Montgomery withdraws from Florida coaching consideration, will stay at Denver

Jim Montgomery (Melissa Wade)
Jim Montgomery is 102-47-18 in four seasons at DU (photo: Melissa Wade).

The Denver Post is reporting that Denver coach Jim Montgomery has withdrawn from the Florida Panthers’ coaching vacancy.

Montgomery took the Pioneers to a national championship this past April in his fourth season with the team.

“My family and I are very happy here,” Montgomery said in a text message Friday to the Post.

Montgomery, who is 102-47-18 at DU, had two interviews with Florida and also had talks to the Los Angeles Kings before they hired John Stevens.

The Post reported that Montgomery’s second interview with the Panthers was this past Tuesday.


  1. Sorry, DTP. At least for now it looks like I won’t have to state, “Happiness and sadness are fleeting feelings. Up is down, right is left, cold is hot, big is small”.

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      • How are you doing? Cannot wait for the summer to pass and hockey season to start. I promised DTP that I would repeat this statement I wrote when Pearson left for Michigan, if Montgomery bailed to the Panthers.

        • Off season is rough…..I’ll watch the NHL playoffs, but its not college hockey. Although I’m torn because its nice to get out and do stuff during the summer, but it will be nice when October rolls around to get the season going again. Just wish UND didn’t have 3 of 4 weeks on the road in places I wanted to go. Makes it pretty hard to get to all of those.

          • I hear you about summer. I am already tired of mowing my front and back yards though. DU plays six of their first eight on the road. Our turn to play BU/BC on road. Wife an I were thinking about taking early road trip to Boston. We have friends that live just north of Boston so only expenses will be airfare and food.

          • Yard work sucks……seems like there is always something to do. I’d like if the Sioux played out east a little more often. We went to the ice breaker in Portland to start the 15-16 season and it was awesome. Spent a couple days in Boston before heading to Portland to watch the games, was great. Kind of wish they’d get something set up like DU has with BU/BC.
            Hoping to get to a few road games. Going to Omaha is always on the list, but I wanted to go to CC, DU and Wisco, but the latter three are in a four week stretch, so that may be pushing it. If anything, I’ll take the two weekends in CO. And if I can only get one, it will definitely be the DU weekend.

          • Have to get some tickets first…..sometimes they are a little hard to come by. Especially if they do the ol buy tickets to two or three other games, then you can buy for the UND series. Hopefully they dont do that. From what I remember, single game ticks at Magness aren’t on sale till early september……long ways to go unfortunately.

          • Yes, all single game tickets do go on sale in September though they are more than happy we pay for our season tickets in March. We usually get our actual tickets 2 weeks before the first exhibition game. Give the season ticket number a call next week, at 303-871-GOAL and they will give you exact dates. They might even note your name and number in advance. Can’t hurt.

          • They’ll probably notice my Twin Cities area code and “make sure” to put my on the list….ha ha ha. Pretty sure Duluth did something like that to us about 10 years ago. They never used to sell tickets online, but they had a form you could mail in. I’m sure they saw the Grand Forks address at that time, as we were in the very top row of the old DECC and had to lean down just to see the scoreboard since some overhang was obstructing it.

          • As you probably know, there are no real “bad” seats at Magness. I was suggesting you call them to find out when single game tickets go on sale and you can buy them online that day. Simple to do, just go to DU.EDU site, click on Athletics and go to TICKETS drop-down. You can buy them from Magness seating map, and see where you will be sitting.

          • Yeah, Magness has been pretty good for visiting fans, other than that one time. Have sat in many places in the arena, and like you said, not a bad seat. I do like sections 5 though 7 though….end the Sioux shoot at twice.

          • Do it. I lived in Boston for years. Great city. You will however be one of the few DU fans in attendance at those games.

          • I agree, Boston area is really nice. I know there are not many Denver transplants in Beantown, might be a few fans going from here though. We don’t mind being outnumbered at all, will still be good time. So glad we have this match-up every year. Even though it occurs early on, still gives a decent indication where the teams stand as far as strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Hard to imagine a better head coaching job in college hockey. Great fan base, terrific city, tradition of winning. Good for Coach Montgomery.


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