Weekend picks: Nov. 24

I picked up another three games on Nicole in our picks race last week, going 17-6-6, while Nicole went 14-9-6. On the year, I am 140-47-29 while Nicole is 132-55-29. We have some interesting games on tap this weekend, so let’s see what happens.

Friday, Nov. 24

Holy Cross at Dartmouth
Candace: The last time out, it was an exhibition and Dartmouth won in OT. I’m tempted to pick the Crusaders, but I think they may have a letdown after last weekend. Dartmouth 2-1
Nicole: I’m hyped on Holy Cross and loved what I heard from Coach Van Buskirk this week. I think they have what it takes to beat Dartmouth. Holy Cross 3-1

Nutmeg Classic

Penn State vs Connecticut
Candace: If the Nittany Lions had offense, they might be dangerous. Connecticut 3-1
Nicole: This should be a win for Connecticut 3-1.

Quinnipiac at Yale
Candace: This game hasn’t gone well for the Elis in recent years. Quinnipiac 2-1
Nicole: Quinnipiac has picked it up in recent weeks and I expect that to continue. Quinnipiac 2-0

Windjammer Classic

Colgate vs. Minnesota Duluth
Candace: The Raiders looks like one of the best teams in the country. Colgate 4-1
Nicole: Colgate should win this. Colgate 3-1

RIT vs. Vermont
Candace: Vermont should rebound from a disappointing weekend last time out. Vermont 3-1
Nicole: The Catamounts take this one. Vermont 2-0

Friday/Saturday, Nov. 24=25

Princeton at Merrimack
Candace: A tough series to pick. I’ll go with the Tigers to sweep. Princeton 2-1, 3-2
Nicole: I’ll take a split here. Merrimack 3-1, Princeton 2-1

Rensselaer at Mercyhurst
Candace: Rensselaer seems to get a lot of ties, but I like Mercyhurst to sweep. Mercyhurst 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: This one is likely also going to be a split. Mercyhurst 2-0, Rensselaer 1-0

Ohio State at Robert Morris
Candace: I’m tempted to pick a split, but Ohio State seems to be stronger to me. Ohio State 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: These are must-wins for Ohio State, in my opinion, but they’d go a long way in helping Robert Morris get respect. I’ll pick OSU to sweep behind a great weekend from Kassidy Sauve. Ohio State 3-1, 3-2

Maine at Union
Candace: The Black Bears have shown more consistency than the Dutchwomen. Maine 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: Maine should handle this weekend. Maine 4-1, 3-0

D-I in DC

Boston University vs. Minnesota State
Candace: The Terriers should get another big win. Boston University 3-1
Nicole: Even in a down year, BU should have the talent to beat Mankato. Boston University 3-1

Northeastern vs. Wisconsin
Candace: Northeastern just isn’t strong enough to take it to the top teams. Wisconsin 3-1
Nicole: The Badgers should take this. Wisconsin 4-2

Wisconsin vs. Boston University
Candace: Sooner or later, Wisconsin will lose. Probably not this weekend. Wisconsin 3-1
Nicole: I expect Wisconsin to win. Wisconsin 3-0.

Northeastern vs. Minnesota State
Candace: I think Northeastern gets out of the weekend with a win. Northeastern 3-1
Nicole: The Huskies should win this one. Northeastern 3-0

Saturday, Nov. 25

New Hampshire vs. Harvard
Candace: Harvard just seems to be in a down cycle. New Hampshire 3-1
Nicole: New Hampshire has the talent to take this one. New Hampshire 4-2

Connecticut vs. Quinnipiac
Candace: The Bobcats have shown some signs of life, so I’ll pick them. Quinnipiac 2-1
Nicole: I’ll take UConn to win. Connecticut 2-1

Yale vs. Penn State
Candace: Yale should have enough to win a tough game. Yale 2-1
Nicole: Yale 1-0

RIT vs. Colgate
Candace: I look for the Raiders to bounce back after a surprise loss. Colgate 3-1
Nicole: Colgate wins this one. Colgate 3-1

Vermont vs. Minnesota Duluth
Candace: Duluth showed a lot of good things against Colgate. Minnesota Duluth 3-1
Nicole: UMD wins the tournament. Minnesota Duluth 2-1

Saturday/Sunday, Nov. 25-26

Minnesota vs Lindenwood
Candace: Minnesota is back on track for the NCAA tournament. Minnesota 4-1, 4-1
Nicole: Gophers sweep. Minnesota 5-1, 4-1

Cornell at Providence
Candace: A tough series to pick. I’ll go for a sweep and hope I get one right. Providence 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: I have no idea how to pick this one, so I’ll hedge my bets and call a split. Cornell 3-2, Providence 4-3


Northeastern at BC
Candace: Northeastern has been inconsistent. BC has had a few hiccups, but looks strong. Boston College 5-2
Nicole: Boston College continues their HE dominance. Boston College 4-2

Brown at Boston University
Candace: The Terriers show signs of waking up. Boston University 3-1
Nicole: BU wins. Boston University 3-0


  1. I’m entering you both in the ECAC Pick The Playoffs Contest. You better be picking next week and the following week. :)

    • Minn-Duluth switched conferences at mid-season. Didn’t you see the memo? They decided B1G was MORE “like-minded” than NCHC.

    • Memo: Nine weeks out… it WILL change. I only find it a bit amusing, Minny is not there, even with all that paper talent.

      • Of course it will change. If it doesn’t someone wake up Fonzi, the shark is ready.

        MN doesn’t deserve consideration now. Until they show consistent effort, especially in the D zone, the struggles will continue.

        • Never said they deserved it, just another case of great teams on paper, as always. I am not an ECAC fan, but their top teams can still compete with top teams in any league.

          • Compete? Memo; “Your “best”! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and f… the prom queen.” The ECAC is looking for a band geek (no offense to band geeks).

            “Never said they deserved it…..”-so what? Ya wanna meet by the bike rack after school.

          • Wow, that made a lot of sense. Again, not an ECAC fan at all, but “their best” have won two straight NC’s, in case you have a short memory.

          • You couldn’t make sense of it? Too bad. Time will tell how many the ECAC bring to the tourney but 4 isn’t happening, make sense?
            Gostisbehere was incredibly good in big game last year. (Where was your team?)
            And Yale was led by a very hot goaltender (good for hockey and the Minnesotan on the team)

          • Why so bitter? It’s only college hockey and your Gophs have plenty of time to turn things around. I agree, probably not going to be 4 and I could care less, since it’s ECAC. Your original comment about how the tourney would suck is just stupid. It may suck for you, but not for everyone. Even not being an ECAC fan, the last two FF’s have been a couple of the most fun to attend because of what were considered underdogs (even though people knew Union was very talented) won. Who cares where my team was? I cheer for my team but all in all am a college hockey fan, unlike you, I guess.

          • No bitterness buddy but find your deflections funny, keep it up.
            The tourney would suck because it doesn’t come close to bringing the best 16 teams together for a national champ. Pairwise, much akin to ESPNs QBR for quarterbacks, is a joke.

            To the paper champs, if they can bring intensity to the remaining schedule, they will be in the tourney.

            Have a great day. And let’s play hockey.

          • Deflections? And yes, there is bitterness. When I made the first post, I had no idea you were even a Minny fan, but that’s the very first program (and state) I think of when I think college hockey, so that’s why they were mentioned. I guess that’s some sort of compliment.
            I won’t disagree the Pairwise is a joke, but no matter the way the teams are decided, there is no way to have the best 16 teams in the tournament.
            I hope Minny has a great last couple of months and they should dominate the Big 10 (sorry, I hate the logo).
            Agreed… enjoy the season and get back to the games.

          • There is a way to get to the top 16, just get rid of the automatic qualifiers and take the top 16 in the pairwise (or the KRACH). Done, you now have the top 16 teams, at least in theory.

            Another way to do it would be to give the auto bids to the actual conference winners and not the tournament winners, at least that way you would more than likely only have one that may crash the party and not be part of the top 16, but when was the last time that at least 5 of the 6 conference winners weren’t also in the top 16? I would guess it’s been a long long time.

            So two ways to get a little closer. The issue is always the teams that were not going to make it but steal a spot by winning their conf tournament. Getting hot at the right time is fine but do they really belong in the tourney?

          • I do agree the KRACH may be slightly better, but not all that much. I don’t think you can get rid of auto-bids (would you go play at a school that had virtually no chance to ever play in the NCAA’s?), nor the auto bid going to the tourney winner for reasons stated above by jsfny.
            Your point about UND making it last year and going all the way to the final is certainly valid… look at the year before, Yale was the last team in (besides an auto) and won it all.
            There will always be differences and teams getting in that shouldn’t vs. teams that should, etc… but I don’t think changing the auto-bids, tourney champion and format is the answer. I think we should be trying to grow hockey as a sport, not lose teams like would happen without the auto-bids.

          • Not sure I agree with your comment about playing at a school that had virtually no chance to play in the NCAA’s – do you really think the guys that are playing at Air Force, RIT or Robert Morris think they will play in the NCAA or care about playing in the NCAA? if that was the goal, they wouldn’t be going to school there. This isn’t about everyone getting a chance to play or getting a ribbon.
            The question was asked about getting the best 16 teams in and there are ways to do that.

          • I do still think it’s a big deal to most kids to say they have played in the NCAA’s and for the smaller conferences, it’s the only chance they have. Either way, big underdogs and upsets are part of what makes any national tournament fun. Without the auto-bids and a conference tourney upset or two, those opportunities would be gone.
            Yes, there are ways, but still subjective and at the expense of possibly hurting some of the programs currently playing. NCAA Hockey is small enough already.

          • And you would replace the pairwise with… what exactly? the Let’sPlayHockey poll? the Pairwise doesn’t even try to bring the best 16, since every conference champ has to make it. Are you opposed to that, which has been true, roughly, forever?

          • Actually the con champs arent’ guaranteed a spot only the winner of the conf tourney. It would be better to award it to the actual conf winner, the team that played the best throughout the whole season but that will never happen. College hockey is always looking for a way to capture what the NCAA basketball tournament does but it just can’t and they should stop trying. The pairwise is a joke, if you wanted my opinion I would go with the KRACH as that seems to have a better way to capture the truly best teams by the end of the season. If the best 16 teams were just 6 from HE, 4 from NCHC, 3 from big 10 and 2 from WCHA and 1 from ECAC then I would prefer that would be the field.

            The idea of automatic bids works for BB because they take a huge field, if we want to have automatic bids then so be it but lets make the tourney a bit bigger to make sure that we don’t leave a deserving team at home. Last year for example UND just barely made the tourney and made it to the FF, does anyone think the tournament would have been better if UND had lost one more game and didn’t qualify? If we want a true national champion and the auto bids are a requirement than make the field 20 and give bye’s the first round to some teams or something. Just think there is a better way than the pairewise, it’s bad.

          • Yeah, I meant conf tournament champs, of course. The problem with awarding entry only to the conf regular season champs is that you give a lot of teams incentives to pack it in early — way early. KRACH may be slightly better than the pairwise, but the differences by the end of the season aren’t huge, though I grant for two or three teams a year it makes a difference. And there’s no way to keep the AHA champ out, who almost invariably bumps somebody.

  2. Please, oh please, let UNO end up in South Bend (nobody in Omaha calls them “Omaha”, Jayson, or ever will. Trev Alberts and his utterly clueless staff cannot rename our school no matter what kind of directive or press release they send you. Even the local media here does not comply with this idiocy). I would not wear an Omaha jersey at gunpoint, just like any other real UNO fan.

    There is no way they end up in Fargo unless UND and/or MSM implode. I’d make the trip to South Bend, but Manchester is out of the question

  3. Attendance at South Bend will always be iffy, unless Notre Dame somehow makes the tournament. That still doesn’t guarantee good attendance.

  4. So Dave, on the last day of the season and the batting titled secured you don’t bat, you sit? Unless you have a huge wager we don’t know about have to say this is a real Come on Man moment!

  5. Can someone please explain why UML always gets relegated to the 5:00 game? It seems like every year during this run that Lowell has to play the early game, regardless of the opponent. Is there a method to that madness?

    • JC98

      As Joe Ngo says, this is purely driven by NESN/NBCSN. If BU and BC were in different semi-final games, I am sure BC would be the 8 p.m. game, as much as I think our end of Comm Ave is more important.

      And if Notre Dame was in a semi-final, is there even the slightest question who NBCSN would demand play in the late game? BU and BC could be playing each other in the other semi-final (which is the premier match-up in our league) and NBCSN would want Notre Dame against anyone else. Because they know the real fan will show up, but to get the casual fan not familiar with hockey, they can say the magic words IRISH and think ratings go up.

      • Actually, when the teams get to the Garden, the top remaining seed gets their choice of which game they want. Obviously BU picked the 8:00 game, as do most coaches because it starts more in line with regular season games. Though it works both ways, if the first game goes to OT, you’re not really sure when it will start.

          • Good to know. I had actually been told at some point that it had to do with travel time to boston, but that never really made sense to me. Regardless Lowell should be well represented at the game tonight, even though it’s spring break I hear the student body is turning out

          • Hopefully all teams have a great turnout, it’s always more fun that way. I only know because I have attended many post-game UNH gatherings and Coach Umile was asked on a couple of occasions. Best of luck!

  6. jc98 – it’s about TV. NESN wants BU in the late game, which will have better TV ratings. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for UML, they’re not as big a draw as BU.

    • Has nothing to do with draw, Joe. The top remaining seed gets their choice of which game they want to play in.

  7. I have my BU gear on today! I am hoping for a nice BU win.

    I would be happiest if BU wins the next four games at the Garden this year, but if that is not in the cards, I would not mind any of the other three teams becoming a new, first-time champion. Good luck everyone.

      • The four remaining teams in the Hockey East Championship. If any of them wins their next four games at TD Garden this season, they will be NCAA champions, since the Frozen Four is in the same building. (Of course, they have to win two regional games, as well). Of the four remaining HE teams, only BU has a D-I Hockey title. UNH has been in the final game twice, Lowell has won three titles at the D-III level and Vermont as been to at least two Frozen Fours. Lowell has been to the Frozen Four at the D-I level once, while UNH has been seven times, if I remember correctly. Those would be the other three teams playing in TD Garden tonight.

  8. Wait a minute. Dave, why do you get to look at Jimmy’s picks before making your own? I have a problem with the integrity of the process.
    Your picks should be driven by who you think will win and why, NOT based on winning the head-to-head matchups with Jim.

  9. You have to give a ton of credit to Norm Bazin,he just gets everything out of what he has as a team each and every year he’s been @ UML…he knows he has to Coach the players he has…no excuses he gets them to play.


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