Connor, Demko, Vesey tabbed as 2016 Hobey Hat Trick

Michigan’s Kyle Connor, Boston College’s Thatcher Demko and Harvard’s Jimmy Vesey are the top three vote-getters for the 2016 Hobey Baker Award (photos: Michael Dubicki, Melissa Wade, Shelley M. Szwast).
Michigan forward Kyle Connor, Boston College goaltender Thatcher Demko and Harvard forward Jimmy Vesey are the three finalists for the 2016 Hobey Baker Award.The Hobey Hat Trick was unveiled Thursday after voting by the 27-member selection committee earlier in the week.Vesey, a senior, is among the final three for the second straight season. He scored 24 goals for the Crimson this season, giving him the highest goal total in the nation over the last two seasons, 56.Demko leads the country with 10 shutouts and helped the Eagles to the Frozen Four. The junior was the most outstanding player at the Northeast Regional and was co-player of the year in Hockey East.Connor is looking to become the second straight rookie to win the award; Boston University’s Jack Eichel was the 2015 recipient. Connor leads the country with 35 goals and 71 points and was the Big Ten player of the year.The award will be presented on Friday, April 8, in Tampa, Fla. The 6 p.m. EDT ceremony will be televised by NHL Network.


  1. It’s hard to argue against the numbers Connor put up, but he also played on a line with two other Hobey finalists, so that might sway things in Demko’s favor. On the other hand, no goalie has won since Ryan Miller in 2001. Demko’s numbers are fantastic, but are they enough? In the end, I think Eichel broke the “freshmen rule” last year and Connor wins it this year.

  2. Not sure how Demko is in the mix. Let’s look at numbers:
    Demko: wins: 27. Garteig (Qunnipiac) and Lindgren (SCSU) have more.
    Demko: GAA: .936. Tied with Lyon(Yale) and Ellis(Providence)
    Demko: Sv%: 1.8494. in seventh place.
    Goalies that have better overall stats are: Alex Lyon, Cam Johnson, Nick Ellis, and Kevin Boyle. Net result is Demko is good but not outstanding in comparison to the rest of the countries goalies. In the top 5 yes but definitely not a Hobey Baker winner. A goalie needs stats that jump out at you like Ryan Miller had. Demko does not have those stats.

    • Because he is the best goalie in the country and brought his team a long way. End of the day he wins big games something others haven’t on that list. Also stats especially with D and Goaltending are over rated and dependent on circumstance. He and Lindgren play tougher competition and face the most quality shots because of their level of competition and run-gun teams. Probably won’t win because the numbers aren’t crazy good, but he leads in shut-outs, tied for sv%, close to time played, and has way more shots than most the others you entered and quality shots. He is the best goalie watching play alone not stats and has been huge for his team.

      Vesey is much more questionable. Here on his name and NHL potential.

      • Based upon your comments maybe Cam Johnson for North Dakota is the best goalie in the country. “Brought his team a long way”, “End of the Day he wins big games”, “Play tougher competition and face most quality shots because of their level of competition and run-gun teams”, Johnson has stats as good as Demko’s and plays on a team with 32 wins. May have even had more impressive stats if he had not been injured for 12 games. Just saying that Demko is good but may not even be the best goalie this year. Johnson is just one alternative.

        • Johnson has had a great year, and wins big games as well. The biggest problem is the number of shots and games played for him. I agree plays in the best conference, but he has better D. Demko wins more games for his team, where Johnson gets more help. He will be a front runner next year. And yes, he is the best goalie period.

          • If you’re penalizing Johnson that much for having a good D, might as well have Lindgren from SCSU replace Demko. St. Cloud was a low-possession team, only averaged possession 50% of the time, so he was more responsible for team success than Demko or Johnson.

          • I would agree with your comment on Lindgren. I was able to watch him in Lakeville and see what a talent he was. I also know his coach from my days in Providence and he said he was their best player. He just didn’t have the numbers and tournament performance Demko had. And Demko is one of the only other top goalies that can Compete with his workload.

          • The argument against Johnson is that he missed about 10 games earlier in the season so his work load wasn’t as heavy either.

  3. Picked the list I thought they would. Still think Demko is the mvp in hockey this year. Connor’s numbers were impressive though.

  4. I would have voted for Ethan Prow, but then I watched him against Ferris State. I wonder if the committee thought the same.

    • I agree, Prow should have been on there instead of Vesey. I guarantee his performance against Ferris State played a role.

  5. Demko gave up 5 goals the last time he played an ECAC team in the F$. Union was blasting shots against him from near and far, high and low. He could not stop a beach ball. He is going to give up another 5 shortly.

    • Are you kidding he was 18 and it was his first F4. I guess there must be a correlation of playing ECAC teams and giving up 5 goals. Even though he dominated ECAC Harvard already. Best goalie in the tournament so far, and the total of the year.

  6. you guys seem knowledgeable ch fans, does anyone here have an opinion about which team in the frozen four is the fastest, best skating team

  7. Since they put Vessey on the Hobey hat trick (46 points on the year) it puzzles me even more that Brock Boesser didn’t even at least make the 10 finalists haha (around 50 points plus his conference awards are nearly identical to Connors (ROY, scoring champ, first team) but he plays in a much harder conference what else did he have to do lol. Looks like if Boesser stays he might have to play some goalie and defenseman next year to get more recognition from the committee idk haha …
    I’d pick Connor to take home the Hobey and Demko will get the Richter


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