVERYONE was picking BC to advance and Maine have no shot(I mean come on Maine fans, BC is the team to beat for it all period, sadly I agree to that, even with Abbott playing it’ll be tough to do), Maine is playing under the radar because of it….and thats all it takes for a underdog to make it thru a regional……in fact I do know one thing, US Maine fans will be there supporting our team more so then any of the rest of you in Worcester!

  13. The last thing I want to see is UM, BC, Minnesota and Miami at Frozen Four…I want to see some new blood but most likely this is the 4 I will see.

  14. Well Paula it took you the better part of the season but eventually you came become a sucker…. I mean warmed up to the Broncos…sure we beat Ferris and Michigan at home…won the CCHA. I want to believe your picks.. I do..but disappointment is what a true fan thrives on..are you ready for that just yet?

  15. WMU Alum,
    We’re here.
    We just realize that anyone outside of the WCHA area is tired of the WCHA winning so much that they pick by hoping our teams don’t advance.

  16. If you want to be in Paula’s Frozen Four, your team must:

    * be from the CCHA


    * the school’s name must begin with “M”

    Paula picked a Frozen Four of:  Miami, Michigan, Western Michigan, Maine.

    It is of note that 8 of the 16 teams in the tournament have a first letter of M:

    1. Michigan State
    2. Miami
    3. Massachusetts-Lowell
    4. Michigan
    5. Western Michigan
    6. Minnesota
    7. Maine
    8. Minnesota-Duluth

    Paula’s Frozen Four, a rematch of the CCHA final four, is fine by me, except that Maine takes the place of Bowling Green, the only team WMU did not play in the CCHA finals.  The only thing better than WMU beating U. of Michigan for the CCHA title is WMU beating U. of Michigan for the national title.

  17. Congrats to the Ferris State Bulldawgs!!! Not flashy but getting the job done defensively in addition to solid goaltending from Taylor Nelson. Surprise that not one writer picked FSU to win. Especially against a banged up DU team. If they were healthy it could have been a different game. But again I revert to the cliche, defense wins championships. Keep it up Dawgs, Bulldawg Nation is here!!!


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