Weekend picks: Feb. 17

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 17-18

No. 2 Adrian at No. 6 Lake Forest
Adrian has lost twice this season — both times to Plattsburgh. Lake Forest has also lost twice, and one of those losses came at the hands of Adrian. No one is scoring more goals per game than the Bulldogs. The two teams are tied for team defense, each allowing just 1.43 goals per game. I’m going to pick a split, since Lake Forest is at home. They’ve got one of the best goalies in the country and I like upsets, so I’ll say Lake Forest wins game one and Adrian wins game two. Lake Forest 4-3, Adrian 5-4

No. 8 Hamilton at Connecticut College
These are two of the stingiest defenses in the country; they’re tied for third in the nation, allowing just 1.18 goals per game. They’ve also both got top goaltenders. They’re about as evenly matched as two teams get, so it should be a spectacular series. I don’t see a way to pick anything other than a split. Hamilton 3-2, Connecticut College 2-0

No. 1 Plattsburgh at Buffalo State
Buffalo State stole a win from Oswego last weekend, but I’m not sure they have what it takes to keep up with Plattsburgh. I expect the Cardinals to sweep, but think Buffalo can make it tough for them. Plattsburgh wins both. Plattsburgh 4-2, 5-3

No. 10 Oswego at William Smith
With the split last weekend, Oswego is one point behind Buffalo State and looking to make up that ground. I expect the Lakers to sweep. Oswego 4-2, 4-1

Saturday, Feb. 18

Manhattanville at Massachusetts-Boston
Manhattanville has the more potent offense, but Massachusetts-Boston has the stronger defense. They’re close in the standings and should provide an interesting game. I’ll pick Manhattanville to win. Manhattanville 3-1


  1. The game is not during the SB. It is well before so most Maine fans could do or have done both because it appears many have stopped going.

    • The Super Bowl is at 6:30 and the Hockey East website listed the UML-Maine game at 7:00. I noticed that fact and thought it pretty odd; hence my comment. I see that USCHO lists the game properly as a mid-afternoon game so the Super Bowl isn’t an issue after all. But when the league website has it wrong, it’s a reasonable comment to make.

      That said, I’ve never taken a single course at either Maine or Lowell. And the narcissism tag doesn’t fit either Jimmy or me.

      In all my years, I’ve never treated a fan rudely at a Frozen Four and I’d bet the ranch on Jimmy acting the same way. If you actually met us and we were friendly, why the rudeness?

      • I offer a public apology, Dave. You are correct that you guys were great last year at your set up booth in Tampa. You were cordial and gracious and were right about the Hobey right before the announcement. I have been reading your writing for years and for the most part have agreed or enjoyed your stuff. I do recall you being connected to UML in a few ways. You have always written glowingly even when they have not been a factor. if I am wrong please correct this as well. There are a couple reasons for my response but I prefer not to get into a public battle. In retrospect I was harsh and rude. You both appear to be good people and as I wrote earlier in the paragraph I was wrong. I will continue to read and enjoy the information that Jim and you write. I ask that you accept my public apology. I will delete the post. Thank you.

          • BTW, I have taught off and on part-time at UML as I have for even longer at another Hockey East school. I was also born in Maine and lived there until I was 12. My daugher and son-in-law are graduates at a fourth Hockey East school. My niece played hockey at a fifth Hockey East school. Kids I’ve coached on All-Star teams pretty much fill out the rest of the league schools, giving me some connection to all of them.
            So I really hope all the Hockey East schools do well.

          • Thank you Dave. I will introduce myself in Pittsburgh. I hope you will see I am not the type that sits behind his IPad and writes derogatory information. I must admit I am frustrated by the direction of the UMaine Hockey program. I hope you might understand that. I like Tim – he has done a lot right for the school, community, and program. I played Basketball in college and not Hockey but I have a true love for the sport. My dad took me to St. Paul in ’89. I meet up with about 20 friends from different schools all over the country @ the Frozen Four as an annual trip. We love it and most played other sports at their respective universities. The College Hockey community is a loyal tight nit group and I still feel guilty for my post. I do appreciate your acceptance of my apology. USCHO is clearly the best in the biz so lets call it a bad day. I was born in Maine as well. Spent most of my life in Boston. UMaine Alum who would like to see Tim land on his feet at a school that fits his personality a little better. He has become a decisive topic and I am honestly tired of it. I respect and support the man. It is very difficult to reconcile when UM is 0-8-4 @ Alfond. Even you must be scratching your head at that one. Best to you and Jim. Keep up the good work and pick UM a little more down the stretch.

          • Call it a bad day and forget about it — no more guilt. I look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh. If Maine keeps it up, I’ll have to start picking them. FWIW, I did pick Maine to make the playoffs two weeks ago on USCHO Live. :)


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