Three things we learned: Oct. 30

Here are three things we learned this weekend:

1. Minnesota State is rolling. The Mavericks swept Michigan Tech this weekend and have won five of their past six games. The sweep against Tech could be a key moment as this season goes forward for Minnesota State, which now has an early lead in the WCHA standings for home-ice advantage in playoffs.

2. It’s only been two games, but Bemidji State seems to have an ideal shootout combination with Michael Bitzer and Jay Dickman. In three shootout attempts against this season Bitzer has been perfect, while Dickman has scored the game-winning goal in shootouts against Minnesota-Duluth and Ferris State.

3. The WHCH went 0-4 in non-conference games as both Alabama Huntsville and Lake Superior State where swept on the road. Non-conference opportunities are getting more and more limited, so the early season struggles against other conference foes is a bit frustrating.


  1. How can we still be comparing other ECAC rivalries to the rivalry of SLU/Clarkson? I mean, there are no rivalries in the ECAC that even compare to SLU/Clarkson. Most of us older fans that have been around the league longer realize this. Not trying to be rude or anything, just pointing out an obvious fact that you missed in your post. However, maybe you didn’t miss it and you just didn’t know.

    • “The North Country matchup might be neck-in-neck with Yale/Harvard and Union/RPI as the conference’s top rivalry.” Is Nate speaking now, or years ago?
      Granted, RPI/Union was nothing until it joined D1; Harvard/Yale has been big since they began playing hockey (or any sport).
      That others don’t “even compare” is a strong statement.
      Your last comment is gratuitous, and rude too.
      An OLD fan here.

      • While it’s probably a stretch to say that no ECAC rivalries even compare to St. Lawrence / Clarkson, Nate’s statement that it “might be” right up there with RPI/Union and Harvard/Yale really does demonstrate a lack of understanding. The North Country rivalry is unquestionably in that very top tier. As for RPI/Union (I lived a few miles from Union during the first 20 years of their D1 status), that rivalry is extremely short-lived. Sure, it’s been a big one in recent years and deserves top-tier status, but in terms of long-standing rivalries that are ingrained in the DNA, it’s nothing compared to those other two.

        And by the way (to Nate), the phrase is “neck and neck”, not “neck in neck”.


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