National Letter of Intent signings, November 2014

Following is a list of players who signed a National Letter of Intent during the signing period that ran Nov. 12-19, 2014, as released by the schools or submitted by the player’s family. They are eligible to join the school in the 2015-16 season.

NamePosTeamHtWtCurrent team
Cam KnightDAlabama-Huntsville6-1190Wichita Falls (NAHL)
T.J. RooFBemidji State5-11186Fargo (USHL)
Dillon EichstadDBemidji State6-0167Sioux Falls (USHL)
Chris PohlkampDBowling Green5-10196Sioux Falls (USHL)
Ryan BednardGBowling Green6-4179Johnston (NAHL)
Samuel CraggsFBowling Green6-1170Team Illinois U18
Cameron HeathDCanisius6-1185Jersey (USPHL)
Matt McLeodFCanisius6-1185Oakville (OJHL)
Daniel LaFontaineFCanisius5-11170Buffalo (OJHL)
Josh GabrielFCanisius6-0190Buffalo (OJHL)
Jimmy MazzaDCanisius6-2185P.A.L. (USPHL)
Blake HillmanDDenver6-1183Dubuque (USHL)
Jarid LukoseviciusFDenver5-11181Powell (BCHL)
Logan O’ConnorFDenver6-0190Sioux Falls (USHL)
Jay MackieFHoly Cross6-0185Victoria (BCHL)
Michael LaffinFHoly Cross5-11185Jersey (USPHL)
Johnny CoughlinDHoly Cross6-3200Vernon (BCHL)
Spencer TrappDHoly Cross6-0190Notre Dame (SJHL)
Austin PlevyFMassachusetts5-10185Brooks (AJHL)
Kurt KeatsFMassachusetts5-8170Powell River (BCHL)
Nicholas BokaDMichigan6-1197NTDP
Connor MurphyFMichigan5-9168Chicago (USHL)
Brendan WarrenFMichigan6-0191NTDP
Joseph CecconiDMichigan6-2205Muskegon (USHL)
Kyle ConnorFMichigan6-1182Youngstown (USHL)
Brennan SanfordFMichigan State6-1205Des Moines (USHL)
Cody MilanFMichigan State6-1185Tri-City (USHL)
Zach OsburnDMichigan State5-10181Chicago (USHL)
Jerad RosburgDMichigan State6-1190Sioux City (USHL)
Mason AppletonFMichigan State6-2193Tri-City (USHL)
Jack SadekDMinnesota6-3186Lakeville North (Minn. HS)
Logan HalladayGMinnesota6-0194Bloomington (USHL)
Tyler SheehyFMinnesota5-10183Waterloo (USHL)
Tommy NovakFMinnesota6-0180Waterloo (USHL)
Jack RamseyFMinnesota6-3191Penticton (BCHL)
Ryan NormanFMinnesota5-10161Shattuck (Minn. HS)
Ryan SchwalbeFMinnesota State5-11185Sioux Falls (USHL)
Max CoattaFMinnesota State5-10174Waterloo (USHL)
Steen CooperFMinnesota State5-9170Penticton (BCHL)
Clint LewisFMinnesota State6-2201Sioux Falls (USHL)
Alec VankoDMinnesota State6-1174Madison (USHL)
Cal BurkeFNotre Dame5-10183Cedar Rapids (USHL)
Dylan MalmquistFNotre Dame5-10165Edina (Minn. HS)
Christian FischerFNotre Dame6-1212NTDP
Tory DelloDNotre Dame6-1190Tri-City (USHL)
Dakota JoshuaFOhio State6-3194Sioux Falls (USHL)
Michael GillespieFOhio State5-9165Lincoln (USHL)
Mason JobstFOhio State5-7159Muskegon (USHL)
John WiitalaFOhio State5-11170Waterloo (USHL)
Tyler NanneDOhio State6-0190Madison (USHL)
Sasha LarocqueDOhio State6-0202Dubuque (USHL)
Zach CourtFOmaha5-9169Cedar Rapids (USHL)
Phil BeaulieuDOmaha5-10194Waterloo (USHL)
Jack McNeelyDOmaha6-3181Lakeville North (Minn. HS)
Mason MorelliFOmaha6-0194Fargo (USHL)
Ryan GaltFOmaha5-10168Bloomington (USHL)
Fredrik OlofssonFOmaha6-2204Chicago (USHL)
Alec MarshFPenn State5-10175Cedar Rapids (USHL)
Denis SmirnovFPenn State5-8182Fargo (USHL)
Kevin KerrDPenn State5-11182Tri-City (USHL)
Chase BergerFPenn State6-0192Tri-City (USHL)
Matt MendelsonFPenn State5-10170Bloomington (USHL)
Bryan LemosFProvidence5-10180Youngstown (USHL)
Garrett GamezFProvidence6-0188Tri-City (USHL)
Spenser YoungDProvidence5-10177Dubuque (USHL)
Erik FoleyFProvidence5-11185Cedar Rapids (USHL)
Cam LeeDProvidence5-11172Lincoln (USHL)
Jacob PritchardFSt. Lawrence6-0185Powell (BCHL)
Michael EdererFSt. Lawrence5-11180Merritt (BCHL)
Jake McLaughlinDSt. Lawrence6-0170Sioux City (USHL)
RJ GicewiczDSt. Lawrence6-1192Green Bay (USHL)
Michael LaidleyFSt. Lawrence5-10170Aurora (OJHL)
Sam KauppilaFSt. Lawrence6-1180Green Bay (USHL)
Mike LeeDVermont6-1175Penticton (BCHL)
Luke KuninFWisconsin5-11188NTDP
Matthew FreytagFWisconsin6-1193Tri-City (USHL)
Seamus MaloneFWisconsin5-10165Dubuque (USHL)
Peter TischkeDWisconsin6-1213Chicago (USHL)
Luke OpilkaGWisconsin6-1192NTDP
Matt BerkovitzDWisconsin6-1181Sioux City (USHL)

Notes: The National Letter of Intent is a binding agreement between a school and a player for at least one academic year that involves some level of athletics-based financial aid. Some schools, such as those in the Ivy League, do not participate in the program because they do not offer athletics-based aid. Players will be added as they are confirmed by the schools, whose compliance departments clear the signings. The National Letter of Intent is not an offer of admission to the school; the admissions process is separate.

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