Carvel, Gadowsky to guest on March 6 installment of USCHO Live!

Greg Carvel’s Minutemen look to advance against Northeastern in the Hockey East quarterfinals this weekend (Photo: Thomas Kendall/THOM KENDALL FOR UMASS ATHLETICS).

Our guests on the March 6 edition of USCHO Live! are Massachusetts coach Greg Carvel, whose Minutemen won a three-game series at Vermont to advance to take on No. 7 Northeastern in the Hockey East quarterfinals, and Penn State Guy Gadowsky, whose No. 12 Nittany Lions move on to the Big Ten semifinals against No. 5 Notre Dame after a weekend sweep of then-No. 11 Minnesota.

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About the hosts

Jim Connelly is a senior writer at and has been with the site since 1999. He is based in Boston and regularly covers Hockey East. He began with as the correspondent covering the MAAC, which nowadays is known as Atlantic Hockey. Each week during the season, he co-writes “Tuesday Morning Quarterback.” Jim is the winner of the 2012 Joe Concannon award. He a former color analyst for UMass-Lowell hockey’s radio network and studio analyst for NESN.

Ed Trefzger has been part of USCHO since 1999 and now serves as a senior writer and director of technology. He is the radio play-by-play voice for Rochester Institute of Technology hockey on the RIT Tigers Sports Network, and has been involved with the broadcasts as a producer, studio host, and color commentator since their inception. He is the owner and president of broadcasting company Dansville Media, and was general manager of the former Rochester, N.Y., sports radio station 97.5 The Team.


  1. Little surprised DU didn’t get more props in the polls for 2 wins this weekend.
    NoDak dropped one to Alaska, but still outranks DU.

    We’ve got a long way to go, so obviously, things will be clearer down the road. But for now, we have only a few performances by which to judge these teams.
    And I’d say DU looks about as good as MN or NoDak so far.

    • DU should be tough this year, they look good. But you know UND and MN get over hyped in the preseason polls. But UND did only have 16 players dressed (self inflicted wound) Its hard to hold too much against a team when they have eight, one game suspensions in a weekend. I’m not trying to defend the players or their actions, I condone the suspensions. It might have been good for them to drop a bit more in the rankings to get their heads out of their @sses and realize how being stupid off the ice can affect their whole team on the ice. WCHA looks like its going to be another tough year, I just hope there isn’t a huge drop off at the bottom of the conference.

  2. Tech vs. DU next weekend will be important in knowing how good Tech really is (especially on the road) and whether DU can stand up to a gritty, albeit not flashy, opponent.

    • Tech vs DU will be important to see how overrated the Colorado schools are.

      Tech had as much flash as grit last weekend (did you see ESPN sportscenter?).

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but there are 12 teams in the WCHA. I read some of the other conference beat writer’s columns and they go through a lot more of the teams. I could have written this is 10 minutes. Why not any news about NoDak, UMD, Mankato, UNO, SCSU, CC, BSU. Maybe its because there’s still a lot of non-conference action out there, but good grief. This is a typically poor article. Quickly reference the Gophers, throw in a quick reference to either Wisconsin or No Dak, and then some other randome stats about a few players that made a splash and call it good till next week.

    • Yes, there are 12 teams in the WCHA but no, we won’t be able to cover them all in “Three things we learned”. Each Monday, we choose three of the most important topics that surfaced over the weekend. Doesn’t always involve your favorite program. Thursday’s column takes a more broad look at the league and we have the opportunity to focus on more teams.

      • First, “No team can sleep on Michigan Tech”
        … Duh! If you followed the WCHA, then you’d know no team should ever
        be overlooked. A better topic would have been “Sorry we over-inflated the
        greatness of Minnesota after only one week of play”. Second, what is the purpose of repeating a news
        story about Kerdiles when USCHO already had a separate and identical article posted?
        Third, why are “goalies making early-season impressions” against
        lower-tiered teams surprising to you?
        Lastly, who decided Mondays had to be “Three things Tyler learned”? Please acknowledge you have not been giving this
        column your full effort (had the flu, computer crashed, extremely hung over, etc.),
        or I will look elsewhere for news and analysis about the WCHA. Sorry to be so harsh, but it seems like you do not care about your job.


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