Three things we learned: Jan. 9

The WCHA schedule picked up this past weekend after a holiday season filled with non-conference games.

Here are three things we learned.

1. Alaska Anchorage is still in the playoff hunt. Anchorage picked up regulation win and a lost to Ferris State in a shootout this past weekend, pulling within three points of Alaska and Lake Superior State for the eighth and final playoff spot. Anchorage just needs a bit more offensive punch to keep up.
2. Does Bemidji State have a bit of senioritis? The Beavers have already locked up a playoff spot, but have lost two of their past four games in the WCHA, including a split this past weekend with Bowling Green. The Beavers still have a 13-point cushion on second-place Michigan Tech, but the Huskies have four games in hand and had a nice showing against Notre Dame this weekend.
3. So long non-conference play. We have a WCHA-loaded schedule the next two weeks, without any non-conference games to speak of. It should be an entertaining stretch that helps define contenders and pretenders.


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      i don’t want to sound negative… i have no idea what other irons you have on the fire. but yeah, many of the blog postings for the WCHA have been dismal (and at times late) at best.

      as if the conference itself does not have enough to deal with; half of the teams (yes, five of them) are within the 10 worst teams in the country per PWR – our non-conference record is so sad…

      or maybe you are a NMU fan – i feel sorry for how horrible of a season they are having. and that’s coming from a tech fan. i would not want to make any great postings either.

      regardless, i am certain you can do better. …just like the WCHA. ;)


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          can’t say that i disagree. while i had high hopes this year has been tough.

          let me see… where is my crystal ball.

          makes me wonder that if, for a team like tech – which is serious, making a run as an independent makes sense.

          dump playing the bottom half of the WCHA and schedule twice as many non-conference games with a vision of working on a better PWR. MSU already tried to get out… with no success.

          and since we are the trustees, the macnaughton cup would come with. ;)

          GO TECH GOLD!

          • I have a feeling the NCAA wouldn’t allow Tech to leave knowing it would spell certain doom for many of the WCHA’s remnants. Thanks Big Ten for ruining college hockey.

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          break the WCHA down into two regions; north/south or maybe east/west.

          you would then rework the schedule so you end up playing more non-conference games – allowing for at least a chance for more exposure and better PWR placement.

          as of now each team is playing 14 conference series. and in the case of tech, five non-conference ones.

          in the LEAST you could play your region teams twice (eight series) and the other region once (four series). that could, in the case of tech, open up the schedule for four more non-conference games.

          personally i would play even more non-conference games however that can be arranged (only two opposing region series?)

          top four of each region make into playoffs. teams seeded by overall record.

          just an idea…

          GO TECH GOLD!

          • Not a terrible idea. As a Bemidji State fan, our team is fortunate to usually play all the old NCHC/Big Ten teams at least once per year. But it would be nice if they could get to play other teams as well and on bigger stages.

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            this would allow, possibly, weaker teams at least a chance of some kind of cinderella story.

            tech, bemidji, msu, northern on one side.

            alabama, bowling green, lake superior and ferris on the other.

            keep the two alaska teams as floaters for make-sense travel…

            too complicated?

            keep things as they are and just reduce the number of WCHA games, therefore increasing the number of interconference ones…

  1. Bemidji State is not suffering from senioritis. They played last weekend without three of their best players: Harms, G. Fitzgerald, and Eichstadt (although Eichstadt has been out for a while). Plus they got killed at the dot Saturday and Bowling Green is no cupcake at home.


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