Weekend picks: Oct. 11

It’s that time, as Nicole and I start our annual season picks race. I’ve beaten her the last two years, so it will be tough to keep that streak going.

We have some interesting series between ranked teams on the docket this week.

Thursday-Friday, Oct. 11-12

No. 10 St. Lawrence at No. 6 Boston College
Candace: BC hasn’t gotten off to a great start, but I’m going with them to sweep on home ice. Boston College 4-2, 4-2
Nicole: This could be a very interesting series, as both teams have given up more goals than I previously expected. BC is at home, and if they have so few nonconference/ranked matchups, these are almost must-win for them come Pairwise time. I’ll pick BC for the sweep, but wouldn’t not be surprised by a split. Boston College 3-2, 4-2

Friday, Oct. 12

Holy Cross at Providence
Candace: As much as I’d like to pick my alma mater, it won’t happen for them this weekend. Providence 4-1
Nicole: It’s not going to get easier for Holy Cross as the season progresses. Providence should take this. Providence 3-0

Connecticut at New Hampshire
Candace: I’m going with home ice on a hunch. New Hampshire 2-1
Nicole: I think this is close, but I’ll take the Huskies. Connecticut 1-0

Boston University at Merrimack
Candace: I think BU got the rust out last weekend against Northeastern, and I like them to take this. Boston University 3-2
Nicole: I’m going to pick Merrimack to take one at home. Merrimack 4-2

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 12-13

Mercyhurst at Syracuse
Candace: Syracuse might steel one at home, but I think Mercyhurst is the better team. Mercyhurst 2-1, 3-1
Nicole: I expect this to be a sweep for the Lakers. Mercyhurst 3-1, 4-1.

No. 3 Minnesota at St Cloud State
Candace: I can’t see the Huskies winning a game against the Gophers, even at home. Minnesota 4-1, 4-2
Nicole: This should be a sweep for the Gophers. Minnesota 4-2, 3-1

Minnesota State at No. 5 Ohio State
Candace: The Mavericks are getting better, but they aren’t top tier yet. Ohio State 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: Buckeyes sweep this one at home. Ohio State 3-0, 3-1

Penn State at Union
Candace: Both teams are a little unsure. The Nittany Lions did beat Colgate though so I’ll pick them to sweep. Penn State 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: I’m totally unsure what to think of Penn State thus far, so I’m going to pick a split. Penn State 2-0, Union 3-1

Rensselaer at Robert Morris
Candace: Rensselaer still can’t score. Robert Morris 3-1, 3-0
Nicole: Robert Morris sweeps this series. Robert Morris 4-1, 3-0

Quinnipiac at Vermont
Candace: Quinnipiac got swept by Maine last weekend. Vermont is at home, but doesn’t have quite Maine’s defense. Vermont 3-2, Quinnipiac 3-2
Nicole: Both teams have the talent to sweep, but I feel we’ll get split. Vermont 2-1, Quinnipiac 3-2

No. 8 Colgate at No. 9 Northeastern
Candace: Colgate has looked middling so far this year, but I think they’ll snap out of it. I’m calling split. Northeastern 3-2, Colgate 3-2
Nicole: I think Northeastern is going to be the sneaky good team this year –- they have so much offensive firepower. I’ll go on a limb and call them to sweep this series in two close games. Northeastern 4-3, 3-2.

Saturday, Oct. 13

New Hampshire at Boston University
Candace: I like the Terriers at home. Boston University 3-2
Nicole: I’ll take the Terriers to win this one at home. Boston University 2-0

Holy Cross at Connecticut
Candace: UConn makes Holy Cross 0-for in its Hockey East opening weekend.
Nicole: Connecticut takes this one. Connecticut 2-1

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 13-14

No. 4 Minnesota Duluth at No. 2 Wisconsin
Candace: Duluth has looked strong at times, but I don’t see the Badgers losing two on home ice. Wisconsin 3-2, 4-2
Nicole: The Bulldogs have given up more goals than I expected and the Badgers have scored more goals than anyone else in the country. Of course, the Badgers have also been a bit more porous on defense this year, as well. I rarely pick a tie, but I’ll do so here. Tie 3-3, Wisconsin 4-2