WCHA Semifinal Predictions

No. 1 Bemidji State vs. No. 4 Bowling Green
Jack: The Beavers were pushed to three games by eighth-seeded Northern Michigan last weekend. Bowling Green swept Ferris State, but it nearly went three games — the Falcons needed three goals in the final five minutes in game two to escape a third. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series also went three. The Falcons have been scoring a lot lately, but their opponents haven’t had Michael Bitzer either. I’ll say Beavers in three, with one big offensive game from BG, plus two of BSU’s typical stifling defensive performances.

Sean: I’m going to have to agree with Jack here, but I don’t think we see any offensive breakouts in the series. It’s going to be a low-scoring weekend and Bemidji State is going to win game three on a late power play goal in the third period. Beavers in three. 

No. 2 Michigan Tech vs. No. 3 Minnesota State
Jack: Minnesota State is looking to return to the WCHA title game for the fourth year in a row. The Huskies are looking to return there after being upset by Ferris State in the semifinals last season. The Huskies put 14 goals up on Lake Superior State last week, while the Mavs are the league’s highest-scoring team. This should be a fun one. Huskies in three.

Sean: If defense will define the BG-Bemidji series, offense will define this one. Both teams are going to score goals, and they are going to trade chances. In the end I think the Mavericks pull off the upset and advance to create an all Minnesota final. Mavericks in three. 


  1. I wonder if they’d shy away from having two guys on one team (and one line!) in the Hat Trick. It’s probably not unprecedented, but it’s a big reason I could see Gostisbehere get it over Hayes. Not that Shayne isn’t deserving, but it works in his favor. Plus with Shayne, you’d have one forward, defenseman, and goalie

    • BC fan here, both had very impressive regionals, and I would love Hayes to get the final spot, however as great as he has played, the one thing that sticks in my mind was the effort of Gostibehere in that final against PC. That to me was what we would equate (if I can use a football term thrown around in the media) to a Heisman/Hobey moment. I really like the look of that Hobey Hat Trick in Gaudreau, Wilcox and Gostisbehere. Go Eagles!!


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