Weekend picks: Feb. 17

I feel like I should retire from the picks game after last weekend, in which I went a perfect 6-0 (.1000). Matthew was right there with me, going 5-1 (.833). On the year, I am now 82-52-21 (596), while Matthew is 67-67-1 (.500).

Once again, only six of the NCHC teams are in action, but this weekend may switch the standings again.

Feb. 17-18

No. 1 Minnesota-Duluth at Colorado College
Candace: The games might be closer simply because Duluth doesn’t have as explosive an offense as Denver, but the results for CC will be the same as last weekend. Minnesota Duluth 3-1, 3-1
Matthew: CC has lost seven of its last eight games, and I don’t think the Tigers get anything here. Minnesota Duluth 3-1, 3-1

No. 2 Denver at Miami
Candace: I feel like I should pick at least one game differently than Matthew, and this is the one. Denver 2-1, 3-1
Matthew: I like Miami to steal a win here, but upsets on back-to-back nights seems unlikely. Miami 3-2, Denver 3-1

No. 13 North Dakota at No. 8 Western Michigan
Candace: Western hasn’t won on a Saturday in a few weeks, so I might as well pick the split like that. Western Michigan 3-2, North Dakota 3-2
Matthew: This should be a really fun series to watch, and I’m having difficulty seeing anything other than a split. I wonder if Western’s trend of getting wins on Fridays and not getting results on Saturdays will continue here. Western Michigan 3-1, North Dakota 3-1


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