Weekend picks: Feb. 16

Taking a chance on picking multiple games against Nicole worked well for me, as I gained a game in our season picks race thanks to Boston College’s come-from-behind win in the Beanpot. Last weekend, I went 17-7-8 (.656), while Nicole went 16-8-8 (.625). On the year, I am 308-116-59 (.698), while Nicole is 305-119-59 (.692). This weekend, she has plenty of chances to catch or even pass me.

Friday, Feb. 16

No. 3 Colgate at Rensselaer
Candace: I like the visitors in this. Colgate 4-1
Nicole: This should be a win for the Raiders. Colgate 4-1

Quinnipiac at Brown
Candace: I can’t see Brown upsetting the Bobcats. Quinnipiac 3-1
Nicole: I expect Quinnipiac can take this one. Quinnipiac 3-0

Dartmouth at No. 2 Clarkson
Candace: Clarkson has seemed vulnerable to upsets of late to teams it knows it can beat, but I think the Golden Knights refocus here. Clarkson 4-1
Nicole: Clarkson wins. Clarkson 4-1

Harvard at No. 8 St. Lawrence
Candace: I think St. Lawrence will want to set itself up well for the postseason. St. Lawrence 3-2
Nicole: I’m picking Harvard to get an upset win here. Harvard 3-2

No. 5 Cornell at Union
Candace: Even playing for their playoff lives at home won’t be enough for the Dutchwomen. Cornell 2-1
Nicole: Cornell takes this. Cornell 3-1.

Princeton at Yale
Candace: This is a tough one to pick, but I think the Tigers are stronger. Princeton 3-1
Nicole: This could be an interesting game, but I’ll take Yale at home. Yale 2-1

Vermont at Northeastern
Candace: Maybe home ice will help the Huskies. Northeastern 3-2
Nicole: I’m going with the Catamounts. Vermont 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 16-17

Syracuse at Lindenwood
Candace: I lean toward the Orange getting a sweep. Syracuse 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: I think they’ll split this weekend. Syracuse 2-1, Lindenwood 3-1

RIT at Penn State
Candace: I’m really going all-in here in our season race. Penn State 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: This is likely to be a split, as well. Penn State 3-2, RIT 1-0

Robert Morris at Mercyhurst
Candace: I like a split here, with Robert Morris putting themselves into position to claim the CHA crown. Mercyhurst 3-2, Robert Morris 3-2
Nicole: I’ll have to go with another split, since neither team has shown they’re able to take control for two straight games. Mercyhurst 4-2, Robert Morris 2-1

No. 4 Boston College at No. 10 Maine
Candace: A letdown after a Beanpot win wouldn’t surprise me, but I like the Eagles to sweep. Boston College 4-2, 4-1
Nicole: I would not be surprised to see Maine take one these, but I think the Beanpot buoyed the Eagles quite a bit. I’ll pick a BC sweep. Boston College 5-3, 4-3

Merrimack at Connecticut
Candace: Two very inconsistent teams make this one a bear to pick. Connecticut 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: Merrimack needs to sweep to make the playoffs, but I’m not sure they can make that happen. I think this is a split. Merrimack 3-2, Connecticut 2-1

Minnesota Duluth at Minnesota State
Candace: The Mavericks have surprised some teams of late, but I’m going with the Bulldogs. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: I apparently think everyone will split this weekend. Minnesota State 3-2, Minnesota Duluth 4-1

Bemidji State at No. 6 Ohio State
Candace: Picking Bemidji hasn’t done me any favors of late. Ohio State 3-1, 3-2
Nicole: I’m giving OSU the advantage at home, but think Bemidji has a shot at a win here. Ohio State 3-1, 3-0

No. 7 Minnesota at No. 1 Wisconsin
Candace: Even though I haven’t had a good handle on the WCHA compared to Nicole, I think home ice gains the Badgers a sweep. Wisconsin 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: I honestly have no idea what to pick here, so I guess I’ll hedge it and pick a split. Wisconsin 4-2, Minnesota 3-2

Saturday, Feb. 17

Princeton at Brown
Candace: The Tigers solidify their playoff position. Princeton 3-1
Nicole: Princeton wins. Princeton 4-2

Harvard at No. 2 Clarkson
Candace: Clarkson will need this win for the ECAC crown. Clarkson 3-1
Nicole: Clarkson wins this. Clarkson 3-1

No. 5 Cornell at Rensselaer
Candace: I like the Big Red to edge out the Engineers. Cornell 2-1
Nicole: Cornell take this one. Cornell 3-0

Dartmouth at No. 8 St. Lawrence
Candace: The Saints finish strong. St. Lawrence 4-1
Nicole: This should be the home team. St. Lawrence 2-0.

No. 3 Colgate at Union
Candace: The Raiders have too many weapons. Colgate 4-1
Nicole: The Raiders take this one. Colgate 4-1

Quinnipiac at Yale
Candace: I think the Bobcats will just eek this out. Quinnipiac 2-1
Nicole: I’m going to pick Yale at home here. Yale 2-1


New Hampshire vs. Boston University
Candace: A split seems likely. Boston University 3-2, New Hampshire 3-2
Nicole: A like a split. Boston University 4-2, New Hampshire 3-2

Sunday, Feb. 17

Northeastern at Providence
Candace: Both teams are so inconsistent, so I’ll go with home ice. Providence 3-1
Nicole: I’ll take the Friars at home. Providence 2-1