MIAC men’s, women’s hockey postponed until January 2021 due to ongoing pandemic


The MIAC announced Monday that it will postpone all competition until January 2021, including both men’s and women’s hockey.

According to a news release, the delay in competition will grant institutions, staff, and students additional time to adjust to new safety protocols on campus in the COVID-19 era while also allowing for continued testing and treatment developments, which remain a key factor for the return of athletics across the nation.

MIAC winter sport coaches have begun work on building a framework and schedules for a compressed conference season beginning in January, while all MIAC teams will maintain the institutional autonomy to practice, train, and conduct other athletic-related activities throughout the academic year in accordance with NCAA and campus protocols.

In addition to the decision on competition, the MIAC also approved legislation for a five-year eligibility relief package to match NCAA eligibility bylaws and accept all NCAA blanket waivers, allowing student-athletes impacted by COVID-19 to plan their academic paths with maximum flexibility. The legislation is effective immediately and will be in place through the 2024-25 academic year.

The conference granted a similar exception for graduating seniors impacted by COVID-19 this past spring.