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  1. Im hoping that Abbott from UMaine will be at least one of the ten finalist…from a team that lost 2 time finalist Nyquist to the pros this past year, it didnt really look promissing for UM this year, and especially the first month and half, but ever since the end of November, Maine has only lost twice and find themselves at #9 in the pairwise.  On top of all of that, Abbott leads the nation in scoring…..so why not?  Could be flying under the radar, but he’d get my vote right now!

    • Abbott should be a legitimate contender IMO. Watching him develop over the past 4 years has been a thing of beauty. After a fairly quiet Freshman campaign, he started to find his game his Sophmore and Junior years after he became more confident in his abilities and his shot (especially on the PP, he’s got a bomb from the point). Now, as a Senior, he’s truly became a leader on that team and he’s taken his game to a whole other level (as you said, top scorer in the nation), not just as an offensive player, but in all areas of the ice.

      With the careers he and Flynn have had at UMaine and how gifted both are offensively, it’s hard-pressed to believe that neither one was drafted. But, neither one should have a problem scoring a deal somewhere after their careers up in Orono are finished. 

  2. A couple of goalies in hockey east should get a look, maybe not for the final 3 but maybe the top 10 in Carr and Cannatta. I know there are other goalies around the country that are good but these two have been the standouts on their team. Carr being the main reason lowell has gone from 5 wins to 2nd in the PWR, and Cannatta being a solid backstop on a team that doesnt score much

  3. Should have asked if there were any other forwards or goalies in the mix.  You might have gotten a couple of defensemen names.  I was very impressed by Clendending.  Has really cut down on his penalty minutes, improved his decision making and is a very solid on the back line for BU.  Brian Dumoulin for  BC may be the best defenseman in HE.  

  4. Colgate’s Austin Smith. BTW, I don’t see why Cornell gets in the rankings and Colgate doesn’t. The PWR I looked at doesn’t even list Big Red’s 2 losses to ‘Gate. Sure, ‘Gate had 2 losses to Ferris State (now ranked #1) one of which was very close. The one game with Union (3-1 L with ENG) means they should be, at least, top 20.


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