Northeastern’s offense may be the best in the league

Scoring 14 goals in two night against Sacred Heart makes one wonder: does Northeastern have the most potent offense in the league? That leads the three things we learned this week:

1. Was what we saw from the Huskies going to be commonplace?

It’s impossible to think that the Huskies can maintain a seven-goals-per-game pace, but to think that Northeastern could rattle off four or five a night, something that would place it among the offensive elite nationally, isn’t too far fetched.

Now I know what you’ll say: they did it against Sacred Heart. Well, we’ve also buried the Huskies in years past for the fact they couldn’t crush (heck, at times couldn’t beat) Atlantic Hockey teams.

All the right player were scoring and rookie Zach Solow was the best Husky posting six points and three goals.

Plenty of hockey to play and certainly tougher tests ahead, but know this Northeastern team can score.

2. New Hampshire might be the most underestimated team

I know I had the Wildcats in the bottom half of my preseason poll, but a two-game sweep of UMass Lowell was an impressive start to the season for New Hampshire.

This is a team that has found increased team speed and frustrated the River Hawks attack, particularly in the neutral zone throughout the weekend.

Additionally, Danny Tirone was Danny Tirone: solid and dependable, in good position and seemingly with an ability to react quicker than many to big-time shots.

Definitely a lot to like about weekend one for UNH.

3. At 8-3-2, it’s a good non-league start for Hockey East

I’ve had people write to me asking me why I often harp on Hockey East’s non-league record. It’s simple: the better the record, the more NCAA teams the league will get.

An 8-3-2 mark, that included two Boston University wins over Union and Quinnipiac (the QU win coming on the road) and Providence’s sweep at Miami highlighted the first two weekends of non-conference play. Drop in the fact that the NCHC, the league that has become almost a rival for best non-conference record in recent seasons, is 5-5-1 thus far and there’s a lot to be happy about this very early start.


  1. Northeastern’s goaltending looked excellent this past weekend too. I have a feeling that with the leadership group they have, and smart group of underclassmen, they will not get too high or too low and play to their identity.

  2. Hopefully it’s case of UNH being better than we thought, because if it isn’t, the River Hawks have a lot of work to do. Disturbing to me is the big minus #s for the top D pairing on the weekend.
    Also, you hit it on the head with NC wins, not only wins but NC SOS. A significant part of the Pairwise calculations come from this, yet I still see teams loading up on cupcakes in their schedule, specifically early on.

    • Maybe UNH is better than we thought, but at this juncture, it might be more fluke than fact. I didn’t see the games, but it sounded like UNH looked pretty good. It’s too early though to count out UML.

    • I have never thought that #7, defenseman Mueller was any good. He seems to be lazy and doesn’t react well. How he is a Captain is puzzling. Lowell always struggles on Offense, but losing 4 of the top 5 scorers from last year had to hurt. Thought they were overrated this year. Talent wins. Need to show more urgency early than needing to come from behind without a lot of talent this year. I do not feel good about this season. I really hope that I am wrong…

      • Mueller’s fine when he simply plays D, he get’s himself into trouble when he tries to do too much. He was a whopping -5 (-3, -2) for the weekend while playing with Goransson (-2) Friday and Folin (-2) Saturday. Hopefully Normie get’s these guys in front of some film and get’s them back into playing responsible D.
        I’m not a fan of giving Mueller the C either. The second they gave him the A last year, it was non-stop yapping to the officials, even when Kapla was on the ice. I think he’s a bit immature. An A, maybe definitely not the C. I’m thinking that Kamrass was the choice or maybe Panico.
        I think we’ll get a better idea of where we stand after this weekend. UNO usually has a pretty good team, and though Blais is gone, they’re still well coached.


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