Gallery: NCAA connections at 2017 NHL Combine

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  1. So does that mean that Troy Grosenick and Brian Dumoulin are out of the running for the Hobey HT since they will be 1500 miles away in Florida that weekend???  Odd.

  2. MacDill Air Force Base (AFB) (IATA: MCF, ICAO: KMCF, FAA LID: MCF) is an active United States Air Force base located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) south-southwest of downtown Tampa, Florida.

  3. so, how can you get tickets? or can you? is the evnt at Channelside open to everyone? (similar to the Fan Fests they’ve had in other locations in recent years?)

    • I guess it depends on how many people they can seat, which is still up in the air depending on the finalists. Channelside should be an open event as far as I can tell. But I believe that’s just the site for Friday night. Before games Thursday and Saturday the Frozen Fest is taking place outside the arena.

  4. Too bad the Decathalon  Club  (founder of the award) was torn down. They had a great room. Air Force base beats the mall.

  5. Pretty disappointed, I was hopping/planning on attending the ceremony, but sounds like I won’t be able to (or it will be extremely hard to get tickets).

    •  While I like the fact that it reflects on Hobey’s life, I feel the same as you wmcauliffe.  I attend the FF every year and have made Friday nights part of the trip.  The skills challenge was always fun and even when they did away with that, I could at least still attend the Humanitarian and Hobey awards.  I guess that won’t be happening this year

  6. Back in 1992 I believe, at St Paul, a group of us Hockey-L folks found out where the Hobey Baker ceremony was going to be and went, collecting our press materials as we walked in the door.  Apparently the fact that fans came to the event made an impression and the event got more and more elaborate, including being charged for as part of the fan fest admittance.  I don’t think we ever thought that it would draw thousands of people – we just wanted to watch.  Now it is back to a small venue – no objections here, but it was fun when we were able to get in for a while before it became a circus.  

  7. Thanks for the article, Todd.  Like Paula, I’ve been to the Hobey events since before they were public and TV events.  While I could take the 45-minute, 46-stop bus ride to MacDill, a 250-seat room would seem to have little, if any, room beyond TV production, media, family and AFB personnel.

    We will come back from the beach long enough to greet Spencer and the other Hobie Hat Trick winners at Channelside at their autograph session.  Maybe Spencer will need a couple of people to fill out his contingent?  ;-)

  8. My wife and I have attended every Hobey Baker ceremony that we have had tickets to the Frozen Four.  I attended last year’s Awards Banquet as I was in town for the NHL Draft.  We were looking forward to this year’s ceremony.  The Frozen Four weekend will be a little less enjoyable without the attending the Hobey Baker ceremony.

  9. I had a great time attending the event at Faneuil Hall in Boston in 2004 to see Junior will the award. That was a smaller venue, but I’m pretty sure it held more than 250 people. My guess is that this year the interest from fans to get to the event will be down considering none of the three finalists’ teams made the FF.


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